Cheating in World of Tanks…

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in of

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a online which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Tolakos Green Love

    7:32 , 7:45 hahaha so his name is Dave? 😛 😛 :D

  2. I remember when playing Mechwarrior 3 Online, the game actually gave you
    targeting assist computers. Each tank could mount a target computer or a
    target assist computer. They were heavy, and meant that a 4 mech unit could
    essentially coordinate fire based on each units position. It gave
    RIDICULOUSLY accurate firing suggestions. So much that head shots were
    tactically easy and could clear a map very fast. That system was also up to
    the player to fire within the moving reticle. That system was semi balanced
    for online game play. A bot that just aims for the middle of that reticle
    was just plan horrible. It actually made it a benefit to be lagging, badly.
    Bots would constantly aim in predictably inaccurate locations, as long as
    you were moving.

  3. Nagyon jók vagytok!

  4. Schildrenthrower Schildrenthrower

    But what if.. The replay is messed up and it just seems like a cheat?

  5. Such complicity Quickybaby. I would have thought a person of your
    intelligence would have dealt with this better. People doing these sorts of
    things have the ability to destroy the enjoyment of the game of thousands
    and what, you are worried about him. Poor form mate, get it together.

  6. Finally someone of the WOT youtubers put some interest in this matter,
    there are alot of cheats in this game, this is the less you can find, there
    are lasers that show where you are even if you are not spoted or indicators
    on the map where the enemy is passing, dropping or cracking objets, giving
    the lead or advantage to the cheater, other aimbots are more advanced given
    the player the possibility of shotting at weak and critical places in the
    enemy tank such as ammo rack, engine or fuel tanks.

    I’m against cheats and cheaters, they all must be banned from the game,
    there are rummers about some of the best players of some good clans of
    using cheats and there are rummers of some of this mods being developed by
    game developers to get more money.

    WG have to develop something to prevent ilegal mods, some kind of developer
    keys, only the registered mod developer have a dev key given by WG to
    develop and implement the mod in the game, and only mods with recognized
    dev keys can run in the game, if the key isn´t there the mod is ignored by
    the game and a log with an warning must be sent to WG, like this WG can
    prevent and ban cheaters and cheats from the game.

    Keep up the good work QB i admire you not just in game but by having the
    courage to get this matter out to public, maybe WG lend you some ears an
    stat to take this matter more serious.

  7. Congrats retard QB now many idiots will download this mod… nice
    publicity, wg doesnt do nothing for this mod.

  8. I sent him (gazardiel) a note; he fucking cheater, saw your replay at
    quickybaby, 14 kills with the marder, a lot of people send your replay to
    WOT, guys like you make me sick

  9. I don’t think Mods are needed at all certainly now that WG has there own
    view range circles. So why no let WG install a damage log (like AW also
    has) and maybe the arty mod. XVM…. only if you’re old enough. It would
    solve all these problems in an instant and al it requires is impleting
    already existing mod in their own files.

  10. it happened to me, i wasnt cheating, it felt sooooo good

  11. Quicky i’m using something slithly similiar to this autoaim assistant, what
    i can i say its that its really hard to play a multiplayer game from
    africa. this gives us a a bit more chances when facing opponent from
    Britain or Germany, don’t you think ?

  12. a sad sad player

  13. About when the maus was introduced months ago (before the KV-85) on Xbox
    360 I was on abbey near the centre 1,2 line on the hill where I was in a
    KV-1S with the 122mm there and my shell went straight through the frontal
    armour of a about half health VK 30.01P doing about 400 damage and he said
    I was cheating blocked me and then reported me.

  14. Uber DooberNoober

    One other thing, cheaters / warpackers don’t have to buy premium accounts,
    etc. Their cheater mods do enough for them. So you are putting people in
    the game who piss others off and contribute nothing. Warpack is on ebay is
    selling for about $10.00. Compare that to the cost of a premium account or
    tier 8 premium tank.

  15. My idea is: All mods should be handeld like in a apple-shop-system. mods
    are send to WG, they check it, and than players can load them from the
    WG-Site. The progam must than deny all mods from other sources.

  16. Ursl SuchtdenHasen

    I was not aware that a cheat like this exists. I don´t think insults aren´t
    an appropriate way to deal with this, because they do not lead anywhere. So
    let´s get constructive: After watching the video, I asked myself, how such
    aim bot could be detected?
    As a player I think it is impossible to clearly identify, if a an opponent
    is giving lead correctly, uses an aim bot or is just a lucky person. At
    least I can´t imagine, how to accuse someone without having a replay
    available like the one above.

    Could Wargaming identify such behaviour? First of all, they would have to
    know, if a player used auto-aim whilst shooting or not. I don´t know, if
    this information is observable/traceable for them. But if it is, one could
    calculate with a given speed, direction, distance and “hitable surface” of
    the enemy vehicle, if a shot can hit using auto-aim or not given a
    specified shell velocity and arc. Because depending on the variables
    mentioned above it may be impossible to hit a target with auto-aim.
    If a hit is recorded (and this data is available for WG) and the
    mathematical conditions for a hit are not met, it is obvious the player
    used an aim bot.

    Of course this would require an additional (and quite complex) calculation
    routine running in the game and the variables have to be adjusted to every
    vehicle, . I have no idea about the consequences for the game performance,
    but if they are severe, we need to discuss the advantages of game
    performance vs. a cheat free environment.Or are there other ideas about
    detecting cheats like that?

  17. nice april fools

  18. just another day with wot.. players and their mods lol.. i have no need for
    them myself.. and if you feel you have to cheat to win.. you dont
    understand what playing games is all about

  19. Do you guys not realise, Dave is just a nickname. That’s not his actual
    name. Like Jingles uses Dave when he can’t pronounce a name.

  20. Looking forward to this as arty has been my favorite vehicle lately!

  21. most cheaters dont make it past tier 5. wargamining pulls everyones python
    logs every now and then and if you get reported wargaming will scan your
    python logs.

  22. wot pls DELET his acount ……!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hi QB ! Really good video ! Thanks for telling people and WG that cheat is
    real sometimes.
    You are an important community contributor and this video is gonna make
    some noise !!
    I agree you by saying that learning game mechanics (camoflage, view range,
    bushes technics etc…) is the key to avoid players saying “this is Cheat
    !” always when they get killed without understanding that they have made a
    Nice Work QB !!

  24. This is why I play on Xbox…

  25. Its a bit cheating but its not impossible to win, remember in a game of
    clanwars against some weak clan a player was just damaging players over 500
    m unspotted because he had also a server aimbot but a better one.

  26. i needed 2 min to identify this player.

  27. Nice video as always. If you have the time, it would be good to make a
    video of a few more cheats. Honestly, because of theese mods i sometimes
    feel i give up WoT. You get a new tank. Play it, read of it or watch videos
    of it just to play better. Then a guy comes and drop you out of the match
    with mods like theese. Honestly it would be better just to remove the whole
    res mods folder from the game. Include some of the more usefull mods in the
    game, then the rest can be removed. I don’t have a problem playing with the
    basic game. Of course maybe I’m wrong.

  28. I always knew cheating existed….

  29. How many of us WoT players READ the EULA when clicking I AGREE when even
    the update came?! I have to say there is plenty of measures made to get
    cheaters like this scumbag out of the game. Quickybaby keep on with the
    good work!

  30. Mods don’t work anymore!! Thank you QuickyBaby! Thanks alot, bud! :(

  31. please report him

  32. Aivaras Andrijonas

    How many games has he played? If he has played not a lot, he is unskilled
    player. But still, aimbot cheating is very bad, I am angry for that
    players, who using aimbot.

  33. Im just gonna say, that this is possibly one of the few areas console wot
    has the advantage, as there’s no option to add mods such as aimbots, so the
    gameplay is usually fair, or atlest i think there’s no option…
    But yeah, woo for console for once.

  34. This player should be named, shamed and banned, you have made an example
    without consequences and now people will seek these mods. if you check
    other Youtube tankers you’ll find this is becoming more and more prevalent.
    posting vids which allow anonymity only promotes it as acceptable. you
    think you’re protecting him, when you’re really promoting the cheat and how
    you can use it and get away with using it. This is far more widespread than
    you think. Take a trip to lower tiers a little more often, see what’s
    happening in the trenches. Not everyone has a garage full of tier 10 tanks.

  35. Thx QB total agree it is very childish that people “cheat”

  36. The hardest medal in WoT to get is not 14 kills but 5 SPG kills.

  37. i get a lot of stick in game over my poor stats. but i would sooner have
    honest poor stats then cheating better one

  38. Hi QB, you were too nice to this scumbag. You should reveal the player and
    get him banned immediately for the benefit of other rule abiding players.
    Do it.
    @WG, close this loophole ASAP.

  39. WG needs a mod download section where you can download legal mods to use.
    Put a certificate of authenticity into the file and give ONE warning to
    those using illegal mods before banning them. If someone does create a mod
    they send it to WG to be approved and then add to the mod section.

  40. cheating is very easy, I know a website which gathers all illegal modpacks.
    I’m not gonna put the link here for obvious reasons

  41. @5:20 “reticle is right position while he aims straight ahead”: I would
    think that this is a replay bug. Have seen that in my own replays as well
    (not very often, but it happens) and I – for sure – have no such aim bot ;)

  42. Which has more cheaters? WOT or WT? I prefer War Thunder because it seems
    to has less appeal for the kind of non-entities that like cheating in MP
    games, children in other words.

  43. i think thats autoaim mode of the bot “cyber tank”

  44. I was using one of these mods without knowing it was not allowed. And i got
    my account banned, i was so fucking mad because i have spent over $900 into
    the account and now i cant access it. Fuck you wargaming

  45. i stoped playing that 3 months ago, and i was alawyas suspicious about
    cheats on that game, my clan mates told that im crazy. Well now my doubts
    its seems real

  46. free gold and free credits (and ,and,and ) = cheat for you QB

  47. I have fake accounts that pass as ”MEAT SHEILD” for my real account i
    allready managed to get to tier X from tier V in 300 games the true thing
    why people are cheating is because this game is too hard and some people
    dont have the time to play it so they cheat so they get the satisfaction of
    winning the game is that so wrong?

  48. hmm QB I think wargaming might like the grey area of the mods illegal and
    legal because they can use it as a advantage well its their game I’m not
    doing any illegal WOT stuff not my style

  49. I don’t want him named just reported to wg let them deal with it ,I am new
    to the game less than 5k battles but try my hardest to learn map tactics
    tank tactics and just think it’s a kick in majesticles when people cheat no
    need to name and shame just inform wg .

  50. QB we need your updated mod pack!!

  51. gazardiel is the name of the player

  52. I know players from FAME clan using cheats even more accurate then
    this…I’m not joking

  53. Well actually mods/cheat mods was one of reason I moved to Xbox. There are
    no mods, everybody has same chance.

  54. Sadly I know a small number of people who use mods like this and it really
    frustrates me. They’re good players with good knowledge of the maps and
    game mechanics, but they still feel the need to use aim assist mods while
    not quite as advanced as this are non the less giving them a small
    advantage over the average player. I keep trying to convince them not to
    use them but not much luck so far.

    When I started playing WoT I myself installed a aim assist mod not
    realising how detrimental it was to gameplay. I even found that it wasn’t
    even reliable so just went pretty much stock just running XVM and Battle
    Assist with my SPG’s and still play like that today. I’ve learnt the weak
    spots of tanks and gotten familiar with shell velocities so I can
    accurately lead targets (it’s why I love my AMX 30 1er so much lightning
    fast shells!).

    So in short, don’t use mods like this. You’re only making the awesome games
    you have slightly hollow victories because inside you know it wasn’t
    completely down to your own skill as a player but because you have certain
    mods installed.

  55. I have watched this before you made it private but ain’t gonna say

  56. fifa :’)

  57. what about a mod that “auto aim’s” like in WOT Blitz? whats everyone’s take
    on that?

  58. Is it legal to have a mod installed which makes the autoaim hitbox bigger
    so I can autoaim though Buildings?


  60. Blanket ban…….VPA Asia Server

  61. Happy 1st April! Discover SnoopaVision and all the joys that come with it!

  62. thanks for the video QB.. it shows that many dont even understand what
    cheating is, and i recon this player doesnt. but ive been sniped from 500
    plus meters from is2 tanks. WG need to do something cause the players that
    play the game purely based on skill are getting over the cheats

  63. Probably not relevant but as of the latest patch I no longer get audio cues
    in game when I auto aim.

    I wish Wargaming would ban all mods and actually work on improving the UI
    themselves, there are allot of dubious mods out there.

  64. HEY!!! The XVM doesn’t work with the new update of WoT, any reason? please,
    help me.

  65. Artūrs Liepiņš

    I am seen there aim assist cheats that aim excetly on target, but never on
    the moving targets that aim on the led and that cheat is more bigger than i
    ever seen, but those cheats recorded even in 2013 soo this is not news :/

  66. Harrison Rawlinson

    Ive heard about these mods, during a clan wars battle, I was driving across
    the island on mines and there was a Cromwell on the hill. He managed to hit
    me everytime even though I was doing 60kph + , maybe he was a very good
    player who had spent thousands of games learning how to lead and and aim
    properly but pherhaps he was using an aimbot. It could be either but I
    think that aimbots need dealing with because they can turn an ok player
    into a statistically good player with no extra work put in.

  67. I was accuse of using a aim-boat but the funny is that i am using a macbook
    pro…. i cant even run the game properly and I cant even use the HD
    because my game crashes

  68. The sad thing is that now that this has been revealed, It will become more
    prevalent in-game.

  69. Don’t need use a mod you guest real skill to be better like me I play 4K
    game on world of tanks I never get 14kills

  70. just another one of the reasons I stopped playing the game….

  71. Mods should be banned. It’s not fair to the players who maybe don’t have a
    puter that can handle them or just don’t know about them. A damage log
    seems harmless but everybody should have access to this. It’s great that
    wot has been putting in things like last spotted, view range, etc. and I
    hope they keep it up. Everybody should see the same game.

  72. yesterday i get oneshot in a m3lee by a amx 40 with ap and no ammorack or

  73. I like the position you have taken on this quickybaby, it is quite easy to
    cheat without knowing it given custom modpack builders such as OMC or
    Aslans, I can forgive unconscious cheating

  74. this guy probably knows that it’s an illegal mod, but he probably didn’t
    know it would be visible on the replay

  75. Geez have you guys even seen the S.E.A. (Asian) server its full of cheating
    tools…. which makes my results even better when I think about it. I can
    hold my head high given I don’t cheat , I get a buzz out of pulling off the
    odd killer shot. Remember its just a game if you can’t handle it play
    something else.

  76. please QB dont act like you dont know that WoT are many cheats (mods)
    possible….MODS AND CHEATS ARE THE SAME….WG is stupid with his MOD
    and BTW WG dont notice this kind of MOD ….impossible for them to detect

  77. ‘Raising awareness’ sounds noble and all, but what can us viewers actually
    do about it?

  78. many “legal” mods are dubios to use aswell……

  79. You know QB, I think the guy playing the Obj. 260 replay you uploaded with
    over 10k dmg is also a cheater. He used the warpack mod where the map shows
    you if something got destroyed or knocked over on the map. That is why he
    knew he had to reposition fast at the beginning even though almost no tanks
    were spotted and that’s why he knew the direction in which the arty went at
    the end. It’s not as obvious as in this replay, because if you dont have
    that mod it won’t show on the replay, but I tried it for a short while and
    then deleted it because I felt bad about using it.

  80. No QB , you should reveal the name …. he deserve to get banned even if he
    played the Marder … the EULA of WoT says clear that you are not allowed
    to use cheats and since he is using that mod he deserve the punish. This
    guy it not the only one who use AIM-BOT … i have several games with
    people using AIM-BOT and i have report them sending videos to WoT admins.
    It not fair for all of us who played tones of hours and struggle to advance
    and find people like that who use aim-bots. I am not saying all should be
    banned for using MODS but atleast those who use AIM-BOTS deserve to be

  81. This aimbot is just a small part of a whole Iceberg of mods that should not
    be allowed and this one is not even the worst. They cannot track it and if
    they do – people will find way to ommit it so the only way is to ban all
    modifications (remove res_mods forever) and just implement in game what
    e.g. community will decide they want to have (e.g. dmg panel, zoom out).
    Now – why WG will not ban players for using “mods that give unfiar
    advantage” is because they would probably need to ban over 30% of
    playerbase because almost every mod gives some advantage if you are capable
    of concluding right information.

  82. I’ll admit, I’ve tried an aimbot mod for about a week very long ago, just
    so see what everyone was moaning about. I can see how it benefits very poor
    players, but even moderately skilled players like me wouldn’t get nearly as
    much benefit from it and I found it very annoying in some cases. These
    aimbots don’t just lock onto a moving enemy and adjust for their speed,
    they sometimes take over your gun completely and you have no control of
    what target you’re shooting at.
    Very good for really poor players at low tiers, but moderately skilled and
    mid to late tiers, more of a detriment than a hack outside of very very
    very specific cases.

