Char Futur 4 – Tank Preview – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Char Futur 4. This T9 French medium is an upcoming reward for frontline and steel hunter – let’s check it out!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Hehehehe

  2. Hey QuickyBaby when is the next funny moments video coming out ? ps love all your videos

  3. Early upload. I like it.

  4. Lets make this comment the most liked comment on his channel

  5. 1903 Springfield


  6. This tank has everything even a safe storage box at the back so mister quackybaby won’t drop his sandwiches all over the tank… What a thoughtful design.

  7. Yessssss love ittttt, another tank for the paper hunter gamemode

  8. I’m watching this from canaDa and it’s 1 am

  9. I remember watching the replay live

  10. 25. 😂

  11. Gotta love playing on console so you have no idea what some of these tanks are

    • Vortex Sam95 lol I was talking to a pc player about my t-34-88 and he was like…you get these with 8.8’s?!?!

  12. How ’bout a 3.5 to 3.75 seconds intra-clip?

  13. Twentyfive lettersinmyname

    When your tier 9 reward tank has a greater pen than the tier 10 non reward vehicle of the same class and same type…

  14. Brittish arty tech tree review!

  15. Last time I was this early, nothing happened cuz I was never this early….

  16. Would be cool to do a throwback where he plays the original premiums and see how they compare to the new generation that’s just an opinion though

    • Chris LoveKG – I think the Lowë still got it. Those side-armor buffs it got make it a surprisingly decent sidescrapper.

    • Cool idea but when you think about it,it is really simple.Old premiums are worse versions of standard tanks,or at least equal versions…new premiums are simply better than standards so you got your answer right there…Hope i helped,gl 🙂

    • Today i’m gonna take a look at old premiums and compare them to newly added premiums. Oh they suck. Thanks for watching!

  17. This tank looks like so much fun. For sure is gonna be my first pick.

  18. It’s 4am and I’m watching this epic gamesssss

  19. That clown Claus Kellerman, who is too dumb and lazy to think before doing stuff, just tried to use it like a normal Bchat, OBVIOUSLY failed at it and started to whine about how it sucks. It took several people from his chat to make him realise that perhaps… it’s NOT like a normal Bchat brawler but should be used as a mobile sniper with good turret armour. That guy is so annoyingly clueless while he rages about just about everything including QB.

  20. Stjepan Cigetić

    Let’s nickname it the “C4”!!

  21. So, Char or 777?

  22. Been waiting for your take mate

  23. Is it better or worse than the 777v2?

  24. Rip your sandwitch bro.

  25. It looks like a bagelpanzer

  26. “Encore un petit effort quickbaby, ton accent francais est bientot niveau natif ;p “

  27. Oh my Lord ! if i take just one tank from this Expedition Event, i take this one the french one is really funny and nice armor to survive light enemies !

  28. the gun handling does NOT make up for a 4s intraclip reload…. you could have it at 3s and still fully aim after firing with 4s reload…. trying to sugar coat and not draw ire from the WoT groupies

  29. Oh lovely, better pen than a tier 10.. ffs

  30. hello I wanted to know if you can (as in the past season) not take the premium tank but convert to gold …. because I would be more interested …

  31. Bush Master Flash

    So it’s OK against tier 7s. What about against tier 10s?

  32. month by month this game is getting worse and worse, but hey we need more p2w wallet warriors,
    >want to progres with techtree medium line
    >sure jsut grind fucktone of exp and credits

    >you want to get to the battlefield and shoot at least once?
    >too bad enemy premium tank was in your base before the game even started, also spamming heat/apcr, so your ‘good’ armor is only as good as the time it takes to load gold ammo

    i dont even know why ive returned to this game after 2 years -.-

  33. Compare this to the T54E1, it’s just not fair…

  34. Everybody who plays B-C-25 t knows that you don’t need to aim in the shots, as they hit anyway

  35. Edward Swarbrick

    Thanks for the exhilarating content! Xx

  36. it seems like carrying he on this wouldnt be as bad idea as the tier 10 batchat, only 4 out of 32 shells instead of 5 out of 30, so 1/8th of the ammo capacity instead of 1/6th, not good, but not nearly as bad as the batchat

  37. It seems more special than the 777. Can u compare all 3 reward tanks, please? Which one should i pick if i only can pick one?

  38. The game needs less auto loaders not more…..this is a bad thing to give out as a prize.

  39. So after your reviews what reward tank is most worth it?

  40. Looks good, one thing I would change is the inter-clip reload, for me 4s is too much, despite having a little bit of armour for a French med, still is not near enough for high tier games and so you can’t sit for long period in front of a tank to unload your clip, so maybe make it 3 or 3.3 seconds the inter-clip.

  41. Great video!!! Which tanks do you recommend getting if you don’t have any of the three and can only get one

  42. Gian Franco Pangan

    looks well rounded balanced out by the very poor unload times.
    seems like a fit for my playstyle as well

  43. Yeah wg wee see in what direction u are going for years now i’m long term fan from begining and this is the truth in our face…how this can have better gun then original bat tier tanks go yes ebr 100 km and still bloom is tight and tier 8 omg..cuz wankers like this can promote your p2w..never tought to say this but hope your game dies no more rock paper scssisors ha wg fuck that shame on you

  44. Crouching Tadpole

    lets see one on the auto aim bots in 1.8 it totalling the game at the moment.

  45. Vikman Photography

    Seems tuned a little too high. I think that the armor needs to be tuned down (at least of the upper hull)

    • The swedish meds have way better armour, thats not the problem. The problem is the long unload time which is just terrible

  46. samjay5874 [NASTY] WOTB

    Hello guys ! Since I won’t be able to play for this event bcs of exams I want to pay someone that is gonna play on my account to get me the char futur and the American tank . We’ll talk about the price of you are interested . This is not a scam it’s legit I just want to get the tanks . Respond to this comment if you are interested . Thank you 🙂

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