Char Futur 4 – Master Class – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Char Futur 4 does EVERYTHING in World Tanks. Here’s how to master this assassin/support//scout!



  1. pan1su uso de mod ilegales del clan 2d2

  2. Game play starts at 11:55 you’re welcome.

  3. Great tank, great video. The Kunze Panzer is the same way, it’s secretly an amazing Tier IX sniper medium. Really love how dynamic and unique these tanks are.

  4. todas las batallas arregladas por cheaters

  5. I’d like to see qb cover getting third marks on the plays for free account plays for free style

  6. Only tank I haven’t gotten bored of, being tier 9 is really a sweet spot too.

  7. QB: not “tchar”. Pronounce it “shar”. As in .. “shoot”.

  8. Yup he’s right shoot this thing from behind bounce every time

  9. I actually went for controlled impact. It’s stupid how much ram damage you can do and save your butt when you you are in a bad place and reloading. I honestly think it’s a must have on this tank.

  10. Just got my Reaper level 5 this week in my Char Futur 4. Has to be my most played tank of 2022 and favorite tank in the game. Bond vents, Exp Optics and bond Stabs. Bond vents, Vision System, Exp Optics.

  11. full clanes cheaters

  12. I’d rather reverse than drive backwards 😂

  13. Personally I love Char Futur, and whenever I can’t do damage by shooting or having bad day with Gun, I use it for Spotting dmg on Open maps. Personally I use Bounty turbo to shoot, reload and re-colocate in another position to punish.

  14. Your letting your team get shredded at the beginning of the 2nd game.

  15. 50B has 8° gun depression.. sorry 😀

  16. The char has to have magic armor, I somehow managed to miss or ricochet so much on this tank even when fully aimed in

  17. The char was the first BP tank I bought, then the Phase one and Kunze and its still the best of them all honestly. Love the tank, it just works and I fell in love from game one on. Sad to see that people dont know how strong CVS is…its a game changer on many meds like K-91 or Leopard 1

  18. coming from war thunder, doesn’t this thing have the begleitpanzer turret? Just without the ATGM and that side of the turret filled for a crew member?

  19. “I don’t want this to be a love story”, yeah, right.

  20. Been waiting for this! Thanks

  21. Thank you for this review QB. I put your commander in my Char, just waiting for an equipment sale to set it up, now I know how to.
    Also good that the crew is compatible with my Lorr.40t.

  22. Please masterclass the Tiger I or Ferdinand

  23. A QB Video where it wasn’t Spoiled at the first Minute?! I’m absolutely Baffled!

  24. I remember using my cvs build in this map in my uses, I ended up with 7k and a 1v3 win because I was just able to outdoor their meds and heavies

  25. I fell in love with the cvs on my bourrasque because i can counter lights and scout when needed

  26. isn’t driving backwards reversing? lol

  27. How about an old school premium series?
    Also, keep up the great content 👏

  28. Loved this tank marked it while not even paying attention to marking it(just playin then surprised with the moe)
    Maybe cause I liked bc25t already , char4 just got that better gun handling

  29. Nice game!!

  30. My wife is wholeheartedly agreeing with you bout 6 vs 7.5

  31. I freaking love this tank. I’m not a great player, but I have over 60% win rate in the Char Futur 4. I have it set up as a sniper/scout with Coated Optics and Commander’s Vision System. I frequently get over 2k spotting damage.

  32. 28:07 the frick

  33. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    It looks like he hit that blindshot at the Wz-111 in the 2nd game.

  34. Wargaming pls buff B-C 25 t !

  35. that intraclip reload is the only reason i dont play this tank

  36. Not even 1 minute in he already said “Char is the BC 25t that doesn’t suck” =))))))
    BC sucks in the current WoT? That’s only true when you suck =))))))
    Okay let’s keep going in this “Masterclass” video xD

  37. I got so many master class games in this tank. It’s awesome … but I’m struggling with the 3rd MoE (still on 93%) …

  38. Char is my favourite tank to play after coming back to WoT with a new account and it made me realise that tier 10 is not worth grinding and playing expect for a few special tanks for Onslaught or Rank (for the rewards and nothing else). I love this tank so much that I have none other then Chuck Norris for commander and I’m at 7 skills (with 0 skill crew), I dumped as much credits as I could to get the best efficiency. Now I need to load it up with Bonds and Bounty equipment to mid-max it.

  39. Lol the other char in the chat in the 1s battle wasnt a happy camper.

  40. Hello I’ve been playing wot for some years now,
    I’m not the best by far at this game,
    But I came on this morning and it just felt like I was new to the game.
    So what ever wargaming has done it is definitely for the worst.,
    I’m beside myself as to what to do if you shine a light on this it would be much appreciated,
    Ps I watch all your YouTube films intact I look forward to seeing the next clip,
    You do a really good job.

  41. anyone else has the feeling that 7.5° of gun depression feels way better then 6? Did QB mention it?

  42. Can u please stop calling it the Char FUR tier 4? Its Futur, not Fur!

  43. 21:33 he said doo-doo

  44. I’m not the best player, but I still manage to have some fun games in this tank. For such a low profile tank, I was pleasantly surprised by the gun depression, too.

  45. QB, 3,070 damage in my first game after using your setup. Thanks, this was my best game ever in this tank.

  46. Love the team chat comment at 14:35 😆

  47. Sr.Leôncio Almeida

    17:34 RBR?

  48. Thank you for making a Master Class on the Char. What I really need is a Master Class on the AMX 50B. I’ve had the tank for quiet a while, and I love auto loaders. However, I just can’t make that thing work to save my… tank. Every time you make a teir list and rate it so highly, I always want to give it another try, but just seem to play poorly in it.

  49. Sweaty nerds: sees +10 more AP and thinks that it is a worthwhile advantage to talk about.

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