Cheaters “BANNED”!? | World of Tanks Illegal Banned Mods, Hacks and Cheats Not To Use

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Cheats, Hacks, Illegal Mods, Forbidden Mods. Which Mods are Not Allowed are Not Legal in World of Tanks and Which Mods are Legal. World of Tanks Banned Mods and Banned Players, Cheaters 2020. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Patch.

► Fair Play Update:
Illegal Mods:
Fair Play Policy:
Amnesty for Banned Players:
Full list of Bans:
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Today let’s talk about one very controversial topic – Cheaters, Hackers, Illegal Mods in World of Tanks. This is part of every single big multiplayer game and World of Tanks is no different. WG hits player base with yet another ban wave and I decided to talk about this topic, letting people know which mods are illegal, where to download legal mods and how many players got banned!

What do you think about Cheating in WoT, is that a big problem?


  1. *Request to WG for the next ban wave… To prove you actually ban them, PLEASE RELEASE THE LIST WITH ALL THE USERNAMES!* What do you think about that, viewers, support it!?
    Once again, helpful articles about this topic – Play Safe, Play Fair my friends:
    ► Illegal Mods:
    ► Mod Hub:
    ► Fair Play Update:
    What is your take on this topic, encounter many “cheaters”?

    • Why people doesn’t use the new comunicate sistem?

    • @Deini M The main point of this video was to inform my audience about those mods and where to download them being safe. This has been one of the most frequently asked question.

    • They will never release the nicknames of the caught cheaters because it’s illegal to release personal information. It’s for the same reason that when you submit a replay of someone ramming you out of position to customer support, they just tell you they take these infractions very seriously, because they can’t tell you whether or not they have banned him/her, since again they can’t release personal information about any account.

      • Account names are not considered “personal information”. Show me where naming and shaming an account name that displays someone’s real name, address, email, etc.

    • @Mili Vanili There wasn’t any amnesty for cheaters.
      It was for players that were spaming,
      Insulting other players or selling account.

    • best vlogger DezGamez,
      i am a big fan of you man👍

  2. I Play Vanilla for over a year. My sec Account in ru got banned for 7 days. They wont give me information on why

  3. They are banning their own bots to boost numbers of ban players 🙂

  4. Best way to hack legally in world of tanks is to spend money

  5. The replay in the back is legal cheating, Chieftain still way too strong

  6. Cheats, hacks mods and so on exists since video games have existed. You’ll never wipe cheats out of games. You might ban billions of cheaters, more and more will try again and again.

  7. Still haven’t fixed pay to win

  8. So far 43 hack users disliked this video 😀

  9. When WG says we have 0 tolerance for cheating, LOL are they jocking then there should be over 1.000.000 accout banned,
    ban all mods that you can use in battel, they are all giving you and advantage, such as knowing you enemy before the game, hp diferance, player stats, and those where you can see how mutch each enemy tank has hp left and so on. that is cheating and meny are using them, you should not be abble to know the enemy before you meet them in battel, because thanks to those mods, in now days gameplay you see 10 tanks camping base in the first 5-7 min.
    if it was up to me i will only allow, mods in the garage, to quicky move crew and equpment.

  10. the game must be to hard for cheaters, cheaters don’t win

  11. So thats the reason theres 20000 player missing yesterday in EU server they are all baned with 1.10 patch! 🙂

  12. WOT players from what i can tell are brainwashed.
    Nobody seems to actually enjoy playing the game and heaven forbid you make even the slightest mistake or you will bombarded with comments during (and after) the battle such as – ‘delete game, uninstall, get cancer, play barbie’ seem to be amongst their favourites.
    I honestly wouldn’t play if the game made me feel that way. Not every player has same skill level or has 5000 battles under their belt and everyone sees game differently so why get angry about it?

  13. Am sure I’ve seen cheat mods me,personally I don’t use any.
    I also have come across 2 friends playing together one letting the other know your position on map to get kills.

  14. Wg have this the wrong way around. There shouldn’t be a list of ILLEGAL mods. There should be a list of LEGAL ones. The former is infinite and constantly changing. The latter is finite and controllable. And they should be submitted for approval and checksumed when the game starts.

    All other mods should be illegal. Frankly, Wg’s attutude to mods has made cheating inevitable and widespread.

  15. MarcStrombs stromb

    they ban me 4 times i m back !


  16. I stopped playing this Game months ago, because of the big percentage of Cheaters. There are much mor cheater in this game than this bann wave shows…..

  17. It’s bad to justify the rng in the aiming circle as being a good thing. If there was no RNG you would easily identify cheaters and a good player could have better games if shots didn’t go to the edge of the circle after aiming 5 seconds at a stationary target. In my opinion the rng only helps WG as players buy more premium ammo to improve the chances of doing damage.

  18. Of course, in this game, some players use illegal mods, how frustrating the game is at certain moments, more experienced players know. . I hope this is not the End. .

  19. Always maintained that ANYTHING that gives you more information and options than other players is cheating. I would include XVM and zoom out mods in that.

