CHEATERS Banned! | NEW LTS-85 & Kpz. Pr. 68 | Free Premium Tanks and More | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Cheaters getting Banned? New Premium tanks LTS-85 and Kpz. Pr 68 P on Supertest, 5 and Leopard 1 of The Tree, Full British Wheeled Tree. Free Premium Tanks in World of Tanks.

00:00 Intro
00:21 Cheaters Banned?
03:55 Kpz P. 68 P
08:55 LTS-85
10:55 Free Tanks from Drops
:38 Full list of British Wheels
17:35 Top of The Tree
20:10 Conclusion

Background battle played by: ATOM_IV

Information from:
– Drops info:

Lot of different topics to cover today, what do you think about all of this?


  1. Super busy lately with IRL stuff, so sorry for lack of uploads, but today tried to catch up with some news in World of Tanks… What do you think about all of this?
    Here are the topics for your viewing pleasure:
    00:00 Intro
    00:21 Cheaters Banned?
    03:55 Kpz P. 68 P
    08:55 LTS-85
    10:55 Free Tanks from Drops
    12:38 Full list of British Wheels
    17:35 Top of The Tree
    20:10 Conclusion

    • Last time I talk with a WoT support, (it was because of TK that’s old) but the guy told me “use in-game system” to which I replied “how do we know it’s working? We don’t ask for names, just for notification when a sanction is issued” The guy replied “We can’t give you names because it’s against Wargaming policy to give you the info, so players won’t be antagonized”….

    • Lance Keanu Malate

      Hey Dez, can Wargaming help me to retrieve my account, i was not banned nor cheating on the game.

      Way back on 2017, I remember that was one November on that year, i was hacked by a random player saying that there was an event that i can win the Legendary Tank, Type 59

      Bear in mind that was on 2017, on that year i was only a 15 year old kid because i was tricked that there will be having a Type 59 event, he include a screenshot that there will be having that kind of event.

      I didn’t feel that it was suspicious back then because he has proofs, but maybe he just make that kind of pictures.

      Sorry for my bad English because it is not my Primary Language

      When i retrieve the account via Support, it says that there is no email exists in the game but i have the ORIGINAL EMAILS of the 2 of the both account that was hacked.

      I don’t have any transactions of the account because it was way back 2012 when my Uncle buys Premium Account,

      But the only thing ive remember was the OLDEST EMAILS, and the OLDEST PASSWORDS that those 2 account have but they were connected to the yahoo, so i don’t know if there will be a chance if i can get those both hacked accounts because ive really age with this game since 2012 and now im 21 years old.

      Thank you Dez, i hope you read this comment.

    • I am absolutely hyped for the british wheely boys. I want them really bad and since the models and stats seem to be flushed out for the most part, I think they will be coming soon.

    • mod hub promo Ok this is a another coffin nail for Wot coffin. Good Job Less and more Less player base. Lot of people no time for this and booring, burnout left game.
      The world of tank will pull it off blinds(Close Business )

    • Ariliquin Ariliquin

      EU privacy laws are strongest in world, maybe something to do with it.

  2. I want that soviet light.

  3. Jeroen berkenbosch

    thats why support is overwhelmed again . and you can`t get your wot + not solved ! saved another 8,10 for this month ! 😁

  4. To my eyes, banning players because of fair play infringement by the company producing the core of the game inherently unfair (matchmaking) is phoney and ridiculous.

  5. As an asia player I can say those are definitely account names. And the amount of bots are insane, even in tier 10.

  6. The ban is a lie from wargaming, why didn’t they show the name of banned accounts?

  7. Reality Dysfunction

    KPZ.PR.68(p) dozer blade is at a fucking stupid angle. No-one would have it at that angle. It should be around 45 degrees of less so it actually offers some lower plate protection.

  8. This is my take.

    Wee Gee is tweaking the software to facilitate the grind companies. Wee Gee also has the say over “Expired” accounts.

    The expired accounts serve multiple purposes, and *is* a legal loophole, they can be used as “Bots” to flesh out Match Making, they can also be used for the grind companies as “Food” accounts. As they are Identified by players, they just add the “Expired” account and ban them for multiboxing / Illegal script. Only other real thing to add here is the list of names all ending in stars is part of the Privacy Policy. Wee Gee isn’t allowed to publicly name shame, so it’s like the auto-fill popup for online banking (Is this regarding account **** – **** – **** – 1234?) it just has the first few characters of the username, not the whole username.

  9. Type 5 seriously needs a buff, but in my opinion, instead of a buff, WG needs to put a heat shield on its turret at least…..God it’s frustrating most of the time but yeah I don’t hate the tank unlike Type 4

  10. Any idea what the Battlepass premium tank marathon will be ?

  11. Everything below tier 9 doesnt feel like a medium tank status. Gives the feel that the british light tank guns have

  12. Only 20 pieces of ammo on GSOR 1006/7?? Wtf WG??

  13. cheers Dez 👍

  14. Yes find the names of the cheaters

  15. lts -85 looks like it was made for amphibious play.

