Charlie 9 Lives – T30

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Nice more dank T30 memeplay

  2. TwistedPlotTwistWithATwist

    a circon vid right after watching a jingles vid?
    yes please!

  3. Yesterday’s gachi stream,quality stuff

  4. Man i love t30 replays

  5. 3 mark T30 circon? if so, pls do a guide pls pls how to deal with idiot teammate

  6. JP E100 coming round the corner like
    *sacrifice a tier 8 to me or perish*

  7. *Is anyone still playing this game?*

    • Gewel ✔ still playing and still wanted to kill myself
      But the occasional good game keep me playing

      War Thunder RB is Very good and fun (when you give MBT a 90mm from Hellcat up their arse) but it doesn’t give that the arcade feel of WoT

    • My Hentai Girl *War Thunder is bad cause 1 shot and you die but enemies have hidden health bars. Very unfair*

    • Gewel ✔ actually not true, in RB you need to fully disable an enemy tank

      i.e ammorack or kill all crew

    • Gewel ✔ You have to see how many time i one shot people just by shooting at their rear or side in my hellcat

    • My Hentai Girl *it’s rigged*

  8. “Chirckon shpamming gold nyaahhh”

  9. 9mm monkaTOS

  10. Why’s his crew so salty haha

  11. To the dumbasses in chat he didnt roll for 1021. It was a combo with another tank

  12. 9 lives then t30 trolls circon with hardcore RNG that leaded him to hate it after 3 Moe it ( nice meme ) ????????

  13. Prof Hubert J. Farnsworth

    The T30 is so sexy….. I love my T30 so much

  14. *always wnated to play the EU server*
    **See’s Circon make fun of bad players**
    *doesnt want to play on the EU server*

  15. Wot rule number 1 as long as there is a teir eight tank the teir tens will always shoot them first

    • ‘Oooow, there’s a paper tank, two tiers below me, that will struggle to even hit me, let alone pen. me. Guaranteed pen, shoot that first’ – your avg. WoT player

    • 3-5-7 means bottom tiers have plenty of others to fight, they said. You won’t just get farmed by JPE-100s with terrible target prioritization, they said.

  16. Any update modpack circon?

  17. I love the T30.

    HEAT/APCR shoot arrive for dead => magical “BOUNCE” again and again 🙂

    The gun is powerfullllllll

  18. I dont know why pp keep saying E4 is trash. I find playing it as a heavy quite enjoyable and yeild great result also.

  19. Living in Florida I can’t help but laugh when Europeans complain about heat.

  20. 9 lives indeed

  21. XRC Infinite Xero

    @Circonflexes Two Words, F*cking Masterclass. Now Seven Words….

  22. Chandler Kristoff

    Press F to pay respects for the TVP’s sacrifice

  23. IS 3 yolod so hard it turned into IS4 and bounced T30 with its side. WoT kamrade.

  24. Chandler Kristoff

    P.44 Pantera bellissimo tank.

  25. Playing slow tenk in 2018… How to lose nerve cells in 1 easy step.

  26. Holy mother of fucking god that asshole ping spamming. 7 years and wargaming still hasn’t fixed that shit

  27. Who is Charlie 9?

  28. This game is a fucking doo doo

  29. I remember watching this on your stream! Such a meme of a game.

  30. Is 4 shoot should of been your death wot is so aids now

  31. As retarded as star trek to episode back an forth back an forth choosing target can’t make up mind..

  32. Geez you got SO dam lucky. Holy moly.

  33. What ya sayin bruh, whats the temperature in NL? like 27-28 c’mon

  34. therandomnessisreal

    4:02 Type 4 like Try me bitch

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