CHIEFTAIN BEAST – TANK REQUEST (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. Anyway my t54 are the best.

  2. well that music is better :D

  3. hello

  4. SU-122-54 and Il-28 Соммяаde.

  5. mooore

  6. Philly u should play more crossout

  7. What COMBO next?!

  8. yes war thunder is back not that crossout shit

  9. Yo play the me 262 with the big cannon and any other tank?

  10. yak 9K and T50 45mm combo

  11. Patrick Inkognito

    phly, a thought on crossout, try to be as narrow as you can be as a target.
    there is no slope or bounce. also, if you have a peace rig, try to point
    your massive armored front towards the enemy, instead of showing the rear
    with its not even armored gasgenerator… no offense bro

  12. God damnit. Damn gooks are attacking our base. Here, take the M60 and kill
    those NVA bastards. F*ck some shit up. If you need air support, there’s a
    aircraft carrier 10 miles south of here, that has F9F-5’s loaded. Good luck
    Phly. Show what ‘Murica is made of.

  13. lets show us your skill Phly play the BF 109 E-3

  14. Help me phly

  15. Leopard and Me262 50mm (narwhal) attempt 1

  16. roblox “robloxlord234” master

    nice early

  17. 93 backups for the chieftain… Phly u came prepared

  18. Yo,Josef Stalin just send me a message from Front line.He say:Phly!!! We
    ned KV-2 power and Yer-2!!!Its ze batel oft Stalingrad” So….TAKE IT OUT

  19. The A20G combined with the M4 105 would be pretty cool.
    Big ‘Merican firepower!

  20. The 37mm Family.

    Pz 38(t) A (the little sister)

    Pz 38(t) F (the big brother)

    Ju-87 G with the mom and dad 37mm cannons.

  21. This tank is so cool. I love it cuz its looks like modern.

  22. P47D-28 and M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo =D

  23. Patrick Inkognito

    actually the chieftain was one of the best armored and best equipped tank
    of its time. nothing had the pen equivalent to this tank. in this game his
    armor consists out of cardboard to balance the game. pathetic if you ask me

  24. that leopard was shooting heat in in your spaced armor of the side, thats
    why it did not do damage

  25. kv2 and mbr2 the derp combo for stalin comrades

  26. gg

  27. Alexander Åström

    Holy fuck I want to get this tank.

  28. SU-85M and I-185 (M-71) as fighter support or ground strike for papa

  29. Show me how to play my brand new A34 Comet “Iron Duke”

  30. +PhlyDaily I think its because of RNGeuse

  31. CZF-MiraPudil :D

  32. Lancaster and F -41

  33. xxNoobTubezz (xxNoobTubezz)

    10:15 I was screaming internally. LOAD HESH DAMMIT!

  34. Looks so modern

  35. American Heavy Hitting/Animal Combo (Attempt…who cares)
    Play the endangered M6A1 and the P-61 Black Widow with the 1000 lb bombs
    Deliver a taste of freedom to those krauts!

  36. what is the intro music?

  37. cearnarvon and (planes ideas are welcome)

  38. Panther F: 7,7 second reload I believe: That’s fast for tier ivand the Do
    217 E-4

  39. the deadly USSR bomber the po-2 with the tier 1 derp the T-26-4

  40. Finaly some war thunder….. i think phly is forgetting war thunder cuz of
    crossout :(

  41. The M6A1 American mini Maus & B25J Mitchel!

  42. #PhlyNeedsGlasses

  43. T54 and IL28!!!!

  44. Look at all the numbers Phly

  45. Abu Hajaar! What is wrong with you!?

  46. i’ve just subscribed. 3 weeks max.
    but i really like your warthunder vids.
    i heard you’re playing this for 4 years now and it’s kinda boring
    but with all that in mind, i just wanna ask you to play more wt.
    no more crosut pretty please

  47. ProblemOfficer3000

    matt daemon!!!

  48. Easy 8 and P47

  49. Tiger H1 and Do335B

  50. play the PANTHER!!!

  51. Bring out the iron duke and the Tempest vickers (or the 57mm mosquito) pls

  52. Let’s make this 400mm pen clear. You only have that when you are 10meters
    away from your target and u shot at a NON-ANGLED armor, so the angle of
    attack is 90°. The T-54 has a 60° slope to his front upper plate which
    means that your angle of attack will be 60° if u face your enemy and at
    that pont your max pen value is 390mm. Now in your case as u said you
    weren’t facing the enemy so another axis came into play which made your
    angle of attack even lower than 30° and at that angle your shell’s max
    penetration is 162mm against the T54’s effective thickness of around 250mm.
    So it was a reasonable ricochet I would say.