  83. i dont know why, but i reallu want to hit that cheater. cheating is just
    the most pathetic thing you can ever do in a game. i dont give a ********
    about his account, he just must be banned, no doubts.

  84. Stephen Tartenpion

    Franchement, c’est degueulasse cette possibilité de tricher ! Ce jeux est
    un moment de detente aprés le travail pour moi et avoir a faire des parties
    avec ce genre d’individus tricheurs, ce n’est pas de la detente mais de
    l’énervement. Bravo encore a toi Monsieur QuickyBaby pour avoir denoncé ce
    genre de pratique. Tes replay sont au top !

  85. Play a game that doesn’t pursue mods of any kind and autobans anything that
    modifies the game. Planetside 2 or Mechwarrior Online.

  86. QB it is great that you finally took the red pill and tumbled down the
    rabbit hole… now its time to do some Neo shit…

  87. This is exactly why Wargaming needs to take action against these kind of
    mods. This ruins the game. I decided to stop playing WOT and started
    playing Armored Warfare

  88. It really isnt hard to do all that yourself and not use a cheat mod. I lead
    shots and nail them all the time in WoT. Just gotta practice.

  89. AimBot mod auto aim enemy tanks, look for weak spots, and auto leads. This
    AimBot uses AimBot-Shaytan engine

    What really is AutoAim? AimBot is advanced aiming system for people want to
    cheat or want to learn the weak spots on tanks. This aimbot auto aim system
    will help you learn where to shoot tanks and their weak spots. It is
    something like tank on autopilot you point your gun around target and right
    click it, bot will take over your aiming and try to find weake spots on
    tank then all you need to do is shoot.

    Advantages and disadvantages of using AimBot system First of all you are
    risking to get banned from the game and losing your account. Second is if
    you rely only on aimbot you probably will never learn to play and enjoy the
    game by your self. If you really want to use this mod then use it in
    training with your friends to see where aimbot aims and leads in front of
    target learn from that, later on you can do it by yourself in real battle.
    Do you want to learn how to play?

  90. Deffently a lead mode 🙁 .TDS.

  91. Most of the stuff that’s in the mods QB uses himself also help you gain a
    (unfair) advantage over people that play the game ‘stock’, arguably even
    more so then this basic “aimbot” does.. I mean stuff like last known
    positions on the minimap and seeing spotting and view ranges etc.. Extra
    tactical information like that is more important to do well in this game
    then help from some aimbot imho..

    The use of mods in WG games is so widespread and common that I would not be
    surprised at all if this person has no clue if it is illegal or not.. Is
    there even a clear statement somewhere from WG that explains which mods are
    allowed and which are not? Have there ever been players banned for using
    illegal mods?

    Personally I do not play WoT anymore (did play it from 2011 to last year
    and did pretty well with a 58% WR and close to 2000 WN8 rating), but I
    still do play some World of Warships and in that game many people use mods
    aswell that help them aim better etc (I do not, I play the game stock)..
    All questionable stuff that WG keeps allowing in their games..

  92. QB, it’s nice to know about that aimbot mod, as I actually was looking
    at possibly getting it at one time but now that you’ve put up this video on
    it I’m not even gonna risk it, awesome video man.

  93. Now I understand many things… Thanks QB, reading the comments we also
    have the name of the cheater; if I’ll meet him (difficult but possible) I
    will report him for sure.

  94. Northafrican Dude

    I would strongly suggest you to make your WG EU buddies see this video as
    according to them “Aim assistant mod” is not a banable mod nor is the
    “destruction” mod .

  95. how is cheating fun? i dont get it

  96. Hi and thank you for showing this. What surprised me is that you’ve been
    playing this game for years and only now realize this? If it has a line of
    code you can create a line of cheats. Either we all have access to this
    crap or none of us have access to it. So many of these rerolls are
    aimboting it make the game no fun at all.

  97. Quickybaby if you think this is cheating look up Warpack. It’s even worse

  98. Dakota Cappaurcci

    Gold spamming seal clubbing and still shit stats… Boi

  99. A person in an O-Ho said i was using warpack because i set someone on fire,
    then ammo racked someone, and then set him on fire with 3 shots in my Rhm.
    Borsig…… he reported me and said he would show the video to
    Wargaming…… its been many months and I’m still here setting stuff on
    fire with my big bad german guns. =P

  100. can you do a video about is 8-ball?

  101. Dave is the name QuickyBaby made up for the player.Gazadiel is his real
    name.Have at him Wargaming and players.

  102. i, personally, would be okay with vanilla, but i am convert from consoles,
    so i was already used to it :P

  103. in Amored Warfare the damage and hitlog are already in the game , so WG can
    do that to.i use the OMC mods for them and my garage carrousel .i have 209
    tanks.The last two days ( Easter hollidays) i used more healt and repair
    kits then i do in a week so thats very strange isn’t it.I think they use
    these kind of cheats to make their stats better at low tier games so they
    have a good winrate and a high personal rating so they can join top clans
    to get themselves premium gift tanks ( thats my opinion )It can only be
    helped if WG has his own legal mods.

  104. meh….. just your average 13 year old player on ASIA server

  105. Meanwhile Wargaming refuse to ban Warpack which is the biggest cheat there
    is. It’s even found to be used widely in clan wars for some servers.

  106. Do you know a man, who was banned and reason was cheating?Try to contact
    wot, that you have a evidence about cheating. Wot answer is automatically
    generated message about nothing.

  107. I heard theres a mod that makes the circle, from what distance You can see
    other tanks, around the whole map.
    Thats annoying, getting hitted from other side of the map.

  108. XVM is sorta a cheating mod. Sorta isn’t strong of a word but when there’s
    a SPG platoon with XVM mod, he/she will use that advantage to target the
    strongest player in the match. I have no proof of this claim but if I were
    to uses that mod, I would do the same but it doesn’t work out that much in
    the end when your allies is dying too fast and the game is completely over.
    Or I can out smart the SPG in which I AM a SPG player that know them inside

    Especially seeing chat non-stop whining about arty hitting them or being
    in the Match and therefore we’re to be called “cancer” or to get Cancer. I
    got one last night when he wishes me and my family to be rape and have AID.
    Now tell me, who the real assholes here?

  109. you act smarter than you are, and you’re mispronouncing the waffenträger
    auf e 100. w’s in german 99% of the time have a “v” sound.

  110. why people even want to cheat? Play game is about fun……

  111. i hope WG remove all mods

  112. if i have a mod that allows me to autoaim onto opponents through walls is
    that cheating?

  113. Radecloud123 gaming

    Qb is right this player might have thought that it was fine to use this mod
    and he might be a new player as well.

  114. I’m glad I play on console!

  115. All report “gazardiel” player. Thank You in advance.

  116. Burningwithecstasy

    game that allows mods has cheats? shocker.

  117. I remember Jingles put up a video of an ISU152 a while ago that was using
    an aimbot. I dont think he even noticed, I and many others pointed it out
    in comments but he never replied.

    Such a shame low life scum feel the need to use an aimbot, this guy would
    never have pulled off this carry without it.

  118. I searched dave.. He doesnt have a marder 38t you liar

  119. Aslains modpack has this mod in it. It’s not an aim bot. It is automatic
    auto aim that uses the server reticle and matches it with the server

  120. TBH its not hard to aim without aimbot anyway and this is quite a small
    buff, not that im saying its right but i think things like removing trees
    and changing tanks textures to show weak spots is a much more OP hack,

  121. The existence of this kind of cheating makes want to quit WoT, cheating is
    the main reason I quit a lot of MMO, is there anyone else feel the same?

  122. show the guys name.WoT bans, you have to be kidding, only continued shame
    will stop this

  123. Ok for informing me about that illegal thing in the world of tanks I won’t
    use it anymore thank you

  124. you should report him so he. Can be punished

  125. How naïve. With all the videos posted showing clear aimbot use including
    ones designed for arty .. and QB didn’t think they really existed. Wow.
    And as for the person using this, they KNOW they are cheating. That’s why
    their win percentage is high enough to give them that yellow color People
    who use cheats like this KNOW it is a cheat but all they care about is
    winning and then being able to lie to other players to say how superior
    they are.

  126. hook me up with Dave i need his modpack 🙂 only kidding WG but fix the game

  127. Honestly a good player can do all this himself and maybe it’s a better
    thing to have less tomato, the game could be more fun… I don’t find it to
    fun to farm up thousands and thousands of damage on tomatoes

  128. Tao Kaka (Randomness Iz Best)

    I respect your points and reason for not displaying the players name but
    he’s still a cheating scum bag to me.

  129. I see what you are talking about, but I think it is a bug or some type of
    replay speed bug.

  130. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci


  131. QuickyBaby u cannot be this “green”, everybody knows these cheats and if u
    know how to write google search, u find these instanly, just try: Gox or
    Plazmakeks and behold, u are in cheaters heaven…..

  132. It sounds like this cheating mod is not used all that often. I rarely
    experience players who get such wild kill streaks. It would form too
    obvious of a pattern from game to game for Wargaming to pickup. Even the
    very best players with the most buffed crews end up with bad days. If mods
    like this were actually used often than it would make good business sense
    for Wargaming to implement a blanket ban. It’s not too uncommon for a
    player to get really lucky one game out of a dozen if he is really good but
    a near continuous kill streak from battle to battle would raise a red flag.

  133. This is why I don’t understand why WG allows mods in MMO games. It’s
    bizarre as in my MMO experience for almost 15 years, I’ve never see any
    devs/pubs to allow mods UNTIL WoT. It basically “opens” a way for
    cheating/hack that could hide behind “legal” modification blanket policy. I
    understand that modding is common for single-player games or games that is
    not necessarily MMO (ex : Minecraft), but not for MMOs like WoT. Especially
    if THAT MMO falls in competitive gameplay such as WoT/WT/AW to allow mods.
    And since we’re talking about WoT, might as well taking examples from WT
    and AW too. And them, being vehicular combat too, did not allow mods in
    terms of game functionality. WT did allow users to use 3rd party skin for
    their tank, but that was cosmetic one, and nah I didn’t have anything
    against it.

    Alas, it really really makes me feel like “wth” when I play WoT and then
    knowing that WG allows mod for their game. Sure, there are quite a lot of
    good mods that improves HUD element that is missing in WoT (AW knows this
    and makes it as their built-in HUD elements) but on the long run, being
    famous as it is, WG mod policy will draw more and more malicious mods. And
    this video isn’t surprising for me, as I know this kind of day will surely
    comes with mod policy they have. I hope that WG could take actions with
    their mod policy, either working hard to filter all of the mods (or perhaps
    absorb useful mods into their game elements such as damage panels n
    things), or might as well disallowed uses of mods at all.

  134. so wheres the download link?

  135. im sorry but your comments about not knowing about cheats is horse shit

  136. QuickyBaby, I have the Odemmortis modpack and I noticed something weird
    about it after the new update…….I can actually auto aim on targets even
    if they are behind buildings, ridges or even stones. Could you comment on
    that? Have you ever seen anything like that before? Everyone is welcome to
    comment on this matter. I am an honorable player and I have no intentions
    to ever cheat on WoT because I prefer having the fun instead of cheating
    and taking the fun out of it.

    OBS! I uploaded a video on your replays. T28 prototype replay. Look at the
    time, 9.43 of that game as an example of how I manage to auto aim on that
    IS as soon as he pulls back behind a building. The uploading of the video
    was earlier today and it’s just a coincidence that I am commenting here
    about the auto aim. The whole point of that video is how I kill that poor
    bulldog with blind shot.

  137. btw already know who the guy is not gonna post it here but ya know if you
    know where to look u will find it

    37000 battles yes this person knew that it was a cheat

  138. Ultimate April Fools suggestion…. High speed TOG’s….

    Just one day.. Let the TOG Go 50kph!! That would be funny.

  139. I thought Wargaming had already banned all mods

  140. r-r-r-rev up those grease fryers because I sure am hungry!

  141. insane, I hd vertigo jst watching lol

  142. best way to deal with it is to open a ticket and let WG deal with it.
    Making a video is stupid of you, it only tells the scrubs ohhh there are
    aimbots available ill get me one of those. You can rant about how wrong it
    is untilyou are blue in the face, they wont care. I play on the Asia server
    and there are full clans running these mods, do Wg do anything? nope. The
    Viets have been doing dodgy things for ages. I am surprised at how shocked
    you seem to be honest.

  143. I thought there was something called warpack mod which was several hundred

  144. As of banning all mods it can be quite convenient if WG would just
    implement those you mentioned QB as default ones.

  145. i really thought it was a joke… until now O_O’ Its not even fun. I hope
    they can do something about it soon… otherwise it only will get worse :/

  146. QB awakens! Hurray!
    Seriously – this subject is known for a LONG time. A lot of examples on YT.
    High tiers too.

  147. People use it won’t get banned as I reported so many times to WG, and they
    just don’t give a f__ as they kept saying it was legal to use the data
    given by server. They said it was not considered cheating unless they were
    able to change the data on server.(((I gave up reporting a year ago, so the
    reply from WG might be outdated.

  148. QB this is going on for years now, WG r real scumbags for not trying
    to stop these mods. I am no programmer but I doubt it will hard to release
    patch that scan ur wot res_mod folder before launching the game(correct me
    if I am wrong)

  149. well warpack kids are one of the bigger reasons why i stopped playing this
    fuckheap of a game….. and you think this aimbot gives you an advantage?
    read deeper into the stuff some of these “modders” are developing, believe
    me you gonna throw up if you look at it and consider this being used in
    clanmatches/competitive gameplay.

  150. billiNUDGEl EXHAUST

    This is the norm on the SEA server, med to top tier clans have target goals
    that members have to adhere to, as not all players are equal a large
    percentage have to play with Aimbot, Trace bots or full on warpac if they
    wish to comply with clan rules and get their share of gold each week. I and
    many other players that have never used any mods other than XVM etc are
    regarded as noobs even after 20k plus games as our stats against such
    unfair odds are not the best.
    WOT SEA has removed the reporting system from the server and even with
    sending full replays with evidence to the tech’s of the cheating nothing is
    ever done. We are still waiting for a response to 1 replay were impossible
    shots from a very low tier tank took out half a team without so much as
    taking a return shot (4 months and still waiting).
    Some players have even been known to gloat in game chat about the latest
    cheat mod they are running and even with this self admission from
    individuals nothing is ever done.

  151. Dude… QB… Just go check out “Gox hackpack for skill”, the ammount of
    cheats available for free is scary.. aimbot, lasers, tundra mods, red dot
    (shows where arty is after it fires), minimap indicator when someone
    destroys something on the map, and the list goes on.. worst part is, its
    widely used in CW and SH, especially that destruction mod.. u try to make a
    fake push but your main force destroys a fence or a car on the map and they
    know what u plan.. wg really needs to do smth about that

  152. This is why i stopped playing WOT

  153. how many shot did he land without fully aim at his targetÉ

  154. Some guy raged at me cause I shot through his room of the ISU152 with the
    Jagdtiger 8.8 even though he was stuck climbing a hill

  155. First lets define what cheat is. EVERY modification to the game that gives
    user advantage over others who dont have it is cheat by definition. Legal
    or not it is cheat. I have seen quite a few games on this very channel
    where our host chose target and/or action based on information he got from
    XVM. So way this is any different? Cheating in situation that dont impact
    players aim ability is ok, but versa isnt? Imho system should be changed
    not to allow any mods.

    When I started to play WOT, skin mods with marked aim spots, high zoom,
    arty 3rd person view, minimap view circles, player looking direction on
    minimap, arty tracers, reload timers, shrink impact directional arrows,
    clear to be shot notification, received dmg (gun information), turret
    information, wallhack, destroyed object minimap notification etc. ware
    considered illegal. As time passed some of these things ware incorporated
    into game, and some even got best mod awards directly from WG!

    So until WG steps fw and defines what kind of cheating is acceptable to
    their game and what is not – everything is equally cheating by definition
    and “fine” to be used. It is very hipocritical for one cheater to blame
    other cheater on using cheats simply because blamed player cheats are
    giving better advantage than his own does. Cheat is cheat – period.

  156. I disagree about not putting this players name out. He may very well have
    cheated and thought no one would notice.
    Send it to wargamming. This kind of advantage makes the WoT experience
    worse for everyone.

  157. I think there are mods which predict the positions of players on the enemy
    team based on destructible terrain. Massively OP when combined with arty.

  158. 1000 Subs with no Videos

    Its not even worth it i could do all that with my bare hands , yes there is
    an advantage , but its not worth it

  159. Nice video once again, but not news for me, cause in well aware that we got
    a phew players out there using that kind of mod, including “warpacks”. I
    realy like WOT, but all this 3rd parties mods are just poluate the
    experience of the game, i personaly want that, like they are doing on
    recents updates, WG only authorise their own mods realy, cause in thi end
    if we continue like this, it’s jsut gonna kill this game at the end.