  20. I have been anti RNG for years now. Absolutely HATED it……and then Dez mentions that it actually protects us from the cheaters.
    *ME:* Mind: blown.

  21. I am sick of LefH arty players using counting mod. Specialy when you play Bishop and you are on extra-extra special not usuall place and without any spot he will hit you after one shot.

  22. So are my fly hacks illegal?

  23. i have in my 5 years of playing, never encountered a cheater, and if i have they didnt have a impact in the game. the only cheats i think that would make a problem are cheats that show where enemy tanks are, that’s just about it, cause aimbots are worthless in WoT if you need one to hit tanks, you either are sleeping while playing or just dont have arms.

  24. the problem is not new as it goes back to 1998 when the first MMO game came out( unreal tournament) and they got round it as they could ban people while in game by using ACE anti-cheat program as it seach’s the game program for extra cheat mods, LOL do a up date every month that deletes the old program and in stalls the new up dated game and that way it can delete any mods

  25. Interesting everyone is ‘permanently banned’ apart from RU server where they ‘were blocked forever’. Demonstrates a different understanding/belief across the regions.

  26. I got suspended on one of these waves in the past, having only vanilla xvm. Couldn’t get any appeal, wasn’t a great experience. Stopped using any mods ever since.

  27. Dez delete comment again But fact is that wargaming sell ilegal mods!!!!

    • Delete comments? What? I literally NEVER do that. Feel free to post it again, or reply here.

    • @DezGamez Last night i post comment why this bullshit videos when wargaming sell ilegal mods to wot players

    • @Dragan Popeye I never delete comments, that’s a fact. Maybe if you used many bad words in one comment, then YouTube is doing it by itself automatically actually, or hides it. You know, we have a KidsTube in 2020, not YouTube anymore.

  28. The elephant in the room which no one is talking about is the WARPACK which was used by top tier clans.

  29. MrAnonymous Ematz

    well that’s just depressing

  30. First you have pay to win players, then you have hackers. Just implement anti cheat and stop the pay to win.

    Unfortunately the community doesn’t seem to care.

  31. I think that the band accounts was inactive for a long time. Thats why they simple delete them (banned) them.
    I used mod from modhub and still get notified from WG for illegall mods LOL.
    This game make me angry when I played.
    This is not a free game .
    New players have no chance against older players.
    And I get very angry when I loose or win with massive diferend in kills like 15- 2

  32. 37 million russian players 1 out of 1000 is cheating
    EU : 21 million players 1 out 14000 is cheating
    Russia wins again !! WG BIAS !!

  33. IMPO there should be just visual mods, no “zoom out” no XVM or other…

  34. If they fully intend to make it fair, then they need to make a modstation just like World of Warships.
    End of story.

  35. What about all the bot accounts? I think they should be focusing on that as well.

  36. Well we also have player who qq and PMs assuming you aim bot 🤣

  37. WG Ru: Player you got banned For Cheating for ever!
    Player RU: IDC ill go to EU and use ´em again.

  38. I’ve never ran mods and I have a 9k rating just playing casual once twice a week

  39. EBR’S should be Banned,

  40. I hate the instant repair hack, it’s so fcking unfair

  41. should be a Instant Life Time Ban. Tired of these” Little Hands with Little Minds” who think its Fun to Cheat, to Hell with them all. Even some World of Tanks Contributor’s Have been Called out for Using them. Get Rid of these Cheaters and Toxic Game Play.

  42. The Sanity Assassin

    You can Download DezGamez Modpack from MySpace/DezGamez/Does/Not/Use/Mods

  43. If you got a shot in track then ammo rack and another shot in ammo rack or you are set on fire… Probably someone just aimboted you.

  44. I experienced A LOT of cheaters in WoT,shooting trough anything on the map and getting killed in first seconds in match

  45. Aleksandar Milivojevic

    LOL yesterday I run on a guy I guess he was one of the banned one. I looked at Conqueror GC gold spamming around, then I check his stats: 75% VR, ( ??? ) aaaaand 22 battles total!!!! But guy rides already t10 arty!!! First I thought it was a glitch, but this vid explains everything: cheater got banned, he robbed dad’s wallet and pump God knows how much money for a new account. Very very sad…

  46. 7:30 instead wargaming putting mod skins to be downloaded..the better is they will permanently put it on the WoT store those tank skins or in the game store to be purchased by using golds or real money..most players using cheats just to get their 3 Mark of Excellence..wayback in 2012 one of my shopmate using cheat and its the first time i saw cheat in WoT..

  47. Michael Mcdermott

    Did you say E Penis? New on for me

  48. It has to be noted we do not know how effective WGs anti-cheat software is .. NO anit-cheat software is 100% efficient / effective … 🙂

  49. At the start when I was playing really active like 9 years ago, met several hackers. An around the corner kill which isn’t possible and as far as I know aim bots always hit weak spots. It is good to see they are doing something about it and I like to see an IP ban instead of an account ban, because then if they still want to hack they will need to make use of a proxy and pay for it.

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