Char Mle. 75 – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of released Char Mle. 75 the first T9 premium light tank with a huge 1,200 damage burst magazine and travel mode!




0:00 Char Mle. 75
0:52 This Tank is BUGGED
4:13 Stats
13: Crew
13:36 Equipment
14:16 Field Mods
16:17 First Game
21:09 Second Game
27:00 Why You Should be Afraid
29:07 Third Game
41:38 Conclusion
44:16 Final Opinion


  1. Here’s an idea for equip on char
    Vents bond/bounty turbo and rotation mechanism/grousers

  2. This shows that WG is more about quantity than quality these games. Or better: Sale no matter what, nothing else really matters that much. I say that not as a customer, but as a Software Developer myself. This is such an obvious mechanic that needs to be checked and it would’ve been so easy to avoid, basically 5 to 20 lines of code, 30 minutes of work if even that much

  3. Dahiri Von El Vaart

    “Once you pop, you can’t stop.” (QB, 2022)

  4. Can someone show me where this was an actual tank in real life or is it just another WG bullshit fantasy tank?

  5. Still trying to figure out why tracked vehicles with travel modes get horrific penalties to be able to actually use their gun in travel modes while wheeled vehicles with travel modes get a minor penalty to turning.

  6. Feels like old Pz I C on tier IX 😄

  7. I don’t play this game anymore but I admire your dedication for providing such quality content even though you played all of last week and were supposed to take this week off.

  8. I’m thinking to use turbo, exhaust and optics on this baby

  9. Dr quickybaby with the quick maths

  10. It feels like you carry far too much premium rounds and you’re far too worried about carrying the game and consider the rest of your team as if they don’t exist

  11. Mk. 1 😂😂😂

  12. WG will be hated i’m sure of it 😂😂😂

  13. Like f…ing pringles

  14. Please help me QB!!! I’m taking the start positions but because i’m so fast, EVERY TANK aims and hits my tracks 3 times!!! I’m sporting 2 repair kits!! Help!!!

  15. Cool video 🙂

  16. the game has become too hard for new players, or returning players, new premium tanks too op.

  17. Most I’ve played against so far, aren’t super great at it, and others are doing decent at spotting/occasionally getting some dmg in, and sometimes a good player will basically ‘borrasque’ you, if you’re in a slower tank that has trouble turning to engage them

  18. Plot twist: QB banned for bug abusing 😀

  19. Thought this was war thunder for a second lol. I was like “Whos the beta twink closet case on screen?” but then I saw it was world of tanks and laughed it off.

  20. Quick…now that you told War Gaming about the error, they’ll either have to fix it or incorporate it as a feature……

  21. Yeah I want my money back after playing this thing for about 20 games…rank is hot garbage

  22. REP INVIL db

  23. I’d rather if it fired in 2-rd bursts and did 250 damage per shot. Same intra-clip, 3 second reload between bursts, 52.5 magazine second reload.

    Change the burst to 2-rds per burst 0.5 / 2 / 0.5 / 2 / 0.5 (same magazine burst time)
    Increase the AP pen to 225
    Increase APCR pen to 260
    Increase HE pen to 75
    Increase the base view range to 380m
    Increase the normal mode base camo to 17.25%

    Changing the burst to 2 rounds would make it more flexible for dealing with enemy vehicles. As currently with a max ammo capacity of 42 rounds firing 3 rounds per burst means the tank has effectively only 14 ‘shots’. If it were 2 round bursts it would have 21 ‘shots’. It may be worth increasing the maximum ammo to 48 whether or not the burst mechanic is changed at all.

  24. This tank should be nicknamed the ” Drive by.”
    Maybe WG should have given this tank a selector switch. Either three round burst, or single round.


  26. This tank is like the luchs at tier 9, very funny to play.

  27. Assassin’s creed anyone 😆

  28. Dwayne Seymoure Gicom

    looks like a concept 1b but just a burst version and faster

  29. Imagine a platoon of 2 or 3 of these. ☠️☠️☠️

  30. One of your best reviews. Thanks, QB

  31. Bro I randomly bounce them for no reason

  32. this vehicle is very difficult to control. Every departure is game over

  33. I’d have to spend £250 to be guaranteed any of the new tanks- not pay to win at all.

  34. Leave it to Wargaming to never test anything, or ever think outside the box. That’s why they stomp everything community created because they know it will make them look like greedy idiots

  35. Another of the tanks I did NOT get in the christmas loot boxes. 80 boxes and I got NOTHING. No 3d styles, no tanks, nothing except 3 low tier shltboxes. I havent logged in since.

  36. Oh look another overpowered premium.

  37. Disliked this vid, cause in all honesty, the combination of how the queu is full of those Mle. 75 and the tips from QB, and even a bug exploit, make freetoplay gamers like me a lot harder, with a combination of weekend warriors, event warriors, + the casual drunkards, kids, very old veterans. not ideal i tell ya !

  38. QB, this is nothing new. As a matter of fact, This mechanic has been around in Blitz for years with two funky fictional tanks called the Helsing and Annihilator. Both act like single shot guns, but the Helsing fires twice while the Annihilator fires three times. Outrageously broken because both are competitive tier 7s with 400 and 600 alpha damage and reasonable reloads.

  39. So if you had enough ammo, you could theoretically fire “one” burst infinite times by repeating the same trick? Which completely negates the 40 odd second reload?

  40. The travelmode interrupt mechanic is weird, but it also makes the take more interesting to play.

  41. What a mess WG is in, this tank reflects just that.

  42. im always bouncing on this tank….

  43. Actually, the mecanic already exist with the light and medium tank from Uk at tier 2 to 4 : cruiser

  44. With HE this tank can deal 2000 dmg in like 4 seconds ? When the enemy Char knows what hes doing and you go on light position with your light, he will blow you to the moon immidiatly.

    And since hes able to completly dominate the light tank positions this gives his team an absolutly unfair adventage…. cause people when they know about this tank, will not longer go on those position against this op tank.

    2000k burst damage is WAY to OVERPOWERED for a fu**ing light…

  45. I was with indien pz, and this char hit me with his 3(actually 2) shells. 1st was normal dmg+ammo rack affected and the second shell destroyed my ammo rack making it 2 pieces of an indien pz. How lucky you can be, that for one click of a button, to affect+distroy a rack?

  46. bullshit of a tank xd

  47. what do you mean by confusing firing mode?
    isnt that exactly the same as lots of low tier tankss, like the pz I C or pz II?

  48. World of credit cards.

  49. Michał Leszczyński

    @QuickyBaby did you noticed that tank has different view range and camo rating in turbo mode than in normal?

  50. The tank aint that good. There are better spotters at that tier and its gun power is overrated, low ammo count and it waste shells. Very low DPM as well. The EBR 75 fl10 is a tank that I consider to be better and its a whole tier lower.

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