  160. Quick FYI, it’s against the rules or not against the rules. Legal and
    Illegal are to do with law, not rules and terms of service of a game.

  161. I was in this game… i already sent the video to WG since i record all my

  162. i got a replay like this in bastion with auto-aiming ws 🙂
    Noob and retard cheater are in all game..

  163. JubJub Doowalawala

    Another mod that I know of (which I won’t name) is very common with many
    skilled players and re rollers. This mod allows you to track and damage
    modules repeatedly. The suspicious part about this mod is that you need a
    premium account to use it, which means war gaming must know of this or they
    , are bribed so hard they don’t give a crap which is sad. Not only this but
    this will discourage many skilled and newbie players to play. I have also
    noticed this mod is very popular at tier 10 as well which is even more
    worrying as tier 10 is meant to be, the skilful end of the line for
    players, not the cheat fest.

  164. is it me or is quickybabys videos now playing really laggy and twitchy…..

  165. Quick start a witch hunt

  166. There is so much more to it than just auto aim with built in lead. Aimbots
    can aim for weak spots. Broken destructibles mods ping your minimap when
    something gets run over by a tank. Laser mods show where all spotted
    enemies are pointing their guns. There are OTM reload timers that show the
    other guy’s actual reload time (with crew skills, equipment, consumables,
    etc.), and count it down for you. I rarely assume anyone is cheating; there
    are usually lots of alternative explanations when someone does extremely
    well, or just gets lucky. But the cheats are out there, and sometimes you
    have to wonder. Like the guy in the Type 59 who was peekabooming me in my
    Super P and penning every shot, frontally, with AP rounds and no aiming.
    That made me wonder.

  167. yay QB discovering America

  168. Its not bannable. In an interview with RitaGamer a WG employee referred to
    it as little more than “advanced autoaim”

  169. Robert Lee Johnson

    It wasn’t hard to track down this vid…dudes account is no longer.

  170. Awesome video! Confirms that there are a few ‘genuine scumbags’ who play
    this game, thanks!

  171. It would be interesting to have this cheat then have somehting that is
    using the tank inspector things that has the hit model so where ammo racks
    are engine hitbox ect plus live calculations of angle armor thickness weak
    spots (hatches, engine ammo rack ect) and decides where to aim on a target
    for maximum damage with those calculations plus a really good Ai script.
    OMG that would be amazing

  172. The guy name is Witch Hunt


  173. Hopefully you are reporting him. Cheating is cheating.

  174. Seen this aim bot displayed in other videos, so it isn’t all that new to
    me. Now I see it here as well, makes me wonder how many times i have been
    killed care of this mod :

  175. Abdulhameed Ahmad

    all cheatting mods are there

  176. I have never cheated and wouldn’t do it ever. Sometimes I am just bad at
    some games but that’s no reason for me to cheat. But some people want to
    have achievements for free like class mates in the hardest math test during
    University…. I think it is mostly a reason because of a small penis or
    ego ;)

  177. Here’s a suggestion to WG: Why not develope your own mods as an in game
    option or source of income. Having a few more recticles (Like J1mbos. Prob
    most downloaded mod of all time) would be convenient. Also, has anyone seen
    the Miku hangar? I would gladly pay real money for something crafted so
    well. There’s an opportunity here for WG to improve the player experience
    and make revenue.

  178. This is just 1 of the unfortunately long list of cheats out there. Recently
    this mod was brought to the attention of WotEU and they claimed it was a
    legal mod but then they banned the player using it for 7 days. I guess they
    say its illegal now. But there are also cheats that Show you on the map
    where the arty are shooting from, their exact position. There is also a mod
    that shows you on the mini map every time someone breaks an object on the
    map, so you can know exactly where the enemy is without even seeing them.
    There are tons more like this, and WG could put to use a good anti-cheat
    system like punkbuster or hackshield. Though, even those aren’t that great.

  179. I hope you let the player know to delete all the mods…… fair play
    Quicky that you kept the name out of it.

  180. Wow quicky baby I did not know that there was such thing as aim bot

  181. Not naming the player means they get away with it over and over….

  182. whats the fun of the game then.. so retarded

  183. Oliver Entwisle (RevilO501)

    gazardiel is the name that you all seek, don’t ask how I know

  184. omg there is no more respect for marksmanship skills… no adays noobs can
    play like unicums… what a shame

    IDK a lovable person?….yea take that you person

  186. WARTHUNDER is ripe with auto aim bot’s. its almost pointless to try and
    play legit. its just non stop auto death 1 hit kills at max range every
    game theres 1 of them but it completely breaks the game as bad as i’v ever
    seen. unless you pay for everything and play it co-op with your m8’s but
    thats it. as for free players if your playing warthunder for free… cheat
    why not? people pay $ to max their crew skill, not by playing or skill just
    for money. so why not use the aim bots? your not paying and all it does is
    break the game for players. Troll factor favors the free cheater. in war
    thunder. but since in world of tanks Time and games = crew skill you would
    be Retarded to jeopardize all your time and effort.

  187. There is also mods that predict where enemies are moving by giving you map
    notifications of where trees and other destructible objects have been
    knocked down or destroyed.

  188. You should reveal he’s name so he can get banned and start a new account
    with medals of he’s own. Besides, he most likely just started playing, so
    he’ll learn start another account and move on. Now he’s got the best medal
    in the game and he will most likely not uninstall the Mod, thanks QB =_=

  189. How is that fun? Just right clicking and firing the gun. That’s one of the
    most fun and challenging parts of WoT, aiming for weekspots, modules, and
    so on.

  190. His name is Dave! Get him!

  191. Think about it guys if you legitimately had no idea that it was illegal
    then your account suddenly got banned I would be pretty annoyed. Hats off
    to you QB for not giving the chaps name away. You’re a proper English
    gentleman ;)

  192. He didn’t even seem to really be that op.

  193. The only time I think ive seen cheating, is when a scorpion rammed me in my
    pershing for 500dmg and the scorpion took 20dmg, but I think it was just
    him using some good skills and equipment or something

  194. I wouldn’t say I’m upset with this guy for hacking, and thank you very much
    for sharing! I was unaware hacking in WoT was a real thing after what I’ve
    seen in other games, so I found this really useful how to spot an aimbot.
    I’m still don’t quite understand how much control the mod had over his
    gameplay but he seemed relatively experienced with the game even though he
    wasn’t playing entirely legit.

  195. ‫دونالد ورقة رابحة‬‎

    I have these mods, they are awesome :^)

  196. The evil of online competitive gaming someone will find a way to cheat. I
    don’t play WOT not anymore since it got to the point you had to throw money
    at the game to have a good time. I play Armored Warfare quite a bit and the
    most insulting thing on that game is when someone is using a bot to fight
    other bots which is more pathetic than using them against other players.
    Seriously people if you have to cheat to go against AI you should just quit
    at gaming since you have no talent. I you cheat at games like GTA good for
    you but when other people are involved play fairly.

  197. there is people on twitch that state they are using warpack…. You need to
    see those. THAT is cheating. This auto aim this kid is using is not
    cheating compared to warpack

  198. my understanding is that it aimbot aims at weakspots rather than centre
    mass. (found from watching youtube vid on subject- i don’t use mods)

  199. Uber DooberNoober

    Yes, WG could implement systems or just ban all mods and everyone plays on
    a level field.

  200. 7:33 his name is dave, he also says “he” alot.

  201. Uber DooberNoober

    All mods give you an advantage.

  202. Is named RED BOT mod. i was received 2 ammo rack same game several times
    for this bot….. is inculded in warpack tooo… :(

  203. How I active hit and total?

  204. Uber DooberNoober

    I btw, believe in a mod free game and think xvm stats are quite toxic.

  205. Uber DooberNoober

    you didn’t think there were cheats. there is a guy selling warpack on ebay,
    has been for months.

  206. I’ve been a competitive online gamer since the late 1990s, some 19 years
    now. This is not at all surprising Looks just like the very first aimbots I
    came across in the old Quake series of games. Then they hit Counter-Strike
    soon as it was released. Got so bad most esports leagues back then wouldn’t
    even accept player entry via online competition, everything had to be done
    in-person, in a LAN tournament. Even then, one player snuck in a white
    hit-box cheat mod on their computer in a Quake II tournament. Spectators
    with a view of his screen stepped forward and reported that. Then no
    personal computers allowed in tournaments, all equipment started being
    provided, which then hurt endorsement deals.

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 19 years of online gaming, it’s
    this. If the game has a scoreboard then players will go to every extreme in
    order to hack, crack, mod, break, manipulate, exploit and generally
    manipulate the system to their advantage in order to get the score they
    want. And, of course, it’s been happening in World of Tanks from day one.
    Just nobody would admit to it. The proof has been there. Thankfully a
    player who had no idea it was a cheat foolishly submitted it so that we can
    know for 100%.

    I used to test all manner of cheats back in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
    But got tired of it because there was no compensation, little reward and
    being labeled a snitch by the gaming community. Even gaming companies took
    offense because then they were forced to admit they had vulnerabilities in
    their software which would then be publicly embarrassing if revealed. In
    the end, it was harder to end cheating than it was to catch them.
    Thankfully there have been some companies that have since become more
    proactive. Those being companies like Valve, Blizzard and Reloaded
    Productions aka Gamers First.

    Speaking of Gamers First and Reloaded Productions. You see many of these
    same cheats in their MMO named APB Reloaded. Great game, fun to play,
    plagued by rampant bots and other cheats. And the interesting part, QB? The
    defiant statement you made along the lines of “I got called a cheat, that’s
    a compliment of just being good.” That’s the #1 repeated line by actual
    cheats in APB, WoT, Quakes, Unreals, CS, LoL, WoW, name the game, their
    playerbase has heard it. It’s a statement of denial. Denial that cheating
    exists, denial that anyone would dare to stoop to such in the game they so
    love, denial that they are even using a cheat or something questionable.

    But I’m glad people are waking up, FINALLY. I’ve known about it for years.
    And heck, even some in my clan refused to believe it. Even when I showed
    them videos of blatant warpack users who were using the turret direction
    indicator on minimap in order to know where my gun was aiming. That’s
    another very common mod that many people don’t know is a cheat.

  207. I don’t even use XVM because knowing who the best players on the enemy team
    are feels like a cheat. What’s the point of cheating like this in a game?
    Anything you accomplish isn’t real.

  208. bad video because now all want that cheat … noobs l2p

  209. When I bounce a TD tier X shell with my STA-2, some people call me cheater,
    but I’m just a lucky bastard xD

  210. If anyone wants to find his name, search for replays on the site that have
    one of the other players in this game in the results. It is likely that one
    of the other 29 players uploaded a replay of this because of how it ended.
    If you find the result screen, the you could see the name of the marder

  211. completely agree, I would be happy if you could report this guy to WG if we
    can’t – the community has been putting up with these scumbags for yearss

  212. Why don’t you snitch this lil noob of a player so he can pay for being a
    smart ass
    He doesn’t deserve to play World of Tanks

  213. His name is Dave, everyone report him now!

  214. uses aimbot; still a yellow player. derp.

  215. QB how did you get this replay?

  216. I really hope u turn him in to WG.

  217. WG do nothing against cheaters and to go on the server ..

  218. This cheater is a noob that deserves no respect

  219. Quickybaby I am sorry for all the negative comments about not reporting
    him/heror telling us his/her name. I can not speak for other viewers but
    you had a good reason and like you said some people probably just dont
    know. I am also sorry that people are ruining your good deed to that player
    by posting what his name is. He did do wrong but like you said this video
    is here to show examples of cheating, not so that we can all make fun of
    whoever that player is and start saying rude comments about how much of a
    disgrace he is. I would also like to say that I feel you protecting this
    player a very noble deed, good job for standing up for people when you
    could have easily instead ruin there in game life.

  220. QB its really not that difficult to find this guy’s name just look for a
    Marder 38T with 14 kills on WoTReplay :(

  221. WG blitz has removed all existing “over-contributing” mods, you guys should
    play blitz as well

  222. To anybody thinking that WG EU doesnt have a “blacklist” like the WG NA
    have on there page then you are wrong
    They just dont have the mods called out, but they call out the forbidden
    functions in the “development section”
    this is the link:

  223. took 3 mins for me to find the player, headsup for next time qb

  224. dude… witch-hunt is still a pretty popular hobby :D… reveal his name…
    please…. I’m already stacking wood in my backyard…. pyre should be done

  225. Nice vid. People don’t understand how there can be no hacking but there is
    cheating in world of tanks. I think this vid illustrates that beautifully.

  226. The player’s name is QuickFingers

    Lol jk

  227. Quickybaby , the aimbot is even better at higher tiers becouse it aim at
    weakspots and modules , prioritizing tracking and damaging at the same time
    and so on . And this is only a single mod from the warpack cheat mode ,
    there are mods that know were you are if you break anything in the map ,
    mods that remove destructible stuff and folliage , laser mode allow the
    cheater to see were the enemys are aiming and many more .

  228. Cheating is bad no doubt. And what’s an aditional curse of such an aimbot
    in this game is it only really works on low tiers. So a professional
    cheater must also be a professional sealclubber in some sense. And that’s
    another dangerous thing for new players to get driven away from enjoying
    the game in my opinion. It’s already bad enough if you start out new.
    I played this game now for some days like i would be a newcomer with the
    czech tree. No free xp 50% crewtraining just like you would at the very
    beginning. And the amount of three player T67 platoons with hundreds of
    games in it shooting at Tier 3s is just sad. And no it’s not cheating that
    he has better view range stuff like that but this game already has huge
    balancing issues in low tier battles withour professional cheaters. And yes
    two tier spread is ok and something you must get used to anyway but
    especially on those lower tiers but you already feel hopeless.

  229. Vanilla, for LIFE. I will not use mods. I don’t mind that people use garage
    mods for their carousel and sound mods for their game, but many of the in
    battle mods are not something I support. Even your mods QB that had the map
    updates (last position, view range, etc) are not something I support
    (though I do NOT consider them outright hacks like we saw in this video).
    Many argue it’s just info available in game and I can’t argue that, but
    having an ASSISTANT help you manage that info (especially that dirty reload
    timer people use!!!) is not the same as managing it all yourself. If it’s
    in the game for everyone I’m good with it. I’m thrilled that WG finally
    brought the map updates I so badly wanted but refused on principle to
    download.They are beneficial (and clearly gave an advantage over vanilla
    players for a long time). I can understand people will say mods are allowed
    and it’s my own choice to not download them and level the playing field.
    Fair enough point, I accept it’s a choice and don’t spend my time bashing
    players for using them, nor do I call them hackers (for the benign mods –
    unlike above). Good day all. Keep the content flowing QB!

  230. all mods should be illegal

  231. hey quickybaby have you brought this to the attention of wargaming? they
    should make a tab on their website that describes which mods are legal and
    which are not.

  232. QB, it seems you discovered America… Look.. not all of your audience is
    under 15 years old.. People older than 20 tend to watch you as well.. It’s
    well known that cheats exist in this game. Saying “i’ve never seen a proof
    of cheating, so i was just speculating” , is totaly different than saying
    “i don’t think that anyone cheats in WOT, until i saw this” (the latter is
    what you said obviously). Ok, i understand your position between your
    audience and WG, but please don’t underestimate people’s IQ.. I respect
    your opinions, i tacticly watch your videos, i generally like what you say
    and your work, but oh please, don’t make fool of me right in my face.. It’s
    not fine. Farewell !!

  233. Robert Bruce (TankClash)

    I’ve never fully understood why people use cheats, there’s no real fun in
    it is there? Big time judge of character and what they’re like as a person
    in real life of someone who’s cheats in any multiplayer game… QB should
    send this replay to WG if he hasn’t already. Only game I’ve ever cheated in
    Goldeneye 007 and that was in the solo missions and after I beat the game
    on 007 agent mode.

  234. Quinton Dombrowski

    Sorry, QB, but if you looked at this player’s account, you would see that
    they have over 36,000 battles. No one with that many battles (including
    tier 10 and premium tanks) does not know that they are cheating. This
    account has been hit with a rules violation (possibly this) and it is FAR
    more likely that they just got frustrated with having so many battles and
    such a mediocre win rate.

    There is no point in hiding his name. He deserves everything he gets.

    BTW: Longin_Roch and Mikes_192 are ENEMIES in this replay.

  235. Ok, so we have an aimbot that compensates for target movement speed. A
    convenience, to be sure. But insofar as precise marksmanship in WoT is
    concerned, you basically take a rough guess and leave the rest to RNG. At
    long distances, RNG will still remain a more influential factor than player
    input. Which is sad, honestly. But since the game already puts so many
    factors on autopilot, having a mod that adds one more to the list just
    isn’t that important if you ask me.