  53. Do M47 and F-86F-25 Sabre

  54. Y u no 420mm blaze it canberra :(

  55. Do the T-92 and Catalina (rage setup)


  56. you think that was bad, phly have you ever bounced off a leopards UFP with
    a Chieftain?

  57. Chieftain and Hunter!!!!!!!PLZ

  58. Blu EaglEye (Herwin)

    Yes phly….youre right, it’s why the IS3 and IS7(not like this tank is
    mass produced) armor is so effective..correct me if im wrong pls :)

  59. M60 patton and B-29 SUPERFORTRESS

  60. Primarch Alpharius


  61. Hey phly, A7M premium please 🙂 just do it!

  62. You killed me at the 5min mark. Glad 400mm of pen can just scratch the
    paint on the side of your cheif

  63. Rov'age St Laurent

    ‘One away, just to scare him”
    OMG, I scared him to DEATH!

  64. it would Baron you actually have slope in 3D y x and z so yeah it can make
    it thicker depending on incident angle

  65. xxNoobTubezz (xxNoobTubezz)

    7:12 “Let’s let one Phly.” Daily

  66. (3rd Attempt)
    please take out the T25 and the B-29A-BN in honor of the Ki-83 intro (that
    was a month ago)!
    p.s. – carpet bomb the map with 40x500lb bombs ;)

  67. E-100 plis

  68. Eyyyyy one of my pictures is the thumbnail :D

  69. if u have the side shot go for the side on t54s since its so small 3 of the
    crew members is in the turret

  70. m60 and f84

  71. sekrit dokument loadout:

    YAK 9
    T-34 1940

  72. awesome videos man !!! and 1 question am olaying WT for long time but what
    key you must press you press to look form that scope at 3:56 ??

  73. kv-2 and Bb-1 or ww2 is lost

  74. Do the ZSU-57-2 leopard slayer and Tu2s-59 ;)

  75. “Something almost just wrecked me from the rear” -PhlyDaily 2016

  76. Just unlocked this today, what a beast! Definitely love this thing!

  77. Take out next the a34 comet with the Firebrand. FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY!!!!!

  78. Hello Phly i think that bounce on that T-54 was fair, because the angle was
    much bigger.Look on 10:37 you can see it 🙂 And im not saying that only
    because im play T-54 :D

  79. t54 and a plane your choice

  80. Triple a battery gaming

    Play plz tiger 2 105 mm and arado

  81. M60 and F-2 Sabre with the 16x HVAR rockets!

  82. Pinecone Pinetree

    Hey Phlydaily i have a isea for a new series for warthunder its a vehical
    vs vehical review such as p 80 vs me 262 or m10 vs tiger tank, compare
    there stats and the pros and cons then match them up agaianst each other
    one player flying or drivivng the other vehical with you in the other, hope
    you like the idea.

  83. Looks like my request got accepted in a roundabout fashion; both the
    Chieftain and the Hawker Hunter. Excellent video as always, Phly. Keep up
    the great work.

  84. We need a rant about how shit american teams are, tier 3 and 4 are
    unplayable with the amount of people not climbing.

  85. great stuff

  86. Fair bounce.
    That’s a tight angle.

  87. + ultimate derp combo-KV-2 and yak 3p

  88. Something almost wrecked me from the rear ahahahah

  89. The Super Players

    this tank and the leopard 1 look the most modern in this game, i wonder if
    there going to make more cold war/modern day
    tanks in the future ?

  90. TheNecromancer6666

    A “modern” MBT vs war and Post war era Tanks… seems legiz

  91. T-95 Doom turtle and AD-2, haven’t seen vids about them anymore :(

  92. Play the t-34-85 and the Yer-2 plz!

  93. Phly, if you look at the pen specs, it looked like the Sabot round only has
    ~155m of pen at a contact angle of 30deg. So that sounds like the T-54 had
    a good bounce.

  94. Take out the T92 and a early age jet.
    Greets from switzerland

  95. stinkyhand10's show

    i love his intro

  96. The sabot round wouldn’t bounce, if it overmatches the armour. I think in
    War Thunder overmatching happens when your penetration is 4x as high as the
    effective thickness you’re shooting at and since 390mm =/= 4x252mm the
    normal bounce chances applied on your shot.

