Char Mle 75 with Double-Shot Preview | M Project | Get 3,000 Bonds | World of Tanks Update 1.18+

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Char Mle 75, New Tier 9 Premium . World of Tanks M Project, New Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks 1.18+ Patch News. World of Tanks 12th Anniversary 2022 – Rewards, Missions, Event Details, Free Premium Gift Tank and More.

00:00 Introduction
00:25 Anniversary store and rewards
04:15 Char mle 75 First Look
11:00 M Project First Look
13:40 Conclusion

Information from:
– WG
– Wotexpress

Today let's about the ongoing Anniversa event and rewards and a brand new upcoming tanks Char Mle 75 and M Project.

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  1. Already picked up my 3,000 bonds from the event today, so not bad. I think this is the most and the easiest way how I have been able to get 3,000 bonds in this game. How are you doing and what do you think about the tanks in todays video? YAY or NAY?
    Btw, here are the timestamps for you viewing pleasure:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:25 Anniversary store and rewards
    04:15 Char mle 75 First Look
    11:00 M Project First Look
    13:40 Conclusion

    • There are a few 2 shot burst guns in game already at low tiers, I bet they just pulled a copypasta and held it up saying look at this new thing!

  2. I thought the char mle would be a copy paste of the tornvagn but i was very mistaken

  3. Did anyone hear that Dez’s voice cracked when he said “horrible” in the middle of the video? lol (11:53)

  4. this a joke for a t9 light, this thing is trash….370 really, basically as long as wheeled vehicles exist this tank is pointless.

  5. The Char mle looks like a smol Tornvagn

  6. WG should stop with the hulldown meta.

  7. I’m more interested in the extra crew members with Brothers in Arms for the incoming Italian TDs than the Bonds. I’m farming bonds for the Kpz. 50t and have almost 20K but let’s face it: I’m not going to unlock it, not even close. So f*ck the bonds and their cheating bond equipments.

  8. if you don’t have a video of this tank, why do you put a title like this. Unlike!

    • Hmm, I do not know which title to put then? I have a “Preview” there. What exactly is misleading, honestly asking, because maybe I am missing something?

    • @DezGamez you have a title like you were playing a tank and you only have statistics. Video is ok butt title is pain in my eyes!

  9. I think that char mle 75 will be a tank that in the hands of a very good player can do good, but the majority of the player base will struggle to do well in it.

  10. Daddy like, yes want one

  11. Do you know if the kv4 ktts will come?

  12. since i uninstalled wot i am happier

  13. The little mission is too RNG

  14. But what about that T95 beach theme skin!

  15. To be fair i think the american is looking to be the most interresting for me.

  16. the new one look cool

  17. Great EBR game btw….!

  18. Loved the game in the background!

  19. yeah, sweet, congrats on 12 years, here is a bunch of bullshit missions to grind through that half the player base isnt good enough to do so they get fuck all out of the whole event, 21k exp in a day is fucking bullshit, for the regular players, people who have lives and jobs and stuff wont get anything cuz they cant spend 5 hours a day on these dumb ass missions.

  20. MLE means “MODELE”

  21. So basically, wheels but different. I dig it.

  22. also we have double shot guns in low tier before and they suck, because both shots never ever pen anyways , just waste of credits, shooting two shells back to back is so dumb, most people can barely get a single shell to land, this is even worse then double barrels, at least double barrel tanks the shells fire same time, with this tank though they fire one and then the other so whatever your shooting at will have moved by the time that second shell is out, i suspect there will be a lot of bounces/misses

  23. They will make sure both tanks are so nerfed they are nearly useless. If they were Russian they would be OP.

  24. Cruiser IV vibes from that 2 shots gun!

  25. I dont wanna any of these tanks in game Sadge

  26. Menoscal Fernandez

    All these updates except the most important match making

  27. I am assuming the Char is going to be like a tier nine covenanter

  28. I like the fact, that the t8 medium has more viewrange as the t9 light.

  29. Man, you should become the lead singer of a heavy metal band, “Rammstein 2” or something like that.

  30. That new American medium tank is going to make the Super Pershing a pushover. And they would have to buff the super Pershing if there’s too many of tier 8 medium tank that can put it to shame.

  31. When will we see players/ replays with 100% no premium ammo eplays, and 100% skill on this channel ?? 100% no gold ammo gold ammo is easy for players with skill in 2022

  32. No reason to get another light tank as ebr and elc Will outgun – outgun – outspot everyother light! WG balancing!

  33. Roland Yancy Dorol

    that’s unusual.
    WG releasing premium lt and its french?

  34. It seems like Wargaming content developers are looking for more tank blueprints in hallucinogenic mushrooms than in military libraries

    Anyway, time to open my wallet another time

  35. I mean… the American premium MT is an American premium MT, looks great on paper, then you play it and promptly say “oh, right, half of them do not get heat, and the AP rounds have a 900-ish shell velocity.

  36. How did you got 30 coins? This is 2nd day and we can only get 5 coins/day

  37. The sound you hear when you exit to garage is the sound of driving car in gta SA

  38. @DesGamez thanks. Is it just me, but the birthday garage is only for white folks? Also, not sure we need yet another French LT.

  39. I already hate tht american medium.
    First of all the 330mm armor (regardless of where) is gonna utterly crazy and only works to further destroy the gameplay.
    But also, we already have the Superpershing who’s basically that tank but less in all departments? Its like they dont care anymore about the tanks we already have and just give us 2.0 version of all of them now. shame on you for having bought a premium way back when.

  40. The biggest buff is to the free xp to train crew. It’s standard is 5 to 1 so 1 million free xp = 5 million training xp. They buffed it to 25 to 1 instead of the normal 10:1 so ppl should be able to buff their crew skills substantially when that comes in.

  41. they are unable to balance the big number of already existing tanks and still make it even more impossible to balance by constanly bringing out new tanks ….. gg wargaming

  42. I never get the more complicated tanks like Kunze or CS63 so will avoid this I expect

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