Charioteer goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

I’m not this weekend so you guys get extra content
System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 90 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 0 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. arty goes ham…coming soon

  2. Try the buffed Challenger. I wonder how good/bad it is

    • NixNix22 you still wonder?? Dude its a god! Pretty much one of the best tier VII tanks. Only bad thing about it is the gun arc (still not to bad)

    • If you have BiA + vr range perks then with optics YOU are the scout

    • It’s awesome. Made the 260 mission (4k without getting spotted) very easy. Good DPM, decent gun handling (better than the fucking T8). Only downside is getting used to a turret that can’t turn completely and mediocre camo.

  3. Any video regarding Perfecting Preferential Premiums FOCH ?

    • I was really surprised not to see a Rant from him. Maybe he agrees with WG?

    • He is just tired of ranting and WG going deaf ears like always.
      People just need to quit the game and stop buying stuff to WG notice it…

  4. Tier VIII British medium tank*

  5. And it needs an aim time buff (to 2.1 would be nice)

  6. love the # comment 🙂 great video once again

  7. Holy foch, all the videos

  8. Gotta have your daily dose of Esportss 🙂

  9. argsgsgs gnngndg

    Youre posting too many videos man

  10. video spam…keep it comming!!!

  11. Daniel Grabovskiy

    Where is “the death to Arty” intro?

  12. Nicholas Spratt

    Welcome back Foch

  13. social3ngin33rin

    Fun precursor to the shit barn 🙂

  14. TIL.
    If you’re bottom tier, hope your team doesn’t suck and if you suck, you’ll probably not get far.

    This 3,5,7 crap is just that. Crap.

  15. Mother of god, another video. What a glorious weekend.

  16. GG. The Charioteer is a rare example of a perfectly balanced tank in every aspect, including the premium ammo.

    That’s probably why you don’t see many of them.

  17. Why is people calling everyone playng lower tier statpadders? Ok if you play light tank tier 6 for DMG then maybe but in tier 7/8 also? They are shit tiers or tiers with shit tanks if someone is “Padding stats” in tanks at this tier it means he is good, its easier to get 3k wn8 in tier 10 tanks than tier 8 now . At this point tier 9 and 10 is also for statpadders. Every tier is for statpadders.

    Like kill yourself pls.

  18. #EsportWot #EsportClutchShots

  19. I forgive you for loading so much fag ammo, only because its you Foch and besides prem HESH its one of the few shells you still need skill to use it

  20. Always keen to watch your videos. Informative and entertaining.

  21. Forth consecutive video from Foch ??? Is he high on Vodka again? Lol

  22. I love the charioteer as well, good game.

    • I love the Charioteer as well, but it’s expensive to play. I’ve had winning games that only generated a small profit due to premium account.
      The standard APCR shells are way to expensive for the damage they do.

  23. Foch is a spammer and i am going to report to youtube. No arty smash intro! epic fail!

  24. Thank you Sir.. ?

  25. Good to have you back. Oosh.

  26. Foch is getting so bored and so good he’s handicapping himself with a 50% crew just to have a bit more fun and to give the other team a bit of a chance

  27. Good tank I’m doing very well personally but win wise I’m getting shit on 39% win rate lo. how am I losing with this tank if its so good ? Well it’s only good vs tier 9s not so much vs tier 10s and of course I seeing a shit ton of that thanks to the lovely 3//5/7 match making. Way to go war gaming.
    I carry a few of regular HESH with the 102 pen. It’s really nice vs tier 6 and 7 tanks and even on the ass end of higher tiers and I save a few coins too boot.

  28. I hate this fucking map. Every time they change it it becomes worse and they still keep this shit in the game while a lot better maps got removed after being changed less times.

  29. Btw you can spam us with videos all day long

  30. We do mind the video NON-spam in the last what? A whole year? 😀

  31. I want that tank

  32. #esports

    Btw Forch, have you seen the intended Obj 268 v4 armor nerf? It’s hilarious, just like how WG said in the last update video that the Obj 268 v4 is only slightly overperforming and it’s a non-issue.

  33. #ESports

  34. Foch makes a complete turd of a tank look great lol…go Foch!

  35. Spam away Foch, just don’t go into the hip pocket of Wargaming……unless they offer obscene amounts of cash.

  36. I finished the grind yesterday, sometimes this tank is amazing but most of the time I hated it, the gun is so frustrating.

  37. why play this, when you can play Scorpion G….

  38. 3 marks without 6th sense ? Demn

  39. unfair plane, you kemp bush, stet pedder ! ! !

  40. 3 videos in a week, you alright foch?

  41. Decimus the gamer

    Yep , please make more ,the only kind of spam I like.

  42. Ha yeah hesh is fun, one of my best WoT moments was when one of the Russian troll cannon 152mm TD’s was facehugging me in my (pre buff) conqueror thinking he could survive my shots for long enough to take me out, he wasn’t expecting me to penetrate him frontally with HESH and beat his reload.

  43. 666 like is mine 😛

  44. YAY 700th woot! um…

  45. didnt know the charioteer could “go ham”

  46. No we like the video spam . I get an error on twitch so its cool to be able to watch you play and your helpful tips.

  47. I have been struggling with the Charioteer for a while. For me, the gun will usually miss unless fully aimed and 3-5-7 does it no favours unless it is mid tier. Being top tier makes you feel disappointed as it’s not a heavy or med that can carry through.

  48. Why is all the crew so bad? XC

  49. thx man, nice to have few more vids up more often……gold!!!

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