    But still, Steve… No offence, but you had his juicy low side armour
    presented on a silver tablet. For safe shots go for that instead of the
    more heavily armored/sloped front plate, but on the other hand the
    Chieftain can take such decisions (but not when you’re driving in the
    Leo…. :P)

  97. Muas

  98. I killed that little pussy tank with a Panzer IV C in a custom battle.

    Panzer IV C <3

  99. what is a “smoothboore” cannon?

  100. that looks like a modern tank

  101. Could you play the SU-122-54 Phly?

  102. Use the leopard 1, but here’s the catch. You must become a noob and use the
    stock sabot rounds only!!!

    As for the plane, either the CL13A or any version of the Arado. Hope you

  103. Make a couch for crossout

  104. I would love to se you play like tank only matches, where you take out
    maybe one or 2 tanks and no planes but thats just me

  105. Stalenuggets374 NL4L

    Are the binos a mod or are they in the game?

  106. Crusader MK III

  107. simon de meulemeester

    are you going to use boris sound mod again?

  108. Dayum

  109. 10:37 Shoot the sidearmor god dammit!

  110. I think it was a reasonable bounce, it’s very rare but it was a extreme
    angle. And HESH isn’t broken, and the Chieftain Mk.3 has the BEST HESH with
    150mm because the 105mm has less shrapnel and has enough to go through a
    Tiger II chassis if need be.

  111. M26 with P38 Lightning. The End war pair.

  112. Any combo of your choice

  113. Yes I think it is a fair physic nature

  114. how to use binoculars?

  115. More British power.

  116. no i like like

  117. Can u make a video with a p47M 1 re ? An American Premium ?

  118. TheFlyingDutchman

    what gamemode is this?

  119. land a plane and cap a piont

  120. No the bouncing on Russian tanks is generally BS. Because many Russian
    tanks have very sloped armour but they have added this RNG BS on Sabot –
    that the West uses more.

    Even when it is thin they can bounce.

    The 120mm sabot has enough kinetic energy and physics to grab onto that and
    penn much more often than happens in this Russian biased BS game.

  121. Nice landing

  122. hey phly here’s a challenge, shoot down a plane with the KV-2 (derp tank)

  123. how much eagles cost this tank without grinding?

  124. 2nd time requesting this combo, KV-1 L-11 and the SB 2M-100

  125. Семён Лопаткин

    no, sabot doesn’t ricochet that much unlike common APCR, but u have a
    chance to have a ricochet when an armor has an X axis and Y slope

  126. they should add more tanks like the chieftain

  127. If love to play war thunder with you but I’m terrible

  128. Archer and PO-2. Make it in slow and weird way, man

  129. APDS it not that narrow unless your thinking of APFSDS-T

  130. Me 262 A1-a

  131. The useless combo: jpz and ta 152c

  132. It was a very fair ricochet, because, i am not physicist but it seems fair,
    because like you said it angled not only back but also sideways, so it
    seems fair as you can have, why do you think the IS-3’s snow plow is as
    bouncy as it is?

  133. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    just wait they will add a T-64 to maintain Soviet supremacy maybe even a
    T-72 variant

  134. 105mm Tiger with the Ho 229. Unstoppable

  135. How about the Britsh Conway (British KV-2) and the Hawker Hunter?

  136. yuri de oliveira barbosa

    Valentine Mk IX and Firefly FR Mk V with 1000lbs bombs or 2x 500lbs and 8

  137. Azka '02 McGamerson

    The Storm
    Do-17 Z-4
    SturmGeschütz III a

  138. TMANIAC207- Gaming Insanity

    Why is there so many chieftains? There were like 4 of them on his team

  139. Aussie Combo Meal! Boomerang “Doomerang” and the AC IV Thunderbolt!

  140. Around 8:00… Beautifulness? Isn’t it just.. Beauty? 😀
    No worries though, great vid as always man!

    P.S. I think that usually, the APDS are more prone to bouncing off armour
    than APCBC and such ammo, but only due to the weight differences at lower
    tiers. A 77mm APDS tends to bounce because it only weighs about 4-5kg I
    believe, so it lacks weight to “nullify” the sloping/angling of armour.
    The Chieftain’s APDS still weighs about 13kg if I remember correctly, so
    it’s still a big, heavy chunk of metal going at 1300m/s… Angling and
    sloping can make a difference (you can’t pen the front plate of an IS4 for
    instance like you can with HEATFS), but it takes a lot more all of a

  141. KV2 vs the Maus plz

  142. Comrade phly, ze KGB requests that you take out ze T35 and ze MBR2. You are
    long past overdue paying your respects to ze Soviet Navy, and you will face
    Gulag if resistance is shown.

  143. I think that the SABOT shell bounced and didn’t pen because it had a high
    velocity, but not enough mass the pen. So it bounced.

