^^| CHI-TO LETS-GO (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. The engine sounds like a lawnmower XD.

  2. I did not realize that Boba Fett was a Circon sub.

  3. I need help I jus got m103 and I hate it cause bad armour but people say it is really good I know the gun is awesome but I don’t know how to play it please tell me how should I play it

  4. Only 4 players with 0 damage this time.

  5. I eat chitos

  6. Chi-To nice tank with a nice lil gun on it, but since the last patch it’s a poor man’s Strv 74

  7. That DPM 🙂

  8. Play the T-34-85

  9. The only thing that can beat a Chi-To is a Dor-Rito.

  10. chi-ri next plz


  12. is the sta2 worth buying? circon share you hacks with us xD nice memes

  13. Chi-To bounced a shot on the turret…OP pls nerf

  14. Hey Circon, i don’t remember you ever doing a video on the Grille 15, are you gonne do that in the near future? Would love to see you wreck shit with it. Or maybe IS-7?

  15. President Donald Trump

    Snooze and Circon together is just memetastic

  16. Whats your crosshair

  17. When the Chi To gets hit, Does it leave behind Little Cheese Puffs?

  18. Enemy iz running from de batterfield! Shamefur dispray!

  19. Some how that title name made my mind sing the south park song “let’s fighting love”.

  20. you are such a CHITOR! 😉

  21. Damn Circon, the amount of memes lately is so high.
    Really appreciate the work you put into yt besides twitch.
    Keep on going and keep the memes flowing!

  22. took me forever to get used to the memes of this tank at the t9 now but boy what a grind

  23. Good gun in a shitty tank

  24. What? sn00ze is supposed to die early for you to have a good game!

  25. ChiTo was my favourite tier 6 medium after I learned how to play it. And the easiest two marks because most people suck in it. The ChiRi sucks ass in every comparable feature next ti ChiTo.

  26. Chi-To looks a little bit like FCM from Top doesnt it?

  27. Would definitely like to see some chi ri memes again in this channel . Been so long Emperor Chi Ri 🙁

  28. FinStabilisedDiscardingSabot

    Japanese tanks are da bomb…

  29. Dangerously cheesy Chi-To’s

  30. Circon. How do you like your memes?

  31. damn im early 😛

  32. Chi-to mustard race.

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