Charlemagne, New British Defender? | World of Tanks The Charlemagne Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Charlemagne, New Tier 8 British Premium Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Charlemagne, British 2.0? World of New Premium Tanks – Christmas Box 2020 Tank? World of Tanks Update 1.11+ Patch News.

Yesterday I talked about upcoming tier 8 Soviet Russian medium tank “K-91-2”, yes, another one.. But today I am a lot more excited to show you first information about next British heavy tank, premium heavy tank “Charlemagne”, which community has already called as British Defender, because it is first premium heavy tank from UK with 440 alpha damage.

What do you think?


  1. Early gang

  2. A good British Tank? Must be a late april fools joke.

  3. 3 views, 8 likes. Nice

  4. It is way more exciting tank than K-91-2, but is it going to be any good? Too good? Too bad?
    What do you think? Have a nice weekend! ❤

    • Its waay more exciting in my oppinion 😀
      Also i have a ting for you to check out the highest dpm at T5 (with ap shells) is the M10 RBFM pls make a build on it! would be pretty cool 😀

  5. Us Brits calling a tank after some frog? Bollocks.

  6. More like teir 8 version of t95 cheifton sort of

  7. Charlemagne: *very important French/German (Frankish) historical figure*
    British tech tree: _hippity hoppity, your king is now my property_

  8. I think I would have called it Platypus. It prolly won’t be a new defender. People will call it that and WG will balance its un-Russianness out by overmatchable weak points.

  9. 50tp pr 2.0

  10. Dez any idea when will they put in game new italian t8 premium heavy tank?

  11. First the Progetto C45 mod 71, now this. What. The. Fuck. Wargaming.

  12. The tank in the real design was meant to shoot HESH as it’s primary Anti-Tank round, the gun is a low velocity so it couldn’t get enough pressure up for APCR.

  13. LOL. at least not Russian!

  14. My french mind went full bruh seeing the name and the nationality of the tank.

  15. Weird ass Cent hull, Conqueror mantlet, a 120 mm L1 lookalike gun and a rounded turret. Yeah, looks unusual and British.
    Edit: Valiant on steroids to be more accurate.

  16. 0.44, 597m/s velocity

  17. 1721 raw dpm very nice tank it is

  18. British defender? Rilly ?look at reloading time ,armour ,and that bad DPM 😉

  19. I’m glad it’s not a defender it’s exciting that’s it’s pretty balanced and seems very different

  20. Nothing more frustrating then bad gun handling, missing your shot and having to wait 16 seconds to reload and miss again.

  21. heavier version of the chimera if im honest

  22. Hai Dez <3 hope you have a nice day <3

  23. Good? British? Tank? Is this a Christmas prank?

    Also can we take a moment to appreciate that replay on the background of the Caern

  24. When you are french and you hear DezGamez says : Charlemagne 🤣

    P.S: Il est pas mal mon anglais non ?

  25. Justin justintheman

    They should put it inside the boxes

  26. The “R” is not a guttural r. The “R” is like a stopgap within the word (Sometimes it is not pronounced). Or…if you want to be more specific, use the IPA phonetics to pronounce it: /ˈʃɑːləˌmeɪn/

  27. Phew. I was expecting a flying tank named k-91-3

  28. totally meh tank

  29. Je suis blessé

  30. good vid dez 🙂

  31. A british premium tank and not a russian?
    I dont know about that one, chief

  32. the name is ironic, i suppose the next british tank name is joan of arc

  33. its a french name of a french king …

  34. I thought WG will stop making more premium tanks beacuse from january 2020 to august 2020 WG only released 2 premium tanks. But since august many new premium tanks are coming. T42,T77 and on supertest we have Obj.274A,K-91-2,GSOR1008,122 TM,Progetto 71 now this.

  35. Another ‘WG idea’ of an actual Brit tank. i.e. kneecap armour to sub ‘Rushan’ .

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