    To be clear, this is still an unfair advantage. A very minor one, but
    still. As for automatically engaging autoaim on center mass, more of the
    same. If WG has to ban all mods to prevent problems like this, I see it as
    a good thing. They’ve lazily avoided including integral features like
    damage counters for far too long. About time they got to work.

  236. Honestly giving this mod attention like you said it is not a good idea, not
    only will people start looking for it now but also there will be a lot of
    accusations due to this video alone.
    It wouldn’t surpise me if this could start a new wave of bans like the
    “Unsportsmanlike conduct” has done.
    Some times ignorance is bliss fits in, this is one of those times.

  237. QB i am sorry to tell you this, but…………… WG will do absolutely s*
    **** about this.

    You can find on YT Iaponak’s (i probably misspelled his name) video where
    he shows “game some guy’s of life” and explaining why it is not autoaim
    feature, but the aim-bot. He sent the replay to WG with link to video and
    they did NOTHING. If i remember correctly i read in one of his responses
    they said it is auto-aim what the player used.

    WG EU has one of the worst support for punishing players for using features
    like this even when publicly revealed, but they are so proud of their
    report-banning system, that when players just massively report you because
    reasons, there is no defense and you can get banned for quite a long time.

  238. I had to play against a warpacker once on NA. He used HE shells with his
    arty mod and looped HE shells over a destroyed tank that was bigger than
    mine. The HE shell hit perfectly between my cupolas and did around 500
    damage since the player was in an E100. Unfortunately I died to him because
    the shell looped over the destroyed tank in front of me.

  239. Just to make things clear. WG EU policy on mods is that EVERYTHING that
    provides you with an edge over vanilla players is illegal. In theory, that
    includes XVM (ability to judge one’s game level), improved aiming circles,
    etc etc. However, with such a vague policy, they do not ban anyone, except
    if they have solid proofs for that (which is the only good point here).
    Hence, if you do not provide them with an in-game recording of you having
    an aim bot or any kind of cheat, there are no way of saying if you manage
    to pull off a shot because you are that good or because you have an
    aim-bot. Feel free to cheat guys, no-one can punish that !

    Just a quick word for those who might accuse me of promoting cheating. I am
    strongly against it, but unfortunatly, WG decides not to take any
    meaningfull actions against it. The last resort I have to fight against
    cheating is to encourage people to cheat. Once the problem gets out of
    hands, WG will be obliged to take actions ;)

  240. On a personal note, I feel any player using that mod is not by accident. If
    every other MMOs and games block it, what makes World of Tanks allow it?
    But, a new player might think “look a mod that leads my target so I wont
    miss, lets get it. It shouldve been in the game but its not.” The point is,
    its wrong but I do respect that Quickybaby hid his name… though its easy
    to find on wotreplays…

  241. I live how you criticized this guy because it really shouldn’t be used in
    games that were made to be realistic, auto aim is just a assistant to help
    you follow moving targets instead of having to scroll which gets annoying

  242. To let you know, this is not hacking. Hacking is altering the game files
    themselves to give yourself an advantage, i.e., more armor, HP, faster
    reload, etc. This mod or something similar is included in what is known as
    “Warpack.” If I remember correctly “warpack” is banned on all but NA

  243. Quickybaby do you think a lot of people use there cheats?

  244. Anyone who uses plasmakeks or other cheats should get their accounts
    terminated…. Ive heard wot EU is letting it happen

  245. I have only seen 1 case of suspected cheating. It was the end of the game
    and it was 1 on 1 I was watching my team mate hunt down the last enemy
    tank. as he went over the top of a hill his gun was pointed at 10m o’clock
    and the enemy tank popped up at 2 o’clock and his gun snapped to the 2
    o’clock position and immediately fired to end the game. Turrets don’t move
    that fast.

  246. So you deleted the replay, did you report him?

  247. where can i download this mod?

  248. Does anyone have any info about AMX M4 49 ? I think it’s gorgeous and can’t

  249. I have been called a cheater in WOT blitz

  250. Any Mod pack is technically a cheat!!! Really WG should put all the Mods
    they deem to be ok in the game itself.

  251. Hope none of this shit happens on xbox

  252. Please report this guy to wg quicky this game can be hard enough without
    little b#####s using these cheat mods, also he must know its an illegal mod
    as you said it’s mentioned in chat nearly everyday unless he is illiterate
    or has chat turned off , with games like that he will not stop using the
    illegal mod , love the channel

  253. I pulled of a legit awesome shot into a T67 in my Stug and got banned

  254. Dont fool yourself he knows hes cheating. They all do. He just didnt
    realize you could tell he was cheating from the replay. Hope you reported
    him so he gets banned like he deserves.

  255. ouch, banhammer in near future

  256. Lol you know whats the funnies thing about this right? In WOT Blitz this is
    basically a default feature and it lets you aim in front/front drive wheel
    of a tank and keep shooting it without aiming at all…so not only does it
    follow but u can also aim at certain parts of tanks which it sticks to (not
    stupid useless auto aim in which aims at a center of a tank) so basically
    auto aim is usable in ever time at every skill level. Im an unicum player
    with over 20K battles and use it most of the time (there is even a button
    in the game controls which lets u toggle it on/off in a match) and so does
    nearly every other person. I actually only know one unicum player who
    doesnt. I mean u can live without it, and when u are facing several tanks
    or using sniper mode i turn it off sometimes, But this is bascially even
    better than this Illegal mod in WOT PC.
    And yes I know these are different games, but I’m just saying why isnt this
    in PC also? Its a useful mod but doesnt really help that much if you are
    facing anything u cant pen without aiming properly.

  257. If the cheaters would pay credits for cheating, it would be ok? I mean like
    using goldammo, paying more credits for better penetration. I cant get
    exited about cheating as long as the haven’t resolved the goldammoproblem.

  258. There is a lot of more advanced cheats in wot… Its sad and iritating
    that wg isnot fighting with that.

  259. Quinton Dombrowski

    *Comes to comments to find his name.*

  260. There are entire clans out there using these cheats. The worst are the arty
    tracer cheats. Fire one round and get counter artied after firing only one
    shot from a non arty position and not being spotted. Where have you been?

  261. This isn’t even that bad. There are mods that auto aim for
    weakspots/critical hits (ammo, loader, gunner, engine) on the move. And
    yes, they should ban all mods. XVM stats is cancerous at high tiers when
    arty is involved. Just include what the mods have done well ( damage panel,
    view range indicator, tank names on maps) .

  262. I have gotten accused of hacking in both WOT Blitz and the PC version.
    Quite funny when in fact, I am just have a good game. :)

  263. Aimbots of this quality are rare in WOT> there are tons of aimbots don’t
    get me wrong, but most are pretty sucky (modified autoaim) cheats like this
    will never ever get a bad player anywhere close to a good player. it is
    scummy though.

  264. It gives me great dissapointment that i can say i have been on team with
    one of these scumbags… :(

  265. This aimbot is more common seen on the NA server and i also know the
    modpack but it requires you to pay for the aimbot(i know because my clan
    and i use to use this mod but we now just play the vanilla game) this mod
    is for players who want to pay to win and be careful because some aimbot
    mods also aim for specific areas like your ammo rack(most common type in
    stronghold battles with unicorn players that have less than 5k games)

  266. A few weeks ago there was an article on Status Report with a video of a
    similar aim bot used effectively at high tiers…. Aimed for the weakest
    effective armor, led shots, etc… That was a scary video…. If I remember
    correctly that video made it to RSR after wargaming refused to take action
    against it as it was seen as a legal improved aim mod

  267. Quickybaby u said his name before you said Dave

  268. where is the download ?

  269. They should have a feature like CS:GO when you get reported it goes into a
    thing called “overwatch” where if u have certain requirements you can vote
    on wether or not the player is cheating

  270. I say just take all the mods and lest play hard core.

  271. Please tell us you sent this video in to your contacts. I think he is well
    aware of what he is doing and one way to check would to check his record
    and see just how many of those hard medals he already has this would
    confirm if he has been using this cheat for a length of time. Love you vids
    QB! Keep up the good work. Now I just got to find the cheat that seems to
    let people shoot thru or behind rocks. Lol.

  272. “No way for us to find the name of this guy?” Took me whole 4 min to find
    that replay and his name. Not to worry, he’s banned already :D

  273. has GB never heard/seen the Warpack mod pack before?

  274. I don’t think they would ban you forever lol. But you would get banned.

  275. tundra mode in warpack is also very often used, even if you dont have the
    aimbot enabled, tundra mode helps a lot also, check that out quickie, and
    also red ball cheat for arty

  276. If this was war thunder gaijin will do nothing about it they will let the
    person get away with because they help people very rarely

  277. imagine an e25….

  278. Thanks QB, now every bob is going to call me a haxor when I kill them….

  279. I’d like to see a follow up video about the feedback from Wargaming after
    you submit the replay to them

  280. Wow such a “scumbaggery” of a game


  281. At this point to save the game ban all mods

  282. deav haha wtf

  283. so its Dave the scumbag

  284. +QuickyBaby This is just scrapping the top of the iceberg of “cheats”. The
    best example I know of is a “mod” that will ping the minimap when someone
    breaks a piece of scenery in that sector, so basically anyone who has it
    will know how much of the team is going a certain direction even if they
    aren’t spotted.

  285. I must just be better than everyone else, but I think that the shots he
    pulled off would not have been to difficult for anyone not using an aim
    mod. His opponents just rushed down the hill at him. Additionally, his
    opponents were only a few hundred meters away when he started his 1 v.s.
    10.I play WoT Xbox and do not have any modifications. I honestly wish more
    people would use the mod so I could club them and have an awesome laugh
    when I kill them and they rage so hard. :)

  286. One good thing about witch hunts: Less witches.

  287. Thanks QB for making this mod known because I never knew that there was an
    ‘aimbot’ in this game but although there are cheaters this it still is an
    excellent game.

  288. I am willing to give a tier 6 premium to whoever finds this player’s in
    game name. People just can’t be allowed to use bullshit like this and get
    away with it.

  289. You seem so surprised… This stuff is for ages available to anyone, for
    There is a blog made by a player who hates warpack so much and so he
    decided to even the odds. You can find all of this so called cheats over
    there. I have tried a lot of them, maybe all but i don’t really think so. I
    wanted to convince myself if these mods are that dangerous. Well most of
    them give the player an advantage, if that player is a very weak one. But
    if you are at least decent, most of those advantages are already in your
    skill set, in your reflex. And using that kind of mods will most likely
    have a negative impact on your game, will interfere with your skills and
    instead of acting from reflex you will loose precious milliseconds to make
    a choice. This autoaim is useless when your enemy is speeding and you are
    in motion too, like turning or something. Not to mention that any autoaim,
    even that which you can set it to aim for different tank spots, is
    worthless against proper angling and cover. Some may be useful, like the
    one with larger tracers or marker on the beginning of arty tracer which
    help a lot for countering arty, but playing cautious like any arty driver
    should, are easily bypassed. So are useful only against weak players. The
    only ones that can impact the game are the one which make the destructible
    stuff and bushes disappear, while i’m shooting from third person, most
    probably autoaimed you can aim for weak spots through stuff i can’t see and
    have to imagine your tank to do the same. And the one that shows on minimap
    fallen trees or crushed destructible elements, this gives similar effects
    as wallhack from shooters. That’s why i always requested that destructible
    elements as well as trees and bushes, tracers and tanks stats/reloading
    info be moved server side so that can’t be manipulated by any mods.

  290. All these people who think the cheater’s name was actually Dave xD

  291. if i may reccomend something – search youtube for ‘wot na cheatach’ it’s a
    Polish player called yeahbunny – he had shown some great examples of the
    cheats/aimbots and loads of other things that u get from illegal modpacks.
    Cheers guys ;]

  292. This cheat is used more than people realize. At some point they will have
    to address the issue as they will continue to lose players that are
    average, like me.
    No one can learn how to play with tis type of cheat out there.

  293. *Confirmed* QuickyBaby protects aimbot cheaters *hits unsubscribe button*

  294. Wow QB now u discover aimbots?One of the main reasons i rarely play
    wot.There are so many mods legal or illigal and WG doesnt give a
    shit.Solution….ban mods altogether and adopt in game some useful things
    like damage log etc.But i think WG knows the situaton and do nothing as
    official policy cause that makes the game more atractive.(Think what
    MIcrosoft did with windows to become so popular).If i was a total looser
    propably i would have stopped play the game quite soon, but now there is a
    way to shine by cheating,so WQ populate its servers and keeps in game a
    potential castomer.Off course if someone sent a replay to WG it will take
    measure against the player(for obvious reasons) but it wont solve the
    problem permanently.And thats the definition of hypocrisy.STOP PLAYING THIS

  295. but he still yellow player xd

  296. its no need to mention that there are tons of game breaking mods out there
    but well does it matter to WG as long as they get their money? And you say
    they care then why these mods still exists and are so easy to reach?

  297. This is really surprising…I thought pro players are all stat padder or
    legitimately good…turns out not.

  298. I’m glad someone as high profiled as yourself made a video on this. If
    anyone else had made a video on it the forums would blow up discrediting
    the ability for the game to be hacked. We’ve seen this far too many times.
    Many know it’s possible to hack any game. Some are harder than others, but
    in the end it really doesn’t matter. Any game, any console, it’s possible
    to hack to change the playstyle.

  299. plus the aim bots also target weak points

  300. the most annoying thing is when a yellow player snipes your cupolas
    perfectly during hulldown battles…

  301. yeah, WG should just erase all “external” mods, all of them, and then just
    add to the game modifications like the new ones we got in the last updates
    ( like the range vision and last enemy position), that should be the

  302. I dont play this stink of a game anymore cause its filled with compensatory
    mods. I have tested this myself and played a whole month with this and
    nothing happened. Therefore i sacked this game and the ill corrupt firm
    that is Wargaming!

  303. i was always thinking if there where cheats it was not a aiming bot but a
    vieuw of all the tanks on the map

  304. This is just ugly.. Hope he is somewhat “innocent” and dont know what he
    installed and sees this replay and uninstalls it! Thanks allot for taking
    this BIG topic out of the garbage can! You rock QB!

  305. I like how QB more or less exclusively makes WoT videos. That stupid boat
    game jingles plays……..

  306. WG will do nothing about it, if they do, they will loose half the player
    base on the SEA server.

  307. That one guy from the internet

    You’re surprised to find out cheating really happens?

    Cmon quickybaby, that’s a little naive.

    There’s cheating in every game, every aspect of life, someone somewhere is
    cheating, no exceptions.

    Most of the people who cry “cheats!” are just mad that they lost, but it
    shouldn’t lead you to believe that there are no cheaters out there, because
    there ALWAYS are.

  308. Search on youtube for a video called: “Over Powered Mods”. I remember
    watching that. It was a crazy video. He cheated and posted on youtube. Its
    account is not banned thought…

  309. I’d like to point out, QB, that WGNA has put out lists of mods and modding
    effects (no mods that predict lead, that sort of thing) that are considered
    illegal, while WGEU has done no such thing. The Warpack mods are a perfect
    example. Banned in NA, useable in EU.

  310. This happens in wot blitzs

  311. why are you so mercifull….

    I don’t use this, but once I killed a is-3 in my AMX 13f3 (he had 55hp…)
    and he called me child molester…

  312. I think this person cheated because he or she dont like to lose when
    actually he is being a loser for using it ……. this things makes me so
    sad because i just want to have fun and play games that i like

  313. QuickyBaby revealed the name…let the witch hunt begin…murder everyone
    called dave

  314. There’s also a mod, that shows where people destroyed things on the map..
    Like if a player drives over a tree, it pings on the map..

    One of the players from my old clan I respected as an fc used it.. (He won
    less battles than me though.. Because he relied on that mod) Now I’m just
    refusing to talk with him..

    Fair play, is the real thing. Not winning because you’ve got the advantage.

  315. burn the witch !!!

  316. What about your altered sky cancer aim cheat?

  317. had someone tell me I was using aim bot today because I tracked him then
    ended up racking him

  318. His name is Mikes_122

  319. That’s just greasy.

  320. Are you really surprised that people use cheats in the game? Return from
    your planet to Earth :)

  321. Man I thought you will show us his hit percentage ! He missed what, 4 shots

  322. i think there should be option for platooning 5 players if they are above
    55% each and if combined WN8 is more than 15000

  323. world of blitz has this something

  324. brilliant,i also wondered how cheating happened,thankyou for showing

  325. Just dont send/record your games and you will not get caught

  326. 5 : 26 this is a normal replay system bug. when autoaiming the replay will
    put the aiming circle immobile somewhere.

    but this guy is definitely cheating.

    i personaly use a mod allowing me to trigger the autoaim (the stock one you
    get in the vanilla game) even if I do not have my mouse right over the
    target (as long as it is around it close enough), but that’s because my
    mouse has some problems, clicks are not always well detected (or detected
    twice), so if I try to autoaim normaly I’l end up failing and most likely
    not focusing on driving and ending up dying. I see that as a solution to my
    mouse problem more than as a cheat. but if it did give automatic lead THEN
    it would be pure cheating.

    also QB these aimbots dont only lead targets : the auto aim is set to a
    weak part of the tank (ammorack/tracks/engine) instead of center. and what
    does wargaming say ? it’s legal on EU. warpack (a huge cheat pack with tons
    of unfair mods) is not forbidden and someone sent a screenshot to support
    showing himself using it, and support said “do whatever you want if you
    feel like it. you be the judge. not us who have the ability to ban and who
    own the game.”

