Cheating in World of Tanks – New Policy!

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World of Tanks – all you need to know about Wargaming’s new fair play policy which aims to combat cheating in World of tanks!

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  1. Finally! Regarding your last point….educating the players..euh..not that
    I am a great player but at least I know the basics ;-)

  2. Asia WG community team is made out of retards. I got banned for a week, for
    using their own damn BA mod. They only check AFTER banning you. They dont
    check the validity BEFORE banning you. Cant wait for this to go belly up

  3. finnally no fucking cheaters on wot gg wot finnaly you weak up

  4. So now we delete xvm?

  5. Is XVM mod illegal?? :U hope not

  6. Thank God NA server is chocked full of modders watching someone have unicum
    type games when they WG ranking is less than 4000 and all their vehicle
    stats are 45% or less you know they have recently installed an illegal mod!
    Bravo WG make people on a level playing field!!

  7. WoT needs to totaly remove all mods of any kind and make the game vanilla
    so it is 1005 fair to all players !

  8. Finnaly

  9. Gusti Firza Afrizal

    Good job WG and fuck you Gaijin

  10. This is awesome! Plain and simple. Don’t cheat=play long and prosper

  11. it’s about damn time

  12. They need to fix frist.. match maker and rng also spoting cheat system who
    f*k you in every match.

  13. RIP

  14. @Quickybaby can we still use your mod pack

  15. It was about time!!!

  16. reload timers should not be an illegal mod.

  17. おもしろ動画ちゃんねる

    well WG still hv to fix something such like
    -retarded MM
    -3 man platoon which is totally unfair to all other players

  18. funniest thing about the biggest cheat in wot….War Pack….to use war
    pack you have to pay a monthly fee, along with having premium
    account….can’t wait to see how this plays out

  19. What’s interesting is that armour marker mods are seemingly legal…
    Shouldn’t they be made illegal too? Why should someone have an easy way to
    know where to shoot a certain vehicle in order to kill it? If you’re not
    going to bother learning the armour profiles of vehicles, you should not be
    allowed to have an easy way out.

  20. yesterday i had a pools medal with my fv201

  21. @Quickybaby, what about tank skins on enemy tanks that show the location of
    Engine / Ammo Rack?

  22. does the “ghost tank” refer to last known position markers on the minimap
    or something else?

  23. is it ok to use a mod that allows me to repair my tracks by pressing one
    button and not a combination of buttons in order to fix it faster?!

  24. About damn time!

  25. I like the idea of fighting cheaters, but I don’t think that is crystal
    clear what is not allowed now.You state (and that is your interpretation of
    what WG says) that aimbots which give a lead or target weak points are not
    allowed. In the German community, almost everyone is of the opinion, that
    it is also illegal to use mods which make locking on a target easier in any
    way (autoaim+: locks on behind houses and increases the “circle” which
    locks the target).It could be that we will see some bans because of
    misinterpretations in the near future. And the fact, that WG stated that
    they won’t tell players why they are banned is very frustrating.I would
    love something like a “certificated by WG” tag for mods, because mods make
    it a better game-experience and WG is also learning from modders. So show a
    little love for their effort and find ways to make the usage of mods a safe
    bet for everyone.

  26. Dimitris Doulianakis

    Wargaming uses last known positions on the minimap!!! I know! I play
    without any mod. Completely Vanilla! Unless “ghosts” is something else…

  27. Could be done very long times ago…

  28. Bout fucking time WG did something about this shit.

  29. Doesn’t XVM have a reload timer?? Is that not legal now??

  30. QB you’re not worried about their stance on feedback? They say if you get
    banned, you may not request information about why or/and what mod get you

  31. what about mod which tell us which enemy tank hit us and how much damage he
    did to us with his reloading time?

  32. This has been long overdue ?

  33. i still think its pretty fucked up you encounter ww2 tanks vs tanks from
    the 80s. id love a ww2 game mode. and how the fuck is a motherland tank vs
    tiger tank fair?

  34. Finally only truly talented people will have good stats.

  35. They should just look trough all mods and include them for those that they
    don’t deem illegal so that its crystal clear that you don’t use any mod
    that isn’t given by war gaming ….. I am only missing that stupid 3d arty
    mod that had better pov …. and they had never put that into consideration
    of the change list …..

  36. Hit skins I reckon give a player an advantage,players should learn vehicle
    weak spots to be effective without using hit skins.

  37. victrix “kung_fu_sloth” Mortalis

    i have 5-6 people that will continue using illegal mods…lets see if and
    when they get banned!!??

  38. It would help a lot to have a list of “good” mods/modpacks

  39. What they also need to do, and you QB is one of the people who should
    contact them about it, is to create an official mod pack download section
    that they are responsible for checking. The reason for this is that people
    are usind mod packs and getting banned as a result of somebody maliciously
    implanting a mod that would trigger a ban is not something unimaginable.

  40. Hey! That video back in March was on my birthday!

  41. Imo that 7 day penalty should reset to normal after a month or two.

  42. Fendi Elyon Ramadhan

    If WG ban all mods…
    Are WG will banned mod like battle_assistant ?
    (I mean mod view 45° for SPG)
    *sorry, my grammar is too bad :(

  43. and now you need to make a new account, if you understand what i say ;)

  44. very well

  45. multiple times we tried to make a tactic that is a bit odd, on the same
    enemy clan

    “Light tanks, get to this side AND SMASH DOWN EVERY TREE and fall back and
    let’s push to the other side”

    what do you know, the whole enemy team rushed the side we knocked down and
    even their TDs, Heavies, the whole enemy team was concentrated and are
    waiting at that side. we rekt them hard.

    and they were one of the best cheating clans who had purples and blues lol

  46. I used
    [0.9.16] Aslain’s XVM Mod + ModPack Installer w/Picture & Sound which is a
    known modpack for a long time now. But this means I have to delete it all,
    or only the illegal options? As it has reload timer on enemy.

  47. Hey guys , what about the XVM ” mod” ? the current one Im using shows the
    reload timers of tanks that hit me.

  48. what about bots? there are so many bots in the game and it seems like they
    are always there….

  49. you say that maybe WG can detect illegal mod use? got my doubts on that. if
    they could detect an illegal mod they could also block the account from
    joining the server. that would be the best result, at least make it harder
    to use illegal mods. finally moving in the right direction!

  50. I just recently updated XVM and with it came a new “insert enemy tank”
    reload timer near the bottom left where your damage received area is.. I
    hope they realize the new rule changes and take it out so we don’t get in
    trouble, lol

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