Charlemagne in 118 Seconds – All You Need To Know about British Defender

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Charlemagne, Tier 8 Premium Heavy .World of Tanks Ranked Battles 2021-2022 Season, New Reward Tanks Charlemagne and 114 SP2. World of Tanks New Bond Shop Premium Tanks.

– Action Packed And Ready 4 – Victor Ohlsson

Brand new in ranked battles special shop, available for bonds, asking price 15,000 bonds – Let’s find out if is worth or not in under 2 minutes! 😉

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. More videos like this! For someone who doesn’t like a lengthy review video of a tank, this is perfect for me!

  2. the chieftain / T95 laughing in the garage

  3. looks like a pile of shit to me.

  4. This tank is the other half of Chimera

  5. I love those short, informative videos!

  6. You should make more reviews like this, that was awesome

  7. With this shell velocity if you want to have a chance of hitting a moving target, you should start shooting at it one week earlier…

  8. Time for MM to be changed. how do 6s and 7s deal with this garbage? so dumb.

  9. Nice video but a lot of words that basically tell us that this British tank (more like an arty with a turret) is utter crap and WG are taking the piss out of us once again.

  10. Wait a Russian guy who’s not ok with bad gun handling?

  11. Ahh.. I laguht so hard… but then realize this game go deep to a shithole….

  12. Shell velocity is trash- not even chieftain level of stats can’t make up for it. 1000% happier with my C. AX

  13. Good format short and digestible, while getting all the information across about the tank.

  14. Charlemagne, a french king who was born in germany is now a english tank !!!! every thing make sense

    • the British are Anglo-Saxons, originally from the North West of Europe. The English language is of Germanic origin. It all makes sense in this case. Charlemagne is the father of Europe, even though the British don’t like being Europeans. 😀

  15. Overpowered Tank: Community complains because it’s overpowered.
    Balanced Tank: Community complains because it’s not overpowered.
    Underpowered Tank: Community complains because it’s not overpowered.

  16. Love these short vids! keep them up!

  17. kv-4 krrrrrrrrrrr

  18. honestly when wargaming let ppl get stuff for “free” there is a catch always lmao , either is insane grind for marathon or vehicle just bad.

    That and the heavy tanks for czech , whats the point with the t9 is worst than t8 premium , what this game became , everytime i comeback i get disapointed , sure this game is free to play they need to sell tanks but ffs t8 matchs are unplayable or a shitshow of premium tanks.

  19. I prefer these short reviews

  20. AKA PURE TRASH. WG have NO CLUE at all anymore, they just adding TRASH more and more!

  21. love this kind of review, honestly, short and sweet.

  22. Could all reviews of new tanks be this concise please?

  23. loved this review. Nice job! 😀

  24. New toy where’s my wallet 💰💰💰💰

  25. More like that ! This is epic . Gimme a second so I can subscribe again !

  26. even for free and i still don`t want this tank

  27. You should review every tank in this game in this format… Amazing

  28. It has more Alpha than the tier X brittish HT 🤔


  30. these shorts are real nice for when I am stuck at work.

  31. The best 2 minutes I spent this week, thank you Dez!

  32. Geeze I could go for a snack in the time it takes for that shell to reach it’s target.

  33. Magic Video!

  34. They can put as much armor as they want on new premium tanks, as everybody shoot gold shells, even at tier 3, it doesn’t matter.

  35. NOT WORTH MY $$$$ OR MY TIME TO EVEN EARN FOR FREE. Assuming I was good enough to do that, as I am definitely NOT a 1600 player, much less a unicum player. It looks like a newer Centurion basically, with just as questionable performance if not worse than. Definitely MEH. I will pass.

  36. This tank is very weak compare to the defender. Can’t bounce shells that well

  37. Im still waiting for ,,how to be a sexy beast in 60 seconds,, from you, Dez!
    My hope will never die!

  38. Vasilis Papadopoulos

    Right… Dez do you know ‘south park’ right??? Some memes from south park would great on those videos man.. 😁

  39. tank for poor people

  40. Christian Esterhuizen

    Guess I lose, the moment you said new T8 premium I puked 🙁

  41. I like that practically every content creator doesn’t even try to omit the fact that it’s P2W anymore. Because its gotten to the point where people that don’t have money to spend are not gonna have a fun time

  42. You are mad and sick and I like it…..

  43. Dude I love your videos but if you could take the marbles out of your mouth when you talk that would be great.

  44. can’t even compare this to a Defender even if this was tier 7. just like they F….d the British lights when they first came out. Will they buff it ? Prob not. Prob uninstall this game at Christmas now when my Premium time finishes. Spent too much on this game i’ve realised…..quite a few hundreds !!!!! what a sucker.

  45. This review format is great continue with it please. Now about tank, Im going to disagree with most people, I think it will be quite op in the matcgmaking and it will break some games really..

  46. Premium Kv4 is better

  47. 02 Suradit Pengsaeng

    Forgotten good friendly balance tank.

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