  327. Well I never believed in cheats in wot either .. but lately I play lights a
    lot, hunting those female crews .. and I so often get these perfect 400
    sideshots where only my small turret is exposed and I’m at full speed .. I
    wouldn’t care if it was from green player .. but they happen from red
    players all the time. Prochorovka is perfect for horizon coasting .. and
    that’s where that happens a lot.

  328. It’s kind of like the mod for World of Warships where it showed you where
    to aim to hit a ciradel every time.


  330. You should hide kill log too, QB…..

  331. Marder 38t s name is dave

  332. I got accused of cheating when I was driving a KV2 on Siegfried line
    standard by an O-I when I had 5 kills, just because I penned their side
    with HE and one shotted them.

  333. Nichita Chilimnic

    07:45 the only thing that is allowing dave …

  334. I once got my account banned for 2 weeks FOR NO REASON and the reason was
    stated that I was using some kind of aim assist/bot that does not require
    me to actively take part in battles. The ban lasted only 4 days and I got
    my account back with an apology message and a little gold plus one week
    premium account time. They said that this had happened with many other
    players as well. The reason was that WGs automated cheat detecting system
    had some kind of bug in it. I was using only mods like the dmg counter, hit
    counter, different aim cursor, artillery view mod and 30x zoom mod. So in
    short nothing big or especially cheating. I made a ticket to WG and
    demanded an accurate reason why I got banned because I felt that I got
    punished for mods that were not in the realm of cheating (and that was the
    case in the end) and also about half of my clan members were using the
    exact same mods and none of them had the same problem. WG answered me with
    a quite long answer but in short it was like this: “Our cheat system is
    bulletproof and it detected that you were using a bot or something. Go see
    the user agreement part X that you have had to have read when you were
    creating your account. The ban stays and if this ever happens again, we
    will be banning you permanently”. So they just trusted their system blindly
    but because it happened in huge masses they took a closer look at these
    cases. I understand that they do not have the time to take a closer look at
    single cases like mine, but if a player like me writes them a one full page
    e-mail telling them that there has to be a mistake then there should be at
    least some truth behind it? I mean do actual cheaters ever see the trouble
    to write one full page about how they think they have not cheated?

  335. You have connections with Wargaming, I hope you took actions. I still have
    less problems with this than I do with arti players. I know how stupid that
    can sound being a legit class available to all to play but honestly who
    doesn’t feel “dirty” when playing arti. If it were legit that “dirty”
    feeling wouldn’t be there.

    MY MOD INSTANT AIMS AND GIVES AUTO LEAD but hey I’m tooo dumb to figure out
    that’s not right….even though I’m a lemmon and all… Must be innocent
    huh. QB you remind me of Sparkles in CSGO, blatant aim bot killing him
    round after round in ridiculous impossible situations that even Flusha
    couldn’t pull off yet nah he ain’t hacking, he just innocent…. You’re too
    good QB.

  336. I play Arty (I know, lots of guys hate arty) and I’m called a hacker nearly
    every day. I’m very good at searching for the enemy arty firing and either
    hit or splash him. There are a lot of arty players out there that are not
    aware this can be done. Even in higher tiers, I get nasty notes in private
    chat , I try to tell them I can teach them how but, most just say I’m
    hacking. Sad ,,,,,,,

  337. Jonathan Pinkerton

    Honestly this mod doesn’t seem to be game breaking. Yes it is wrong to use
    this and he should be banned if caught but the mod itself doesn’t appear to
    be an auto-win hack. Yes it leads targets but it doesn’t aim for weakspots,
    it doesn’t make shells hit dead center of the reticle every time, it
    doesn’t make every shell penetrate regardless of armor or angle, it doesn’t
    make every shell do max damage or automatically ammo rack tanks, not to
    mention the fact that he survived on the hill was because he outmaneuvered
    the enemy not because of auto aim. Realistically speaking, any decent
    player could have pulled this off and done it way better than the aimbot.
    Even the standard aimbot in the game could have done the short range
    aiming. Like I said before this is wrong and should be taken care of but it
    is not a game breaking cheat unless you are a tier 1-5 noob who just
    started playing last week.

  338. Firm_YorkshireBuzzard

    He cheats and is still yellow rated well done man!

  339. I think it was warpack, what he was useing.

  340. This is the part where I would say: “Look and see how well Dave is doing
    here…….” Did his name slip right through there :P?

  341. My favorite:ur cheating was during a cw on ruinberg. When a cromwell drove
    in front of me(I was with kv85) camo net active (full camp tactic) , and i
    shot at him and pen than he stopped (does not spot me) and started to write
    ur cheating than i ve hit him 2 more times and than he started to rage so
    much, that i had to blacklist him.

  342. When you give German tank destroyers steroids…. lol

  343. brace yourself, hordes of tomatoes will see cheats everywhere…..oh and
    btw…. the sellers of those cheats will be very happy to see that
    video…..doesn’t happen everyday, that a very popular streamer/youtuber
    advertise them for free……GJ QB, GJ…once again….

    omfg he hit me two times in a row? report that cheater!!!!!!!!111!!11
    how can he reload so fast?? report that fuc**** cheater AMX1390
    wtf, I get shot by an invisible cheater idiot, who killed my commander and
    destroyed my view ports….FU cheater

  344. Shop him in QB.

  345. He well knew when to move, when to stay still and assess AND to pull back
    enough behind a bush so not to get spotted when shooting, he certainly
    knows the dynamics of his mods. Vanity prevailed and the idiot reckoned QB
    wouldn’t notice.

  346. Why not reveal this players name, it’s nearly impossible this guy didn’t
    know what mods he was using or he was just an idiot. People like this don’t
    deserve any kind of respect and just just get permanently banned, but given
    WG’s ”retarded -ness” he will probably (together with many others)
    continue to use cheating mods like these.

    QuickyBaby, to make WoT great again, we can’t let people like these keep
    their account. You are a community contributor so you can contact WG to or
    least make WG send him a warning message (like a temporary ban or sth.)

    Anyway that was just an opinion.

  347. If you don’t have a cat you should get one Quickybaby.

  348. AutoAim / Aimbot / yeah i think it’s cheating.

  349. How did you get this replay? Did this player send you this replay because
    he got 14 kills? If so, there are some really stupid people out there…

  350. all those kidos crying about cheaters, and there darn cheats. You know shit
    about cheaters, play a game of APB Reloaded and then talk again.

    Just play the game and don’t bother those kids with cheats, after a game of
    two they just get bored and move on to another game

  351. This is why I am not playing WoT anymore, just to many cheating mods.

  352. WG-EU does not care you should judge on your own what is cheating soo yea
    on asia and NA its banable but on eu its fine there are also modifications
    that for example ping the minimap where for example a wall gets destroyed
    what i think is funny that even tho they do cheat most of them (atleast
    from vids that i´ve seen are only average players regarding wn8 / wn7
    rating and no unicorns

  353. Oh QB, you’re gullible if you though aimbots didn’t really exist. It
    trivial for a programmer to write something adding lead to the autoaim
    function. Then it’s still easy to start aiming for preselected weakspots
    depending on what ammo you have loaded and what tank you are facing. It can
    also automate the firing too. WoWs is susceptable this too.

  354. There are also cheats that show where trees are being knocked over even if
    the tank hasn’t been spotted. It’s helpful when you’re hunting for the last
    hidden tank, or to keep you from getting ambushed.

  355. Gaming with scissors

    most of us call it aimbot

  356. David Lam -flamingsword1

    What if WG made a policy where they are allowed to look into the player’s
    modpacks for illegal mods, and they have a bot that has an updating list of
    illegal mods?

  357. You know… You can see the name in the killfeed. Just pointing it out.
    (Let the witchhunt begin!)

  358. Thanks for this video! I do not believe cheating is rampant in WoT, but it
    probably affects a significant portion (maybe < 5%) of players, when taking into account all cheats (aimbots for arty, auto fire extinguisher, destructable detection). WG could do something about this, and they should. Just as they should address the issue of trolls.

  359. You know what QB? WOT should allow no mods but give players enough
    customization options. And not that freaky cutoms scripting options of
    customizations. That would give “almost” no way for cheating. I personally
    love Anfield’s config. But I can live without it. I’ve seen a cheater this
    night. He was shooting some unlikely angles. I have 17K battles and he was
    OUTSTANDING. Believe me it was a fuckin’ cheater.

  360. I can’t believe the guy really didn’t think the mod was a cheat. I mean, it
    obviously took any personal skill out of the equation, the mod effectively
    won the game for him. And yet he not only thinks that’s not cheating but
    he’s so proud of his “performance” that he sends you the replay to feature!
    Have you reported him to WG?

  361. I mean the WG must ban all the Mods and make some own mods, which can be
    setupable like xwm mod. Than can be everybody happy. But WG do nothing …
    cheaters cheating …. and other players like me be constantly be in rage.
    There is a lot of bugs and WG only add more tanks but bugs nobody cares.
    (p.s. sry for my english – but i mean u understand to this)

  362. I use penetration indicator, tundra, reload timer, auto extinguisher, and
    WH, but i don’t use aimbot, because it’s just stupid. When you play with
    mods like these you can see when other players use them too and guess me
    it’s like 20-25%, only aimbots are few %. WG doesn’t want to ban them
    because they will loose considerable amount of profit.

  363. Pls WG Eu do something :(

  364. Send this replay to wg and ban him, if he doesnt wan tot play by the rules,
    he shouldnt be able to play at all.

  365. The most common [hacks] is sold by a guy called GOX. from aim assist
    showing weakpoints at the angle that tank is, redball for arties, destructo
    mod that show knocked down trees and and stuff on mini map like a radar
    mod, heat mod for tank hit zones.and a laser mod that shows where enemy
    tank is aiming

  366. It’s funny because War Thunder as an auto-tracking aim mechanic in Ground
    Forces where you can press 1 button to snap your gun to them and auto-aim,
    AND adjust your aim while still locked on, but nobody’s talking about that.

  367. I think they should implement the damage panel and hit log, just like they
    did with the map circles (max view range etc.). Then they should ban all
    mods, especially xvm… sick of getting arty sniped even if I’m bottom tier

  368. Hey, ClickyBaity, I thought your name was QuickyBaby :P

  369. I hate to see aiming assistants like this. People who are using them do
    nothing but take out the joy of playing WoT for themselves, but
    unfortunately, even more for the other players. When I get hits right in
    the ammo rack,while driving Cromwell in full speed is not fun at all,
    specially in consecutive shots from same tank. Anyway, I will still
    continue to congratulate the enemies for the nice shots…hoping is the
    player aiming and not a bot. Thanks Quickybaby for showing this to the
    community and I really hope it will open the eyes to those who are using
    aim bots.

    PS: Hope to see more videos with “Being the good guy” cause those have a
    much positive effect.

  370. his name is faggotscoper420…….jk jk

  371. I recently had a game where the arty was under the map shooting up through
    the ground, killed the entire team almost by himself. Even his team was
    shouting REPORT!

  372. The little shit has an aimbot and it’s still yellow….. *facepalm*

  373. Did the gentleman submit this replay for the purpose of showing the cheat,
    or did he intend to show you a good game and hoped you wouldn’t catch his
    cheat? Just wondering.

  374. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    This shouldn’t happen to anything other than kv2 shells

  375. 7:32… Jingles? is that you? “Dave”

  376. dieter van bogaert

    real nice vid QB. now another kind of comment and I hope you can advocate
    that too:)

    let WG work on those general bots that join games and spoil the fun, as you
    mentioned aimbot is OP in lower tier, bots in general spoils MM in higher
    tier games.
    5 minutes of dev coding entering a code to join a game fixes the bots from
    entering 1001 games a day

  377. Player is “cheating”. Stats still mediocre. I don’t see a problem here,
    case closed

  378. kinda takes away the challenge , and that would take away the fun LOSER

  379. You know what? Blanket ban ALL mods…I don’t care, integrate the damage
    log and the hit log and the arty viewmod into the game itself and problem
    solved! We don’t need to see how many battles the other player has played
    or what WN8 he has, or what country he/she is from…Just yesterday we lost
    a match where we had 68% win chance according to XVM…and that’s not the
    first time, so, WN8 numbers and colours mean jackshit…

    Make ALL mods illegal! It makes my stomach churn when little shitheads use
    these cheats to rack up kills and dmg and medals without ANY sort of skill.
    AND DO NOT, for a single second, think that these cheaters don’t know that
    they are cheating. They are just that….what’s the word I’m looking
    for….they are just that kind of scum who use cheats instead of playing
    honestly and practicing deligently.

    The last game I cheated in was the FIRST Wolfenstein and Doom 1…when I
    was around 12-15…it was at that time I realized that cheating in a game
    makes it pointless to play.

    In the name of all the honest players I’m virtually spitting on the ground
    and wishing it hit one of these cheater scumbags’ face, forever marking
    his/her mug which she could never wash off.

    It’s a damn shame that WG is so lazy they doesn’t give a shit about their
    game becoming unfair. No wonder tons of players are moving on…

    Blocking the cheaters’ account is not enough…WG should ban their IP
    address from opening a new account.

  380. my fiend uses 9 mods ಠ_ಠ

  381. my torch and pitchfork are getting cobwebs on them. I blame you QB

  382. Not legal you say? LOL! WAKE THE FUCK UP QUICKYBABY!

    Warpack is a paid-for version of this free mod that’s out there. And guess
    what? Warpack has had a blind-eye turned to it by WARGAMING themselves!
    BECAUSE some of the developers of Warpack WORK for WG!

    Good god man. Open up your eyes, dammit.

  383. Aýáńtíká Róý

    just another day at SEA server, on the move 400 meter is6 cupola, sure no

    and it ain’t even the only, illegal mod here, you can track whole enemy
    team, even the unspotted ones, and I’ve got replays demonstrating others in
    my team using it.

  384. QB, he also used the destruction mod :D

  385. __Serial_Killer__

    Give up PC, just play Blitz then ! ??

  386. is there a medal for 15 kills? if not, there definitely should be

  387. I played the Marder 38T when i was a noob and i didn’t realised it was op.
    I had like 1.5k dmg in a tier 5 game by playing agressivly with the speed
    and gun arc of it i just love it. About the cheaters WG should do like
    reports overwatches like on CS:GO and congrats QB you were officially “the
    first” xD

  388. i think WG is doing something to remove these mods from WOT as i have heard
    in SEA server that people are getting bugs and lots of glitches after 9.14
    update and when they remove mods( even XVM :() then its all good. Maybe i
    am just miraging…

  389. Just look videos of Destronov. Many unfair cheats/mods what WG eu has said
    are “leagal”. Ps. that mic is UGLY!

  390. Is this a Cheat? I was going with my AMX 13 90 70km/h per hour and
    WT.AUF.E100 hited me from hill with all shots,and he had 2k games and 49%

  391. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    P.S. i love your modpack very much

  392. I don’t understand why did you hide his nick??? Such assholes should be
    banned, not protected….

  393. What a idiot who would do that on such a awesome game

  394. I should upload my arty replay where I get a one in a million shot through
    like a two meter gap and killed the tank. I think this guy accused me of
    having every cheating mods there is. Truth of the matter, I don’t even have
    XVM installed. My whole team had a good time laughing at what this guy

  395. Now i know what mods ill download, lmao joke :3

  396. haha you SAID his name twice: Dave

  397. Johnathan Francis

    thank F**K qb, i better go delete this mod now xD

  398. Vollmeissel3achtel

    Didn’t know this stuff exists too until I’ve seen a vid where the aimbot
    even aims for weakspots like hatches and stuff in hightier…

  399. I have 2800 wn8 and 62% win, and I constantly get accused of cheating, even
    though I’ve never used anyting else but QB’s modpack.
    I guess some people dont understand that some players are just good at the

    Btw, the mod in this video seems a bit crap. The player is obviously bad,
    and even with the mod he can’t seem to win more than 50% of his games.

    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely think that cheating is wrong but I dont
    feel like it has had an inpact on my gamingexperience…
    And since WG don’t seem to have an effective way of dealing with it, just
    let the bobs cheat If that’s what they need to beat me, I rely on my own
    Bring it on! ;)

  400. +Quickybaby you put battle assist mod in your modpack, so, is it legla or

  401. RIP WOT

  402. You should re-review the t28 prot you last did. Pretty sure he did the

  403. why make it private and get rid of his name because you are basically not
    letting us report him and you are just letting this guy carry on with this
    aimbot ?

