Charioteer goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Must admit this is becoming one of my fave tanks to play… Top job by the

  2. Fuck Islam

  3. Your mic volume is slightly low Foch, anyone else agree?

  4. Who gave a dislike?

  5. what gun would you use on the charioteer

  6. no Hesh ammo gg

  7. 42 mil credits :o

  8. Not going to do AW footage?

  9. fourth, “Sit and play with your man parts” really Foch lol you fooking
    nutcase lmao :)

  10. Timotej Andonovski

    The salt is back!

  11. i’m sick so im just gonna watch some foch!

  12. First! Lol!

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