Charlemagne – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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World of Tanks is releasing the Charlemagne, a Tier premium British heavy, in the upcoming season of ranked – here’s all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. This is a worse defender, you get the gun depression sure, but you lose everything else

  2. So you are having brain lag or you are picking the CAX… i mean, it has workable armor, crap alpha but a dpm that shreds other tanks, why on hell would anyone pick that bipolar bond abomination

  3. Good luck hitting an EBR with this thing.

  4. 13:10 🤣😂

  5. Amit's Online Classroom

    this game is not about which tank you play,,, it is all about how many noobs and pro. in your team.

  6. Why don’t you compare it VS defender, 50tp, that is tanks with this alpha, why vs Carnavon machine gun dpm..

  7. I can already see tiers 7 and 8 being clapped on every ridgeline they see this thing and won’t even know how to damage it 🙈 but yeah new reward bs

  8. Eugh, such a pointless tank.

  9. Once again QB game where no one is shooting him when he deals damage. Wheee does he find these bots?

  10. Its like an conqueror on an diet

  11. this tank looks really remind me of the Mathilda, it’s not as good but like it spouts mathilda that is derped and modified

  12. just when i bought 121b

  13. review mods….. Black0utGamer/NA
    …. find out which wont crash your game… only those that help your garage and stats tracking for yourself

  14. What a shame OP broken premiums make balanced fun ones like this one completly worthless

  15. “im roleplaying british”
    but qb, b- b- but you are british

  16. Boring, where’s the Bob Semple.

  17. Hmm British 🇬🇧 Tanks with 🇫rench Name 🤔🤔🤔

    Wargaining: Yes!

  18. One for tank collectors and hipsters I think …….

  19. 1600 DPM? You know… Low DPM is one of the main reasons some older premiums like T34 are seen as obsolete.

    So… Basically, it has worse DPM than obsolete T34, worse pen, worse accuracy, better gun handling…
    Far better mobility, true, but armour is made of cheese. So it kind of looks like it wants to be a close range brawled, but with Tier 5 levels of DPM… What…

  20. This tank is another middle finger from Failgaming making you grind ranked and to spend bonds on a bad tank. FG has put no thought into this tank and just wants to spend money in one way or another by making you play ranked.

  21. a lot like = the same as ??

  22. Wow, new tier VIII premium, who would say? How much for it, €100? When will you all suckers stop giving money to that shithole of a company?

  23. i would fire only gold rounds in this tank lul

  24. There’s only one Duke, and that’s Duke Nuke’m. GI Joe is for kids, I happily skipped that trash and rightfully so as I could hear in the beginning! 🙂

  25. Leading shots on moving targets in this tank will be a nightmare. Fast shells travel flat, slow shells arc high into the air. For slow shells the terrain you aim at (in front of your target) will apply a vertical trajectory to your shell which will sometimes mean that the shell will cruise way over the top of your target and land on the next map. Otherwise it looks kinda fun and memey

  26. I’ve never played ranked before. Is it difficult to get to division 2?

  27. Give us more shit WG. It’s not deep enough I gh yet.

  28. if you look at the stats, it is a t34… and the t34 is not good…

  29. Actually an OK-ish balanced tank. But not for 15k bonds! I’d rather spend those bonds of 3 bits of bond equipment.

  30. I took out a sheriff in one of these a couple of days ago.

  31. You could arguably drop the rammer too since the DPM is awful anyways and just hope you get to trade single shots as much as possible. That being said I’m not sure what I would take instead, more HP maybe?

    • Possibly! But this tank, unlike the 122TM, doesn’t have the luxury of being able to hang back and snipe so I feel it needs the DpM too.

  32. 597 shell velocity, about 1600 DPM, 0,44 dispersion and an aim time of 3,57 ??? Wtf…this tank is crap

  33. I’m done with this pay to win crap. Uninstalling and unsubscribing

  34. Surprised wot or woft (world of fantasy tanks) is still populated

  35. It’s like a high tier Matilda with the howitzer derp gun (which has a shell velocity of mere 182 m/s). Probably fun, but about as good as its shell velocity.

  36. I don’t want another OP tank ahemmm excuse me Chieftain/Donker running around in tier 8 matchup, but it’s stiil a good tank with its low shell velocit6

  37. Dominik Maksimović

    In the first round i was thinking about the voice of your commander because it was quite irritating. And in the second you fixed it thank you😀😀

  38. The rangefinder is in the hull 🤣🤣🤣
    2:28 yea but as a dev you design bad shells so people can’t make credits in premiums 😉😉

  39. This tank is crap

  40. Triηerstαhc MCMXCIX

    I hardly play and I would be interested in selling my account, do you know where I can and for how much would it be a reasonable price? I have many Premium Tanks and I am sorry to have them obsolete.

  41. why dont you compare it to 50TP pr.??? or defender??? Caern AX and Škoda have completely different playstyles, hello??

  42. When British engineers get drunk on vodka and start drawing British IS3s 🤣

  43. “unless they load gold” this line didn’t aged well… I get surprised whenever I don’t get hit by a gold.

  44. sounds a bit like the good old T-34 with a better hull.

  45. what a joke for 15k bonds..

  46. Something to be aware of: the slower the shell velocity, the higher the gun arc on the tank. Usually guns that have this kind of characteristics are… howitzers.

    When you lob HE shells at low velocity with poor penetration, and no normalization, the penetration mechanics are not exploited to their full extent.

    A high arc, slow moving AP shell which retains a good pen value over 500m, will hit sloped armor already negating angling effectiveness. Add in the 5° degrees of normalization upon impact, and I suspect this tank has a WAY higher penetration capability than it seems.

  47. do you hear what CC`s from warships did ? at least stop presenting cashcow of WG is time to fight to this games get great again!!!

  48. This will be a new MemeTank™ for your Twitch poll tanks, QB.

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