  404. qb….i watch all your replays…. you should delete this video. think
    about it… you encourage your viewers to use this when they realize that
    is an advantage and people use it with no problems. think about it

  405. i was i a 3v3 tournement and we lost cas 2 members of the enemy team were
    using this and when i sent in the reply and screenshots to wargaming they
    said that we were just outplayed and that there are no cheats for world of

  406. send it to WG and get him banned … people like this ruin the game

  407. Are zoom mods considered cheats???

  408. There are also mods out there QB that automatically finds the weak spot on
    the other tank, provides lead and automatically locks on as well

  409. QB i have a question, i have seen a mod that is not an aimbot, but by
    pressing a button an aim mark appears on your screen that predicts the
    movement of the enemy tank, but you still need to aim manually at that
    mark, so that’s also illegal?

  410. identity privacy to a player who thinks this mod is “ok” …. report him,
    if you are dumb enough to think this and also send an replay whit the title
    “best awesome rasinian medal” to a streamer to meke it public!!!!!!
    protecting stupid makes them multiply… where is the natural selection
    when you need it!

  411. QB there are some auto aim mods that allow user to not only track targets
    via server reticle and lead them but also shoot at weak-spots i am not
    talking about close range, bots freaking auto aim weak-spots 200m 300m, and
    you at receiving end get constant module damage, crew killed etc. Generally
    auto aim aims at the strongest point of armor in wot unless you are on
    enemies side or rear.

  412. I want it! Where can I get it? Not that I don’t have skillz. I just think
    it would be fun to mess about with it for a few battles.

  413. guys i experienced some of this, so please do some research on warpack mod

  414. an interesting comment

  415. no mods on xbox so why should the pc be allowed them

  416. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    ALL Mods should be banned… give everybody a level playing field and make
    the game more fair, im sorry to make some people butt hurt but i consider
    any mod that is not the standard game play CHEATING!!

  417. Austin Feather (SpiralTarantula)

    Hey QuickyBaby, if Wargaming saw this video and asked you to give them the
    player’s name would you do it? I would certainly hope so, I can’t stand
    cheaters. Haha

  418. I play on the NA sever and I play Clan Wars and the Campaign. I have got
    shot by the enemy and it was an arty shot. When the Campaign was over
    the clan got banned from it and got no rewards.

  419. Prassel B (Stefan)

    QB, on behalf of the community, you need to tell WG to get their thumbs out
    of their asses and make an official list of banned mods or make a better
    description of what kinds of mods are illegal, and to make them start
    banning the scumbags that use these mods.

  420. this and arty must be cancer x10000

  421. David Petrjánoš

    Well i actually hope WG will ban all modifications one day… The trend in
    their updates seems to be implementing the most favourite mod features into
    the game client (like the minimap options) so eventually they could add
    some other stuff everyone likes and ban the rest.. Surely it’s not ideal
    but it would surely be better than current situation where everyone uses
    whatever mods he wants and nobody has a control over it.

  422. alex dreiundzwanzig

    Is a Modification, modifying the SPGs view to a king of periscopial view
    (near to the Amored Warfare one) legal?
    (note: it just adjustes the view (the ancle from 0 degree to about 40-50
    degree) and nothing else)

  423. fy WG … fyyy

  424. Yes is happening in Wot !! Cheating !! Aim-bot , seen enemy gun reload
    time, see where the enemy has the gun pointed with laser, also show
    destructible objects in minimap without spot, also delelte vegetation…
    and so and so on….. FULL IDIOTS using ILLEGAL MODS!!!

  425. All mods should be banned. Because they give unfair advantage.

  426. Anything happened on the rigging? Update us!

  427. Are you seriously kidding me QB, that you didn’t know about this earlier?
    And that there are far better cheating mods (like warpack) around?

  428. Sent this video with oud cut to wargaming

  429. Theres a mod that uses the Auto aim to Point in the weak spot of your tank
    whitout aiming

  430. World of Tanks Replays

    why every1 always whining bout cheaters?…

  431. almost as bad as arty

  432. I don’t see how that’s cheating the way it seems to me is it just fixes the

  433. that’s why i closed my account on computer, bored of world of cheaters, on
    xbox i have pleasure again to play …

  434. honestly my Kv2 has a better aimbot, i just aim at the general dirrection
    and click, the shell will automatically correct its path to ensure a dead
    on hit on the weakest part of the enemy team i wanted to obliterate, doesnt
    matter if they are going 70kmh at 300 metters, the with the hand of stalin
    every shot is a kill shot.

  435. idk why you hide his name let him get ban he deserve and dont tell me that
    he dont know that its ilegal this mod

  436. Finally!! Maybe somebody will start doing something to detect these mods in
    the client or at least WG EU will remove it’s head out of its arse and make
    a clear cut list of mods that are illegal and that there are real and harsh
    consequences for using them.

    I’ve seen quite a few videos from 9.13-9.14 of people using aimbots and
    I’ve also seen a few examples of people sharing these mods on the facebook
    WOT group i am in, the threads got deleted, but that shows that there are
    plenty of people using them and have no fear of doing so because there are
    no real consequences.

    While having a few discussions about these illegal mods I’ve encountered a
    few types of apologetics which makes me very frustrated;

    1. If I care about people using these cheating mods and not actually
    learning and improving their skills it means I have mental problems because
    WOT is just a game and I shouldn’t care. (btw I was not raging or anything
    like that)

    2. Quite a few people said that because there is not official list of
    banned mods on EU and the res_mods in the game is for using mods then it
    means that WG supports and encourages the use of all mods. I followed this
    by quoting from article 5 of rules stating what type of mods
    are illegal, but some said that that is only for NA, facepalm.

    3. A couple said that we should not care about how other people are playing
    the game and should focus on our own matches. I’d agree with that if cheat
    mods could have no impact on my own games, but since this is an Online
    Multiplayer PVP game, that is absolutely not the case.

    Something has to be done. First and foremost rules regarding this issue
    need to be made highly visible, clear and concise in all the supported
    languages and known mod makers that include these types of cheats in their
    mod packs should be deterred.

    A reliable automatic system of detecting these mods is probably much too
    hard to make and the report system in this care is not are not very useful
    so an honest and open discussion needs to happen on this issue.

  437. I never saw a real cheatet

  438. Similar mod is used in strongholds… Mod that autoaims for weakpoints like
    armor rack to blow up or fuel tanks, to burn up and so on… Well, maybe
    it’s just luck to hit 3time ir armor rack, but I don’t think so…

  439. I’ve had the odd you’re cheating chat blast from players in the past and I
    never really knew what the aim bot was, I’m glad you said it’s like the
    other players are acknowledging a great shot, which is normally one decent
    shot in several hundred from me. I hope the cheats don’t ruin all mods for
    us though as information is key to winning the match not auto aimed guns!

  440. Its funny when you think about it… you are chilling in a ligh tank and
    poking over a ridge line and suddenly you get hit by a huge gun like on a
    JgPz E100 for example and think he was “lucky” ?

  441. But QuickyBaby, you use an enhanced zoom out mod that gives you an unfair
    advantage over non-mod users, isn’t that also a form of cheating?

  442. u vide form last time arr really bad bit rate or something else beacuse i
    see a lot of sharpness at couple min.

  443. it’s simple……BAN ALL MODS…..B’cause it’s getting really frustrating
    when you try to play and the players with XVM on the enemy team will focus
    on you(arty in particular) just because you appear green on their f-ing
    XVM….They will focus you even if you are NOT in a TOP TIER tank in that
    battle…..We all need to play the simple, clean game that WoT offer… a
    game without XVM or any other mods

  444. +QuickyBaby Did you really delete the replay from the replay website? Well,
    I wanted to get the player’s name. But ONLY to check his stats, NOT to say
    the name to the whole community (I think you don’t wanted to say the
    player’s name because he would get reports for that and getting trolled by
    the community).

  445. So thats why good players say armour is meaningless in this game and speed
    is much more important. Not just because of this mod but there are some
    mods that even aim at the weaker parts of the enemy tanks (usually
    calculates the current angle too). How does Wargaming EU respond to that?
    “There is no list of banned or illegal mods” and “use the mods to your own
    judgement” which means cheat as much as you like.

  446. I was clubbing in Luchs and a kv1 called me a hacker for killing him cuz he
    a t5 heavy

  447. there is a popular american show called americas dumbest criminals, so why
    not a series of WOT’s dumbest cheaters to showcase cheaters that are
    arrogant enough to upload their replays that give little doubt that they
    are cheating? Hell, anytime anyone accuses me a cheating i chat them
    afterwards, that i uploaded the video, on wotreplays and give them the name
    of the replay in post game chat…and let them be the final judge… I will
    tag their player name that so and so accused me of “what ever cheat”
    …sometimes, rarely albeit, i get that amazing shot, that even i can’t
    believe landed.

  448. I’m kinda surprised that you been playing so long and you didn’t really
    think there were Hack mods for WoT. There is a site start with a P (If you
    know it you know it. If you don’t listen to QB don’t go looking for it) is
    full of illegal mods. Go look it up QB.

  449. WarPack totally isnt a thing guys…

  450. There is even mod that dont allow you to shot when you are aiming at
    nonpenetrable armor and just waits until you aim at the weaker part of the
    tank. And warpack is another disgusting modpack

  451. WOW! Smart Bot, But Not Enough.

  452. Bad thing

  453. Autoaim used to give lead. Also in world of warships. I bet they reused
    some of the code t make the aimbot work for tanks.

  454. don’t know why you are surprised quickybaby there are people like this in
    every game

  455. so… 7:30 Dave isnt his name right? :D

  456. ITS DAVE!

  457. ibrahim Abdulrahman

    there are lot of cheating mods in wot the problem with wot they don’t have
    list of illegal mods

  458. As an ambasador for wargaming he should be reported by yourself!

  459. Music Player (MP)

    how do you mean cheating, i think it is just the power of Germany XD

  460. tru but it is possible wich is my point becuse he said it is not possible
    to aim ahead and hit the tank

  461. War pack on SEA server is the biggest problem/cheat it dose all this but
    show ammo racks and all things that n a tank during the game

  462. why can you not send in replays to wargaming for review it can be obvious
    someone is griefing but if they dont team dmg it means nothing if you could
    send in replays peopel like that could be tajen care of so much better

  463. I am sure that there is a aim bot that gave 100% accuracy

  464. You said not to look QB, someone is going to look now and you can’t do
    anything. You really shouldn’t have posted this becuse as soon as someone
    finds him, people are going to rip him appart

  465. I wonder how much better you will get with aimbots. Extra 2% and 300eff Is
    my guess. Im using QBs pack and it makes me slightly better.

  466. Make it so that mods have to be approved by war gaming, when approved they
    should have to put a symbol on there website to show it is a approved mod.
    If a mod that is not approved uses that symbol, wargaming then should ban
    that mod. This helps the community because they will know if the mod is
    cheating or not and wargaming can then make it so any mod not in that list
    is disabled from the players mod list and the player gets a warning that
    the mod is not allowed.

  467. Its a german tank! Hits ALL the time ;)

  468. I don’t understand why he even needed to cheat. He knew where to be (for
    him, not his team) and which turns to make to survive that rush by the
    enemy team where they failed horribly at killing him. The aiming and
    shooting isn’t that hard. None of the shots he made were impossible to make
    without the mod. He ruined his own best match by cheating.

  469. There are even worse cheats. Ever played skirmishes with a bunch of
    cromwells? Some teams ammorack the whole team twice in one match. That
    really made me stop joining skirmishes. @ Quickybaby: Maybe Wargaming would
    listen to you if you say something about that. With the allowance of mods
    they ruin teir own game.


  471. most mods should be banned. should be self explanatory.

  472. Maybe the mod advertised an auto-gunner 🙂 like I all want an auto driver

  473. 07:40 His name is Dave xD

  474. As much as this is a bit of an unfair advantage, I don’t really think that
    people who use this really impact the game that much. The most important
    skill in WoT is situational awareness, ergo positioning and the ability to
    predict the game to some degree. As long as noone comes up with some neural
    network AI which can employ such tactics, every green and above player will
    stay superior to those kind of cheaters. Basically the ultimate
    hypothetical cheat for WoT would probably be a mod that tells you expected
    enemy movement based on statistical calculations and data, but nothing like
    that exists (and I hope it never will). The outcome of this game was simply
    lucky because the 38t has good DPM and they didn’t exactly rush him. But
    look at what he actually did, he just basically sat in the same spot for
    the majority of the time. No thinking required, seriously.

  475. @QuickyBaby The sad thing is WG EU does not have any official illegal
    mods… So technically this Dave did nothing wrong.. I just don’t
    understand WGEU’s logic…

  476. Douglas McAllister

    Not only dose the Aimbot give lead but also looks for a penetrating shots,
    my dad uses these mods and he thinks its fair because he thinks every other
    blue and purple player are using them.

  477. mantas aleksansdravicius

    This is exactly how people blame me all the time… if i have 2750wn8 and
    hit long range moving targets i get accused for cheating… this is what
    they ment!!! O_O

  478. Error404NameNotFound PayPalWarrior

    Is it legal to use the artilery asist mod?

  479. I’m sorry but I don’t think there is anyway he didn’t realise this wasn’t
    illegal, if you go to the effort of downloading this you are aware.
    On another note it takes the fun out of it being able to put what lead you
    think on a target,that is part of the game:)))

  480. Burn the witch!

  481. what is right, what is wrong – Big Bang… ^^

  482. ….. never thought this was possible…. oh, and I had a great game in my
    Churchill 1, sadly I didn’t get the recording, but it was my very first top
    gun ?. I have pictures of the stats but I don’t know how to add more than
    1 picture to the same upload. Could u tell me how to apply more than 1 pic?

  483. Cheating in wot? Don’t you mean firing gold ammo?

  484. no skills

  485. WG needs to no longer support Auto Aim. It should be totally be removed
    from the game rather than attack all mods. Why do they have it? I tired of
    being snap shot by people who may not otherwise know how or where to aim.
    It’s unrealistic and will always be prone to hacks

  486. Any one else remember when Jingles featured that ISU-152 driver who was
    using an aimbot? The one that followed after they weren’t spotted anymore
    and also had predictive shots?

  487. from seeing some of my “friends” using mods with laser beems out of every
    cannon(Telling where every enemy is aiming at). The map telling every tree
    that falls. Making a red 3D model of the enemy arty when you see their
    tracer in arty mode. I must admit this is not the sorta cheat that makes a
    difrence. We cant tell if he where using those mods awell though (he
    probably was).

  488. Now we know: Marder 38t + Aim-Bot = Raseiniai Heroes Medal thank you

  489. hahah this guy is my frind Moorfrosch. .i told him to remove it but he
    doesnt want to

  490. Zdzisław Alfabet

    This is why I’m playing only arty now. This game became a cheaters grounds.

  491. i used tundra and minimap mods for quite a lot of time, mostly cuz everyone
    around is either using those or botting or other shit

  492. Theres a mod on the NA server that lets you know on your mini map if an
    enemy knocked down a fence or a tree.

  493. someone should report him

  494. why do you give a cheater the benefit of the doubt … “you didn’t know
    better…” comon. you think it is soo easy? I don’t see auto aim bot with
    aslain… so you look it up and install it. there is intent. all the rest
    is Bull. my 2C.

  495. Daniel Schwarzenberger

    35k of games and I see at first time a real cheater.

  496. like you said, they probably had no idea it was cheating otherwise they
    wouldn’t have uploaded it

  497. not sure why you are being so sensitive in revealing his name. he is a
    cheater and a moron for uploading a replay with obvious cheats. report him
    to wargaming and have him banned. that is what he deserves after all.

  498. there are also mods that show where things get destroyed on the map even
    outside your viewrange

  499. Well guys i heard the other day that it was a common phenomenon for
    cheaters to have small penises… Just saying ?

  500. Well guys i heard the other day that it was common phenomenon for cheaters
    to have small penises… Just saying ?

  501. There is even a community between cheaters… they even accuse WG for (some
    of them) banning them … Make a quick search on YT and u will see its full
    of bitches like this one….

  502. Maybe he is handicap you asshole

  503. So this is how artillery manages to hit me EVERYWHERE in my heavy tanks

  504. my win % is still at 48. 🙁 im not sure why im not getting better..

  505. Great video again QB, and very interesting to actually see it from a
    players perspective. I would love to see WG improve their detection
    systems, it’s not impossible. I used to play Battlefield 3 and they could
    detect aimbots being used in that and give them a ban. I have gone off of
    WOT recently as I was sick of being regularly ammo racked etc by a very
    long distance shot, repairing it, only to have it taken out again by the
    same player moments later. I want to get back into the game the way I used
    to play but that is what is holding me back!

  506. Quicky, this player must be punish for his crimes and be forced to play bad
    tanks for the rest of his life

  507. EU doesnt even ban any mods. And biggest cheat is one that highlights
    broken objects on minimap, it is just broken.

