^^| CHI-TO Emperor Protects. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. thanks for your love cirqon. maybe micheal jackson tank next?

  2. Every time I play the Chi-To, I get orange stained fingers…

  3. love my chi-to its such a great little machine to rival the crommy

  4. Lel *sees ammunition costs*
    Let’s not look at that.

  5. My god the Gold Spam is real

  6. looking for tanks to 3mark / have fun in? may i suggest KV 85 with a 100mm
    instead of 122, that shit is dank af

  7. LoL I made it!

  8. my nightmare…Chi-To…that tank is pretty bad….ASUUUUUUUDDDD

  9. A Friendly Chaplain

    *Sees title*

    For the Emperor.

    “Emperor’s Shield.” Is the only inscription I put on Japanese tanks.

  10. I hate it when people say: “1 more hp than needed”. No, it’s exactly the
    right amount of hp needed. If it were 1 more hp than needed he would’ve had
    2 hp. Think about it.

  11. Chi-Nu-Kai or go home people. Just go home now…

  12. the O-I could have killed you with that shot he fired flying next to you,

  13. “The engine is damaged, we can only talk locally”

  14. I always liked the yellow ones zesty I think, do they still make them?

  15. “Eat my 130 alpha” Rolls exactly 130, nice meme :P

  16. New subscriber. Man I laughed my ass off. Do you play world of warships as

  17. wow that is an Ace. I was doing similar damage (sometimes even more) in
    STRV 74 against tier 8s multiple times and every time it is a first class.

  18. nevah surrendah

  19. Yeah you better back off – 130 alpha lol;)

  20. I had the Chi-To and I quite enjoyed it, why is there so much hate on it
    really, except the top speed, which I understand people might hate on!

  21. D. Hall (Whiteknight 717)

    Last time I saw a Chi-To, it was on Hiflyer15’s Quickies of the Week series
    getting pancaked, I think.

  22. I laughed way too hard at that Michael Jackson pun.

  23. Circon is basically the best walking memes in world of tanks ever.

  24. I quite enjoyed the Chi-To during my Jap grind. Probably aced that thing 10
    times, it’s a really underappreciated tank.

  25. Oh man! Circon’s playing my favorite tank destroyer!

  26. 10:40 which is hilarious, because china and north Korea are building walls
    right now. illegal immigrants are fleeing north Korea into china, and both
    countries want to stop it xD

  27. no sound after 14:00

  28. When I saw ‘Emperor Protects’ I thought this was a Warhammer 40K video. But
    I am mistaken that would be ‘God Emperor Protects’. Heh, good vid man :-)

  29. Wat is this Dicker Max? We Dicker Min but we conquer for the Emperor!

  30. By the Emperor, we shall tickle them to death in machine made of tissue

  31. Then Japan got nuked twice thus the Chi-Ri was born.

  32. 3 mark the Chi Ri kappa

  33. I personally lover my ChiTo and my two gun marks on it. A million times
    better tank than ChiRi one tier higher.

  34. Im a simple Ultramarine. I see Warhammer 40.000 referrence I upvote!

  35. omfg dude xD them 1HP zero fucks given plays

  36. Yep, that was me suggesting the chi nu kai. Love that look after getting
    penned by the m41, a trend for the japanese mediums.

  37. Love ur use of the swindle rounds

  38. “Build the wall and make China pay for it.”


  39. This reminded me of a funny story that ended with me one-shotting a Chi-Ri
    and Chi-To with the same shell

  40. Makes me want to finish grinding this tank out… in other news so many
    people on the test server that I watched this entire video waiting in the

  41. Chi-To and Chi-Ri should get 155mm derp cause why not their Turrets are big
    enough to mount them …

  42. Japanese proverb say ‘man with hand in pocket, feeling cocky’

  43. The Chi-To is a great tank because it leads to the Chi-Ri

  44. Easy !

  45. Chi-To is pretty gud. Chi-Ri is even better, borderline OP.

  46. reminds me of rolling around in my chi-nu kai lol

  47. 8:45 Nice save on that T37, Circon.
    He survived another 5 seconds.

  48. Miodrag Mijatović

    “Do not ask: ‘Why kirr the arien?’
    Rather: “Why not?””
    Grand Master Tojo Hideki of the Divine Winds chapter


  50. Double replay omg

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