Chasing gunmarks – Centurion Action X

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Loved how casual your T62a marks were, gj Circon

  2. Second 😉

  3. Roberts Vancovics

    Holly crap I am early

  4. Are you going to 3 mark the 5A? I’d love to watch that

  5. Gareth Fairclough

    I see Centurion, I click like.

  6. Of all the shots Circon made, that pixel snipe on the Type 4 hits but can’t hit the broad side of barn litteratly while fully aimed on the one prior to. Both shots looked like they hit but RNG was like Nope! No fun allowed *Ghost Shell* *Aiming reduces DPM* *Nice Meme*

    • Looked like near pixel snipes on the previous Type as well

    • Shots went low and hit ground. Only top half of turret was open for shot, type5 was in ditch. Silhouette system often fools you to think shots are completely unobscured while significant part of aiming circle is still covered by obstacle. Same thing has happen to me many times.

    • Kognak looked like one of those infamous ghost shells. Tracer goes right though center mass and no damage or notification from the commander if you did damage, crits, or bounce.

    • Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

      He was getting to accurate in his British tank. Stalin had to stop him from being Russian 😉

  7. How he can hit what he shoots at is beyond me. I can’t hit shit anymore and when I do it’s never a pen

  8. Enemy is shit!

    Enemy armour is shit!

  9. this tank has reverse accuracy

  10. Huh… it didnt register some blocked damage… he bounced a round of the STRV at 3:58 and the counter was still at 0, so i thought ok, its a small bug so its surely gonna be in the post game stats… nope.

    • Кристиян Митев

      MaximumFear666 holy potatoes you are right.

    • Cédric Möhlmann

      Thats what happens when a shot gets absorped by the tracks, it comes up as bounced in the HUD but isnt actually counted as blocked dmg

    • Except that it didnt hit the tracks, if it did then it would have been at least indicated as damaged (in layman terms, the tracks would have been orange). With a little deduction by observing the terrain, positioning and movement it can be seen clearly that the STRV only had a clear shot on the turret… still, that doesnt explain why the game didnt register the blocked damage regardless of which part of the tank the round bounced off.

    • Then it hit either the gun or the view ports, but did not hit the actual armor of the turret. Both the gun and the view ports can get hit without turning orange (they get a saving throw, I think the gun only has a 33% chance to be damaged and IDK about the view ports). Unless a shell hits the armor of the tank (has a chance of actually doing damage), it does not count as blocked damage.

  11. Best wot streamer. Sooo smoth gameplay.

  12. Haven’t seen tier 10’s in ages and now I see 3 recordings of tier 10 battles. Makes my day.

  13. Circon the Chieftain is coming to World of Tanks Blitz.

  14. But i lose 2% from a 4k damage game and now im stuck at 93% on the AX

  15. wow even made some money 😉

  16. But circon, why you never 3 mark t10s ? LUL

  17. What is the name of the gunmark mod?

  18. A Ex-Blacksmith UK

    Thank you for yet again another great video. After watching this video and another one where you take on 3 or was it 4 other tanks in a up close & personal knife fight of a Melee and you WIN!!!
    I have just decided to upgrade you to that of a Miner Deity, as your game play is not that of a normal human, or do you have some kind of cyborg augmentation that we are not aware of?….. LOL 🙂

  19. I’m jealous. I wish I could get top tier and no arty. It’s like winning the lottery.

  20. Welcome to 3-5-7, bitch.

  21. finally i can 3 mark it

  22. Hi Claus!

  23. It would have been a whole different story if the IS-7 was on the hill

  24. Can someone provide the link for the gun mark mod he is using?

  25. What time would you be streaming in eastern time

  26. Toss some props to the E-50 driver as well. He’s the type of teammate anyone would want and did really good support/spotting work while also doing almost 4K damage himself. I wish I had teammates like that in MY high tier games.

  27. Daniel Grabovskiy

    Circon gets dream games. On na my kick would be I’m the only one who goes hill or if we do go hill the enemy is already rushing us.

  28. But 3-5-7 is balanced they said

  29. that’s a good start, instant ammo rack damaged, sounds like the AX to me

  30. Which I got damage roles like that

  31. Great game!

  32. Like a boss.

  33. I don’t play WoT anymore, but for some reason I still love your videos.. Oh wait, you actually have good content..

  34. “That was a good start” *Immediate ammo rack* “Fuck”

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