  508. He definitely knows he’s cheating. Everyone has played vanilla World of
    Tanks at some point. He realized this gave him the edge and continued using

    Lack of knowledge of committing a crime (or hacks in this case) is NOT the
    same as not committing it at all. Either way he’s guilty.

  509. clan (why you) use’s that mod, we played against them for tier 10 battles
    for clan wars for the province warsaw and they shot throw walls (map
    himelsdorf) and stuff even when we were not spotted. We lost 15-1 and my
    clan is not that bad we are a good clan with over 8000 personal rating. We
    have sent the replay to (WG) but no one has response, but not a suprize WG
    never response to e-mails.

  510. If you don’t want witch hunting then don’t post it bring it to WGs
    attention, besides ALL mods should be disallowed because they give an
    unfair advantage.

  511. Marijn Vantieghem

    psl let him get banned it is not fair and if he donts get banned he still
    gonna use it

  512. mad respect for @QuickyBaby for telling everyone not to use illegal mods in
    World Of Tanks because it makes it boring and makes you an unskilled player
    as well as not giving out their names.

  513. Alexandar Milissov

    QB didn’t gave us witch hunt so i will give you. “BG_W” that is my old clan
    and everyone in there is using aimbot

  514. 7:30 till 7:47 he says 2 times DAVE….

  515. now i know why i got killed when going fast in my luchs ummmmm not nice

  516. what if he made the mod and we give him props for hin programing skill :)

  517. Yeah this is one of the worst mods I have ever seen.

  518. his name shows when he gets a kill…..

  519. You Shouldnt Hide His Name. Why ? Because He Cheated And He Shared This
    Replay ?! Actually I Saw Him Like Come Here And Report Me Because I Cheated
    And This Is The Proof And I Shared This Proof Because I Wanted To Be Banned

  520. How do you add mods to World of Tanks? Yes, I know and I am ashamed of
    using it ? I still get 40fps on the PC version I am using

  521. ou- d QuickyBaby there is one or 2 clips in youtube with aimbots, one is
    with AMX 30 tank i think, for the other i dont remember. I know people who
    are using that kind of stuff and they say that its not efficient, like you
    say in Tier 10 games… Maybe i had to ask him then why is he using it?
    Generally where is the fun at using aiming assistance??? You pres one
    button and its ok… Imagine this in CS :D:D

  522. Quickbaby, I think you are a bit asinine regarding this “mod” It has been
    shown on youtube over 2 months ago and it is happening in more and more
    games I play I think Wargaming need to be like the NA server and say this
    is ok this is not. I also hope you sent a message to this guy about the mod
    and then depending on what he says I would go to Wargaming as people need
    to made an example of so it will stop others

  523. for everyone who thinks this isnt illegal on eu:
    login with your WG id and watch this link:
    it says bots are forbidden
    point 5.10. Full or partial automation sending a vehicle to battle, its
    operating and firing (use of bots).
    you will find many more rules that are violated by this mod.

  524. QuickyBaby, I’m having an issue with your 9.14 mod pack. I am unable to
    purchase new tanks. I am able to purchase them by uninstalling the mod. Is
    this a known bug, or one that has been fixed and I simply don’t have the
    most up to date version?

    Thanks, your mod is my favorite out of all the ones I’ve tried.

  525. stop complaning in war is everything permitted…

  526. RandomCasualOpticFaZe

    I’ve been called a hacker and a cheater…. on xbox world of tanks. lol
    what!? dude was salty and then proceeded to tell me his platoon mates were
    game devs and my account was now under investigation. lol now if it was a
    ten year old on call of duty I wouldn’t be surprised to here that but to
    hear it from a twenty three year old Canadian on world of tanks!? man why!?

  527. 7:32 so, his name is something like dave?

  528. ok share please quicky… lol

  529. Does it work with artillery. Omg if it did!?

  530. I decided a little while ago to use it just to see what all the fuss was
    about and realised how op it is… I soon uninstalled it

  531. I love it when people say i’m hacking when i’m using my amx 50 100

  532. there are some other mods too. For example laser beams, indicating you what
    direction your oponents aim their guns, or modification that removes trees
    and bushes.

  533. A halfway decent player wouldnt have even needed autoaim to get this
    result. There is no great tactical play and all the enemies were one shot

  534. Ślązak Grzesiek

    7:34 To chyba serwer EU,Polaka zestrzelił 😉
    A co do modów to różne damage panele i mody garażowe nie wyrządzają nikomu
    szkody,a na pewno nie dają przewagi ;)

  535. Well WG allowed mods so it’s their fault (I don’t use any sort of mods).So
    yeah don’t want to call this cheating, just simple taking advantage of res
    How to solve this kind of problems?
    Simple, WG should remove and forbid all modes and everybody will be happy.
    Why they didn’t do it yet? Well WG obviously benefit in some sort of way
    so…. no
    My suggestion is that in the next patch WG completely remove res_mode And
    everybody will be happy, except “PRO” players who doesn’t know how to play
    without XVM, locking thingy, thundra etc.

  536. Dambuster 617 / Volt

    We had this debate in the Warships Closed Beta. I never saw a video of it,
    but an aim mod did appear, and it did cause players to get ridiculous
    results. Remember in Warships, aiming is ~50% of the entire skill of a
    player and it causes a real bad feeling when you get good at angled
    deflection shooting and some pratbag comes along and aims for free. And
    you’re right, it did create a huge amount of bad feeling in the community.
    Anyone getting hits in a slow-shell-velocity ship consistently was accused
    of aimbotting. I was driving the Cleveland a lot at the time and
    particularly good against little squirrely destroyers, and I was accused of
    cheating at least three times after a long tailchase with a destroyer. Mods
    like this need to be enthusiastically fought against by Wargaming or
    they’ll fuck up an already toxic community further.

  537. Why not naming him ? It’s fairly blatant.

  538. Imagine this cheat together with a HE derpgun…

    KV-2 with 100% hits…

  539. He spams APCR and cheats and is still yellow, that…

  540. Wasnt this a real feature back in closed beta times?

  541. reticle in replay bugs out… ive seen this happening in unmodded client

  542. I remember when WG said there were no chance to cheat cause it was all on
    serverside … Until SLF clan ? send in a mod that showed how some clans
    were cheating… then they had to admit it … well this they prolly know
    of as well.. But will they admit it ?

  543. The mods I use improves my garage as well as recording damage in battle (to
    me & the enemy). It should be clear that aim bots (and similar mods)
    are illegal and only scum uses them

  544. This is why you just play wows ;)

  545. the only mod on my game I use is to point out where the enemy was last

  546. Most things about this game is cheats, gold ammo legal cheating, a tank
    game where you can scroll out and get a god like overhead view, yeah thats
    not cheating is it, a circle on the mini map that tells me how far I can
    see, still a cheat.

  547. Honestly, aimbots arent all that much to write home about, and they’re
    certainly not an “I WIN!” button. Sometimes, it’s actually better to have
    vanilla aim. It’s not all that noticeable with the Marder 38t, which has
    such a quick aim time, but on tanks with large guns and long aim times
    (think KV-2), the jerky movement of the aimbot throws off your aim so much,
    just through quick, jerky movements, it’s practically useless at any range.
    Also, if an enemy tank is changing its trajectory, the aimbot won’t
    compensate, where an actual player could. Really, the only place they’re
    useful is if you have a quick-firing gun with a *fantastic* aimtime, and
    you don’t mind wasting ammo on missed shots shooting at tanks moving in a
    straight line. Also, QB, aimbots tend to have a feature which switches to
    normal aim assist in close quarters combat, where it’s more suited. When
    the player was fighting on the hill, he fought unskilled players, who were
    on low health and just LET him reload between killing them. Combined with
    the fact that he had killed most of the good players by the time he was
    1v10 using the bush at 5:36 , and his binocs to spot them, leaves me
    thinking any competent (light green/yellow) player could have pulled this
    result off with or without aimbot. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just
    stating why aimbots MIGHT not be as as big a deal as everyone is making
    them out to be.

    Please reply, I welcome any argument :)

  548. Actually, the most dubious moment was not even the lead given at the
    distance but the moment when three vehicles came down the hill, somewhere
    around 6:40 – 6:55. He managed to shut them down completely without aiming
    with the reticle being off-target aiming either the sky or the ground.

  549. If a mod is called AimBot you gotta be a “Power Donkey” to think it’s ok to
    use it in any multiplayer game.

  550. Personally I feel that any in-game mod should be forbidden. I don’t care
    what players do with their garage but to get additional information during
    the game that vanilla player don’t have fits my definition of cheating.

  551. QB you fucked up the privacy of the cheater on post game stats… If
    someone knows the enamy, and the enamy and someone of them made the replay
    2… Well you can find cheater easely….. DUDE

  552. apparently some of these aim bots will also target weaker spots on tanks

  553. when i think i have lot of difficulty to shoot the mooving target…..i
    know now why they have succes to shoot my cromwell at 60 khm….

  554. Is not a aim bot is a sophisticated auto-aim for lazy noob ppl

  555. You should show this fucker nick ;)

  556. what for the arty mod (Universal artillery sight) that some arty players
    use and myself to for tricky shots? Love your vids QB.

  557. Robert Bergström

    So this is this so called cheat mod everyone loves to blame in game when
    they die 😀 . Still seems abit stupid to keep assuming everyone that kills
    you uses this

  558. This would be why they ban all mods and have players submit their python
    files for the NA Clan Invitational tournament going on right now. Tree down
    mod is more cancerous than this for sure.

  559. You can find quite a few illegal mods if you just search it up on google.
    Not that hard to find .-.

  560. im cheater auto because i use gold and you dont.

  561. name and shame !

  562. This asshole and many others (in any miltiplayer game the cheaters) must be
    banned from all games by IP address.

    Give us his (its) name.

  563. Hugo van der Werff

    Well if he is a Russian, and thinks WoT is a real sport it could be that he
    is using some doping commissioned by Putin himself.

  564. Must ask you..if you use a cheat system such as Warpack…why would you
    need to have a premium account to run it. Would a cheat system not care if
    you were prem or not? and its strange how warpack is created in the same
    city as WG. maybe they are double dipping

  565. ill delete it lol

  566. damn my clan mate just made me get it today…

  567. Yo QuickyBaby… we can see the name when he kills people?
    Don’t know if you changed his name or not just letting you know.

  568. Hey QB for reference sakes Raseiniai is pronounced as Ra-say-nay.

    Ra – like the sun god. Say – like ‘Say my name’. Nay – Pirate version of

  569. Kenneth Christenb

    the fact that the option to turn it on is nearly in every modpack doesnt
    help the community either…. earlier like half year ago maybe a year there
    was a warning after the bot name saying that it is was actual illegal but
    it is removed now so maybe new player just think its a legal option?

  570. Kafir de Carthage

    finally WG will have to fix this after too many know now ; thanks
    quickybaby for sharing this.

  571. You should absolutely out this cat to Wargaming. It is best for the
    population. There is no way you can pretend use of this mod is ‘just being
    cheeky’. The reactions to the tanks on the hill would’ve have been much
    less accurate and he probably would not have survived.

  572. Well its not like the tomatoes that use these mods will get any message
    from this video..

  573. Cheaters in WoT should get theirs PCs hacked and burned. Just a tip.

  574. Just google wot aimbot and top hit is a free to use autoaim mod that has
    20k downloads. So don’t believe that cheating isn’t widespread…


    Once i was in a clan and all of tham were cheaters. What does it mean? Aim
    bot (autoaim+auto lead giver system), skins with the mark of the tanks
    ammorecks, fuel tanks ect and the crew, WH (wall hack) ect… Yes in the
    secound they told me that they are cheaters i left the clan (i dont want to
    be in the same group with a cheater) and they said that they are cheating
    because all other players are cheating as well… I wont tell nationality
    or name of the clan but… i dont think its hard to know… (the country
    they are from)

  576. Not So Serious Gaming

    you said you was going to hide his name but when he gets a kill you can
    still see his name at the right of the screen. 8:17

  577. Broken Heart Martinez

    8:38-8:42 theres a frame or 2 that shows his name :3

  578. I honestly thought this was clickbait…

  579. I think the hardest medal is the one where you have to kill 5-6 artillery
    in a single match…..

  580. If this player thinks that this is ok, then he is just a complete fucking
    moron. Don’t hide his name, let us have it, and lets root this filth from
    the game completely.

  581. +quickybaby why did you do this now even more ppl will use this… also
    because in the comments they say that is legal

  582. Because he can’t aim to save his life…

  583. aimbot illegal… and what about the kv2? and stalin? and stronk soviet
    guns? oh i love WG :p

  584. How to know if someone uzsing aimbot at battle field or not???’

  585. QB, you said that this mod might not give the player an advantage in
    high-tier games but in my opinion it’s a death sentence for active scout
    light tanks or even fast medium tanks which relay on their speed and
    manouvers to avoid fire in an open field. This mod makes all their efforts
    meaningless because as you said it nearly garantees that a normaly very
    tricky shot will hit. I hope this mod does not get too popular (which might
    be another result of people getting annoyed by others using it) or it will
    drastically lower the efficience of especially high tier lights and mediums
    that want (and have already the skill) to play agressively. And of course
    thanks for the great vid! I learned a lot from you trough the years! :)

  586. Leading targets is insanely easy for me, i’ve hit ELC’s going full speed
    from 500+ meters before :P

  587. i saw a video, where a guy show some of “legal” mods, as his guild said for
    him, but he disagreed to using it, as wall as QB. there ware a few
    intresting mods there. Like a auto aim or auto shooting almost like this,
    and an other intresting, which helpt you to show where the enemy aiming at
    the moment with a laser from its gun. A bit hard to explain it, but anyway
    realy not fair when you playing agaist a player like this. I would be heppy
    to some other vids like this Quicky.

  588. And they are not only giving lead, they actually shoot weak spots also!
    Giving lead is the only obvious thing “you” can see!

  589. Thank you Quickybaby for bringing this up. I really hope that wargaming is
    going to act to get cheaters banned. Because I have learned so much about
    WoT by watching your videos. Are you planning on playing WoT on xbox ever

  590. This is sad, but this is not only or worst cheat in WoT, you can see on my
    channel how dude using on me “Something was hit” mod, and there is worse
    modes than that one also, just type on Youtube “ilegal mods in WoT” :(

  591. Well… you know how’s humanity like or not? Worst…

  592. i have strong doubts that many people using this mod arent aware that they
    are illegal, In what game isnt it illegal to have something important like
    leading a target be automatic?

  593. Ricks the guy To Call

    are we gonna get another video today? this wasn’t satisfying

  594. i think his name is dave

  595. QB, how about the mod that removes the trees and grass from the game? I
    think it is the most used cheat mod.

  596. QB even though you’re protecting his/her identity I hope you reported this
    player to WG as too many people like this are plaguing multi-player games

  597. now imagine a 183 doing that ….. -,-

  598. why they dont do a “WhiteList” for mods? like some people from the
    Community of world of tanks (Admins or Moderators) test the mod and decide
    if its cheating or not .

  599. Ahm this is nothing new and Wg even responded to that saying that autoaim
    assistants like that are not against the rules. Just search for forbidden
    mods and you will see that this is not on the List.

  600. Ever heard of “tundra” ?

  601. I should say that this is disgusting that this happens. I also respect the
    person who programmed and spent a few hours making this work so props to
    you sir who made the mod. As for the player I think that it is common
    knowledge that if u use a mod that gives any sort of advantage over other
    players must obviously be illegal.

  602. His name is not Dave, its Rodney. HAHA
    *only fools and horses*

  603. Toasty Roasty Man

    You need to cover the cheater’s name with “The Cheat Monkey” :)

  604. I effn knew it! This explains so much. Thank you.

  605. Gary van der Merwe

    As a reformed cheater, let me tell you are missing hafe of the cheats. 1
    aimbot will target week spots and modules. 2 destructuable mod. 3 in game
    armer thickness models.

  606. When I began to play world of tanks, all the other player I discuss with
    said there are no cheaters in world of tanks. Now I see more and more
    impossible situations. Some of them could just be luck but when a player
    got too much luck 4, 5 , 6,… times it row it’s a little akward. I saw so
    much videos of mods that can make the game easier (arty sniper mod,
    different kind of aimbots, coloring the weakspots of ennemy tanks) I began
    to think that’s not fair… I use the QuickyBaby’s mod pack and sometimes I
    see players with absolutely no skill comming and directly put 3 shells in
    the weakspots of my tank when I can’t even shoot one. It totaly disgust me.
    I try to have a fair and fun game but mods like this are ruining my game
    experience. I’ve read that there are bots users that wargaming don’t even
    want to ban because to use their bot they need a premium account. Then I
    know some poople using cheating mods and they will never be ban. On EU
    servers there is no moderation on mods like this and players can play
    easyly whith cheatmods… I then I was banned from the chat because I was
    raging on arties… How can we get rid of those bad players…

    For the rest I would tank you QuickyBaby for your videos, this really helps
    me to play better even if sometimes I try to take the same positions as you
    but with a less skilled crew and this makes me some problem 😀

    Have a great day guys and have fun in game.