    • if you played war thunder, it’s called object 906 there and indeed it’s an amphibious tank with an autoloader

  16. i never saw a cheater in game lol

  17. Yeah, for me, the only british wheeled british tanks is the tier X. I will completely skip every previous tier honestly lmao

  18. They should be able to release the account names because under the terms of service, the accounts belong to WG and we are authorized to use them. What we call “our account” is not actually ours.

  19. unfortunately the RNG kind of forces you to use illegal ways to do certain missions , because there are some players who occasionally play the game and do not have the resources of a player who plays more,and when you get to equip a tank with everything necessary to be better, RNG kind of laughs at you, plus your own team says you are not doing anything, even if you aimed 100% and missed weak punts by millimeters 2 or 3 times, but it’s enough for the enemy you focused on to destroy an allied tank, unfortunately wot is 50% a game of chance.

    • 50% no way bro, its 25% no more no less. If it was 50% it would literally be impossible for some people to have 70% wins and others 45%

    • 50% player knowledge,25% your and your team’s luck and 25% the luck of your enemies. win rate has nothing to do with it.

  20. There are no cheaters in WOT only unicums hahahahhahahhahahah

  21. Lol, “cheaters got banned”…. sure. 60% of players are bots, and 75% of real players are cheaters….

  22. wattana khumphuyod

    British wheelie be like mobile sniper with EBR BS wheels armor. Gotta avoid firing HEAT at them.

  23. Ah yes, the LTS-85 is obj 906 from war thunder.

  24. British wheelies have high base view range. T8-T10 have 400m base. That’s like very good.

  25. Banned for two weeks! then its okay give us your money again.

  26. Is it just me or does the new T10 British wheeled tank look or as fuck? Amazing alpha, solid pen, wheels for protection, great mobility and on top of that 400m view range and 0.31 accuracy? This tank will be a mix of EBR and Leo1’s best parts on a fast tank. Seems broken as fuck to me.

  27. I simply don’t believe what WG says.

  28. At least 1 of those cheaters got his account back already.

  29. Most of the cheaters recieve a “No no no bad” from WG and than they go on with cheating.
    I don’t believe that they do anything against illegal mods. How will they check that? I persolnally think there are new illegal mods for the minimap where you can see where objects on the map are knocked down (e.g. trees, fences)…
    I came to this conclusion because in skirmish battles the enemy is in 8 of 10 games exactly awaiting you where you go even when you chose a very unconventional path on the map…

  30. i would imagine giving information like names etc would be in breach of GDPR in Europe and that would equal massive fines

  31. i just want more tanks, like the vk 28.01 or the leo, build, what you want -> sniper, spotter, high alpha mid range or getting in ranges around 50m…
    multiple usable guns are always nice, would also be nice to have multiple usable turrets => one with more armor and one with more view range…

  32. That KPZ 68 is not a 122 TM by a long shot. The 122 TM has a 17 second base reload, poor power to weight ratio and usable armor. The german one is faster but has less armor while having better DPM by 300.

  33. They can’t ban people on U.S. servers because literally half of the 10 thousand players are cheating. Player base is too low for culling. My cuz has let me watch him cheat and you can see who else has cheats and its about half.

  34. Why ban cheaters put into one battle. Who cheats gonna play against a cheater that will be a fair punishment.

  35. Tupe 5 heavy my fav tank. Idk why this tank useless. I havinh fun play this tank

  36. About time been shot from another server isn’t fun😂

  37. Wg makes even more money to ban this boosting companies. They are back in no time and have to boost there accounts with money. The whole game become a totall joke. Yesterday i played 3 Games after a half year break. Pure shitshow.

  38. Man, even after all those “cheater fck rigged RNG, report to WG” my account still didn’t get banned, crazy how that works lmao

  39. that light looks like a BMP …

  40. The list might not be published due to GDPR reasons, even tough some have nicknames, some of them use their full name as a Nickname. But it would be lovely if they would at least make a list/chart like 1000 were banned for botting, 2000 for rigging, 5000 for illegal mods.

  41. Bogdan Raul Zbinca

    Since the ukrainians EU servers are now in the top of banned players.

  42. imagine if you could put modernization stuff on tier eights and give the Kpz. Pr 68 P heavy charges…

  43. @dezgamez I can tell you that those wargaming’s ban wave is a complete joke. Theres at least 6 banned with no reason and what do we know maybe theres more. Also if you get banned for no reason and send all the proof to wargaming’s support theres only a bot answering so you can’t defend yourself at anyway. I stopped pöaying wot because wargaming truly doesn’t care about their players.

  44. This is clearly because of dataprotection regulations by the EU or US, in Asian country’s (except China) they are less strict

  45. Banning an EU account leaves WG wide open to claw back on credit card transactions which is the reason they are not actively banning players .

  46. Ionel Dumitrache

    Those who use Tundra are much more. I think that 80% of the server uses Tundra.

  47. I’m proud to say that I found 4 different riggers in the past 12 months and reported them. All of them were banned.

  48. i dont like ths company WG. No openness, no transparency in what they do, so I don’t trust them.

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