    (Sorry for bad english it’s not my mother language, if you want to correct
    me it would be cool)

  607. I hope that player stops soon

  608. People still play this game?

  609. Andrea Peirone (Scacc0)

    PS:free camera is considering cheat

  610. In all fairness QB, the guys cheating and the rest of us fair playing
    players need to be aware of who he is. Don’t hide and protect the cheaters.
    Sorry but I feel that not allowing the gaming community to know who this
    person is isn’t helping us or them.

  611. you seriously didn’t know that there was cheating? you’ve never heard or
    looked up what warpack was? some of the big clans use warpack in NA

  612. I hate the dmg mod logs because it takes the skill out of deciding in the
    moment if the enemy is shooting prem rounds or not at you. Sure this mod is
    scummy but most mods are scummy like not having to right click on enemy
    auto-aim mods too. Stupid. This is why I play with no mods and I do it
    well. Acting like people can’t play without mods in this game makes me
    laugh. Stop relying on mods and o7 BRs!

  613. I think its stupid to hack

  614. oh yeah by the way Quickbaby, i also seen a mod that is like when the enemy
    shoot, our user interface have an arrow indicator like where is that shot
    came from, its blind and also later i found it that this mod can make
    people blind fire where ever although they are not detected,

    Usually the location of where we got hit is like a red half circle with
    small arrow red indicator,
    but this mod have blue arrow indicator on it and no red indicator

    is this mod illegal or legal ?, thanks guys

  615. his cheat sucks a little… I was wating like for 1 sec auto shoot 3000

  616. I don’t think WG will ban all mods, but they can include some sort of
    modcheck or memory check like PunkBuster in their launcher, to check for
    proibited pieces of code, like aimbot and such.

  617. Name and shame that dick

  618. aimbot can actually automatically aim at weak points at high tiers lol,
    giving lead is only a portion of the system

  619. plot twist: quickybaby is the cheater and thats why he did not show us the
    name of the player

  620. I always get a rude reply to enemy players cause i always clutch shot them
    in blitz

  621. Oh QB, youre such a naive guy… There are aimbots that aim for weakspots –
    lower plates, cheeks, hatches and so on.
    WG EU doesn’t give a monkey’s about cheating, which is a pity.
    ESL deals with it by forbiding all mods in tourniaments, and compells
    platers to use ESL Wire with it’s built anti-cheat

  622. Who the heck fires apcr at a type 95 heavy???

  623. i wouldnt say that this is cheating. why? Because an experience player can
    do this too. (i dont say that you should do it and i think its good that
    thous who use it get banned) But it isnt breaking the game like in other
    games where headshot kill with one shot or infinitely ammo. In WOT you are
    unable to break the game like this (faster reload or no RNG for example )
    (thats because everything like that is controlled by the server ) and thats
    why i think you cant say that you can cheat in wot (i dont know if this
    makes sense but i tried 😛 )

  624. I hope you advised this player to remove it.

  625. At 99.99% he/she knows what he is doing like so many others. I think the
    way to go is to the binary signed mods or if not possible remove them and
    implement the few useful mods. You may also allow mods only in the garage
    or for displaying stats.- Tank carroussel, all tank info (hidden stats
    too)- 3D view for arty- counter for damage, shell type is useful tooThis
    will enable a real FAIR game.I’m glad that you are making this video as
    this may attract the attention of Wargaming to finally do something.You
    also have mods that indicates obstacles destruction, arty location .

  626. I been saying this aimbot exist since the France came out with Auto guns I
    seen players doing crazy shots on the move now people believe lmao

  627. Hell. He has shown replays that have done this many times before. So
    nothing new. These aren’t new.. I love how people don’t bring up the big
    clans that were banned from tournies etc considering they were cheating.

  628. This kid is trash…

  629. Jesse WhoEvrIwant2b

    Is the auto aim when you can not actually see the target banned? I used to
    use it when I was crummy with arty and you could auto aim across the map.
    Always funny in the FV304 when you could select tanks behind buildings.

  630. Our player in SEA also have many unicum player , but i believe there is
    also many people use that mod, its like impossible for you to keep hitting
    a tank like i’m driving elc amx got hit by chaffee 3x times , its
    impossible, 64km/hour , it’s fishy right ?

  631. He said Dave. Lets just report everybody ingame named Dave.

  632. I am so good in WoT that I’m often called a bot :)

  633. thats why i stop playing this game to much cheating…

  634. using aimbot is leagal cause the are no illegal mods at WoT EU server
    mucking ferons

  635. İt doesnt matter how but if anyone used a cheat they must be banned

  636. and people are already complaining and saying the battle assistant for arty
    should be banned….

  637. Marder driver: “OMG QB’s gonna think I’m so skilled! XD”


  638. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten



  640. Hide the guys name, can still see name when he kills somsone.

  641. Well give us the name or unsubscribe 😉 Think for yourself …

  642. Peacemania Atoron

    even top clans use it (especially Polish, sorry but it’s true)

  643. Well isn’t this lovely… my 58% hit rate might get me reported because
    people will think I’m using mods.

  644. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    just ask everyone in the enemy team he killed if they still have the replay
    and one of those 14 might have it than you will have the hackers name (just
    for the witch hunters)

  645. Take this video down please Quickybaby.
    There’s enough cheats about QB without you highlighting that this is
    possible. I know it’s stupid but even if 1% of people who watch this go on
    to d/l cheats because of your video that’s a problem that’s 1% worse and
    it’s your fault. All the experienced and frankly not stupid players know
    that these hax are available and sickening a dying game we don’t need
    highlight videos.
    Take a look at this thread and this old replay from a few patches ago. The
    biggest joke is WG support said that they watched and said it was fine it’s
    just the right-click autoaim which like your video here isn’t the case as
    it’s never going “Ready to fire !” etc

  646. QB, you can’t so blind as to not know that there is cheating.

  647. block all mods…just skill

  648. Its legal on EU.

  649. I was driving in my Ru 251, and took a 1,1k damage shot from a Jg.Pz. E
    100. Yeah, I pressed Alt + f4 and came here

  650. Very many thanks for showing this. Hopefully people are now aware that
    “mods” such as this are illegal!

    The only sad thing, is that there is no way for you to detect that someone
    is using a “mod” like this in game. Very few of us will stop, view the last
    game, and check the players JUST to see if someone was “cheating”. This has
    to be something coded into the game… The only way I can think how is to
    remove the auto-aim function all together. This is effectively a FPS, and
    no other FPS have an aim-assist function.

  651. I’m lucky I play WoT on Xbox so it’s a petty safe haven because there are
    no mods such as there being zero XVM focus from Arty or aimbot however
    there are disadvantages like the lack of custom tank skins and the Lack of
    Arty assist ect. But to really be honest o don’t truly see the problem with
    this MoD. OK it automatically locks on to enemy’s. And leads them but it
    still fails! Just look at that shot at the Stuart. It’s more the lines of
    an aim assist mod (automatic auto aim) than an aimbot because I am pretty
    sure if it was a real aimbot the shells would prioritise hitting Ammo racks
    and fuel tanks over the front of a vehicle. Hell this mod in tier 10games
    would be a bigger disadvantage to the user than driving an F1 Car while
    Drunk. But still is an illegal it should be banned ect ect Just think at
    least it isn’t the citidel assist mod for WoWS or any of the aimbots
    devlopd for your generic FPS of choice.

  652. i am geting daily bans for playing better than others and its realy anoying
    ( aparently bouncing with b-c25t is cheating)

  653. Exploding Baconeer

    Cheating doesn’t make you look cool. It makes you look like an ass.

  654. i can’t understand why u guys are telling this as “witch hunting”
    are you guys using aim bot?

  655. WG said that this isn’t bannable on EU tho

  656. This is a Half aimbot. Aimbot means full direct autoaim. This Player gave
    the aimbot commands to shoot at tanks. So there are even worse cheats.

  657. pff the problem in cheats is that the average player is using this shit …
    and believe me they all know its illeagal.. noobs are noobs even at 30k
    battles :))

  658. Not to war pack or the ones that let you shoot through rocks. Or the one
    that stops you from shooting them. or the one that make the reticle move of
    the enemy tank. There’s a ton of cheating going on. oh, yes, the
    destructible mod too.

  659. hey QB, aimbot doesnt only automatically preaims, but aims the weakspots as
    well (even though it wasnt obvious in this replay). :)

  660. It’s not a mod it’s German engineering. Marder 38t op pls nerf

  661. CrazyBugattiMan .;

    I Don’t Even Use Illegal Mods…I Know Shells Velocities And I Know How To
    Lead And I Know The Game…That’s What Makes Even The SU-100 Op With The
    Right Hands

  662. Panzerkampfwagen VI "Tiger" Sonderkraftfahrzeug 181

    So, You don’t edit your videos???

  663. Kester Lanz Servas

    So its just like the aiming guide in war thunder arcade?

  664. This is the real one. The other comments in replay videos are just freaking
    excuses to report a skilled or lucky player. Freaking kids didn’t attend
    schools. Can’t even spell English right.

  665. this isn’t nearly as bad as CoD’s infamous aimbots where you didn’t even
    need to be in the same room for them to hit you. That’s what I pair with
    the word aimbot, I just hope with WoT this is as close as we’re gonna get
    to that.

  666. Disgusting. Another reason not to play WOT these days.

  667. The aimbot screaming has certainly increased tremendously the past year. I
    think the mods guidelines and rules are actually pretty clear.

  668. CrazyBugattiMan .;

    Played 1 Game With SU 100 2,000+ Damage 2 Kills In 5 Shots Plus 2 Fires
    From T-150 And KV-2 My Secrets: I Watch The Mighty Jingles And QB Learned
    The Game And I Went From A 435w8r To 701w8r in 2 months

  669. I’ve actually left a few clans because people are using cheats and it’s
    condoned by the clan. stuff like aimbots and especially mods that show when
    and where trees and walls are knocked over disgust me. That last cheat in
    particular seems to be really prevalent in on the NA server. Just play the
    game people.

  670. Redball is also a problem

  671. Ślązak Grzesiek

    Ofc WG still dont make list of prohibited mods…

  672. most of the “cheat” videos are just people who don’t understand the game or
    replay bugs, but i think that this one might be legit.

  673. This is stupid. You need to send Wargaming this replay and get this type of
    player and modification off of the battlefield! Like this comment if you

  674. I do love a sexy calculator. thanks qb

  675. I hope that WG is gona ban all mods,show your real skill with out any help

  676. And he is yellow so wtf players on 2000wn8 can aim lot better than this
    ,,cheats ”

  677. great report mate!!!

  678. Hey quiky I downloaded your mod pack but it doesn’t show me battle win
    percentages and/or player win8 and battles please help

  679. Yeah on the north American server when I play after 2 o’clock in the
    morning I notice all the aim bot players. When you play a game and T 49’s
    are hitting you at speed from over 300 meters away repeatedly you know
    somethings fishy

  680. i use the mod that removes the trees, bushes, and breakable walls in sniper
    mode because it helps with my FPS. I regret nothing

  681. Quickybaby, have you at least reported this player to WG?

  682. Charlie Cheesecake

    What about the AIM BOT often used in competitive play that auto aims for
    the critical modules, ammo racks instantly damaged, or when circled the

  683. If an enemy tank is behind obstacle and the mod allows me to right click
    and lock my reticle onto it. Just simple auto aim… Is that illegal too?

  684. If they added battle assistant to the base game they could just ban mods
    altogether. WG have done a good job implementing the most useful parts of
    xvm already so I’d be happy if they removed modding completely from hereon.

  685. I’m not sure that’s the only cheating mod pack really during some fights
    you find someone who kills your gunner / ammorrack / loader in three
    shots… and sometimes two…

  686. i had this mod once in a modpack, i removed it from the pack after i
    noticed it and then i wasnt able to start the game anymore for 2 months xD
    (reinstalling didnt work,launcher just kept crashing)


  688. now im curious what the person who played this game is thinking when he
    sees this video

  689. I don’t really care about this mod.

    QB said it himself: it would be near useless outside of low tiers
    because of armor layouts.

    Show me a mod that let’s you shoot at tanks even if they aren’t spotted,
    or a mod that autoaims on weakspots. Then I’ll whip myself into a

  690. you would think that this would make the game boring

  691. Sʆip ɗѳg รɑɓɑรtyɳ

    Banned !!! Ban

  692. Сергей Мусатов

    big problem in RU region. top cheats are this aimbot, the cheat called
    ‘tundra’ that hides all bushes, trees and all destrustible obstacles and
    cheat that highlites destructed objects and fallen trees within you drawing
    distance on the minimap.

  693. Just because WG EU is too dead assed to put out a list of banned
    functionality doesn’t mean there aren’t lists out there. Just use the one
    from the NA server, and you’ll be fine. FYI, the WG NA list specifically
    bans this functionality.

  694. Does a good player even need stuff like that?
    No, every good player can give lead himself.
    It just shows how bad he is.

  695. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)

    Some one just got roasted

  696. It’s not fun to play whit AimBot 🙁 !!!!

  697. The Pompey Pigeon

    Doesn’t help that WG EU seem like they don’t care about these mods…

  698. I don’t like cheaters

  699. New video, way to go quicky!

  700. I thought you couldn’t get a amount of kill medal at tiers lower than five
    or six…. ?

  701. this is sad. na server has warpack and its similar to this. it auto aims
    weak points and leads. having played gold league and done all the campaigns
    it makes the game not fun anymore

  702. So its like the good old auto aim that was leading shots for you? Like in
    the good old beta times with warping light tanks :-p

  703. Have you reported this player QuickyBaby?

  704. Hopefully you reported him.

    I have been in a lot of games where guys were pulling off cross map
    snapshots on everyone and killing us all.
    Its hard to prove because sometimes RNG is just on your side.

    I have seen a lot of these, and usually from upper end players. I always
    wondered too with those who constantly snap shot and hit you precisely
    where there need to, while you aim fully and still they outscore you.

    Stop being so nice to him QB. He cheated. He thought you would be too
    stupid to see it. Report him.

  705. Someone submitted this replay to you, hoping to get it featured on the
    channel, even though they were using a ‘mod’ which no one else uses, and so
    is a little suspicious? That’s low….

  706. I rather have all mods gone if there going to be cheaters!

  707. So I have tried a mod called war pack just to see. It gives you all sorts
    of advantages ill specify all the advantages if you want

  708. sigh.. just what we needed. I mean the last video that came 2 weeks ago
    caused a frenzy and basically jumped the “cheater aim hack” accusations up
    by 10x. Now that QB has done it… well I suspect there will be hard times
    ahead of wasted reports on you for hitting anything on the move because
    this video, because shots like that are impossible right? Thx QB.

  709. Hate to tell you QB. There lots of players out there do this. I would even
    say wot would not stop it!!!!!!! You should have post the players name. We
    ( players with out cheats) call out the cheaters.

  710. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  711. really surprised that you didnt think cheats were prevalent in WOT’s – they
    are a huge problem, if you actually go looking there are a large number of
    sites selling various hacks. Its big business – their forums are very
    active and the hacks are constantly updated to avoid detection. The issue
    all game developers face is its hard telling your owners/investors or
    shareholders your about to ban thousands of people and cost them a lot of
    money as a result when you detect new hacks. so often they are left. there
    have been numerous reports from within a number of companies that there is
    a policy of turning a blind eye to hacks until its causing a PR issue. Sad
    but true

  712. Iordan Sorin Titus

    aimbot all the way.

  713. Bah, thats not Cheating. Thats illegal moduse.
    You know whats really cheating?
    Clanwars. Your Clan goes against an enemy. and the Moment you or your
    Teammembers get spotted you ARE ammoracked. every time. 2 shots, 1 kill.
    First shot damages second destroys. I also was one who said nooo you cant
    cheat in worldoftanks because its all serversided.
    Yeah… clanwars told me the exact opposite. When EVERY tank on your Team
    gets ammoracked and the enemys dont even say a word about such randomness,
    then it isnt random…

  714. This is really… Not acceptable… I hope you reported him QB. But then it
    would be like he reported himself as he (what I believe) put this up on the website.

  715. u just said name DAVE 🙂 at 7:25
    i think

  716. thanks for posting a cheat… I’ve never seen one

  717. hello!

  718. you said Dave :))

  719. U should trash the player who use such mod
    not hide his name

  720. Ive been using illegal mods for a few years now and i havent gotten banned
    yet so… :D

  721. IAmThePartyMan TV

    16th comment

  722. FIRST!!! fuck… 54 :(

  723. cheating, no skill scumbags

  724. first oneeee

  725. hello quicky baby

  726. Jet beams doesnt melt dank memes

  727. Apparel Growtopia


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