  144. Where did those 400000 GE go

  145. Is the tank newwer it looks like an abraham sorry for spelling

  146. do the the charioteer and the tempest 2

  147. I have to say. You intro music is awesome it’s welcoming.

  148. I am a physics major, and you were right. Both the vertical and horizontal
    angles would affect the shell.

  149. I wanna see phly deal with a tetrarch and hawker hunter combo XD

  150. Chieftain is still the Leopard’s bitch though. ;)

  151. What i they added the A-10 Warthog?

  152. namelesspistachio

    Laughing Compilation?

  153. heatfs ftw

  154. guys would you play World of Tanks?, or World of Tanks Blitz?
    just asking

  155. Ad-2 + jackson = op

  156. m3 lee & b24

  157. The chieftain looks looks like a modern tank

  158. PHLY
    KV-2 mod 1940 with MBR-2

    show us glorius new toys for russia!!

  159. M18 Hellcat and P-47 Thunderboat! :D

  160. Phly play with the backchat french tier 10 medium tank plzzzzzz

  161. I really love the intro

  162. This is b.s. the chieftain is a1976-1980 tank

  163. h1 combo. tiger h1 and ta-152 h1

  164. Jezreel Job Esguerra

    Hello Phly, I like your videos #niceshirt

  165. 5:40 noob mode engage

  166. Phly the assault fuse decrease only applied for air battles.

  167. play the leopard and the CL-13 jet

  168. M3 Stuart would be awesome!

  169. Weird request. You think you could post a vid of a compilation of some of
    your screw ups in WT? Watching your vids is giving me performance anxiety

  170. phly when u ricochet a shell it rarely deals with pinatration values. as
    long as the armor isnt very thin (pt76) the round should ricochet. war
    thunder has some problems tho where your side armor and tracks wont
    ricochet so people purposely shoot there and pin at 179 degree angles

  171. +14:19 +PhlyDaily yeah I’m not doing any math but just from general
    ballistics knowledge there is a vertical and horizontal slope and that will
    make it muuuuch more likely to bounce. When you get into situations like
    that with two slopes that will very easily bounce a sabot, you should try
    to switch to HESH. It actually “penetrates” the armour BETTER at a slope
    like this. Keep up the good work

  172. should have brought the mk6 canberra with 1000lb bombs :P

  173. The 2 fast 4 u combo: leopard 1 and Me 262 with 30mm guns

  174. I know you Russian yeah man?

  175. Hey fly keep up the good work, for the next WT vid could you do the A39
    Tortoise and the landcaster mk 3

  176. What’s the music at 5:42 i really want to know the music <3 Also love your
    vids mate.

  177. Tortoise plss plss

  178. Hey Phly, if you look at the pen indicator under the modifications menu on
    a tank it lists what the penetration value of a shell is depending on the
    angle of the armor.

  179. Maus and DO-335!

  180. The N0o_b game r :3

    High tier British 100m and up sounds sexy as fuck

  181. When the pussy too good

    i kinda hope they add some better tanks for every other nation to balance
    it out with the Chieftan. we know that the T-62a is confirmed for the
    russians, maybe the Leo 1a5 and M60A1, maybe the T-64 :D

  182. 105mm shaman HVSS and F82 twin mustang combo plz!!!!
    Kill the panther and tiger with 105mm HEAT sell.

    And i’m your fun in japan! your video is always interesting ?

  183. is 3 and tu 25

  184. Let’s sing the chieftain song:

    “I fucking love this gun.
    Doo daa.
    Doo daa.”

    (for those who dont get it, go to his first chieftain gameplay vid and go
    to around 8:20)

  185. The maus and t-34 pls

  186. (Crossout thing) Make a Chieftain in Crossout :D

  187. ya that shot you took was horrible that bounced thats basically an auto
    bounce most likley was

  188. excuse me , CHieftain everywhere !.

  189. Locust and the PBY

  190. Brandon “Kiko” Patino

    +PhlyDaily : The Flying Cat Squadron : Hellcat Wildcat Bearcat Tigercat :D

  191. Korean War Combo

    M46 with the AD2

  192. SIlentXHunter gaming

    the m41 and a b17 XD

  193. Awesome love seeing some longer vids on these combos

  194. 93 backups…

  195. super pershing and super fortress

  196. do the t-54 and mig 17…FOR THE MOTHERLAND

  197. TheJamaican BongSlayer

    …. those times when you got 92 backups.

  198. do the ferdanan

  199. Hurricane? Low tier but still as fun

  200. phly you choose bookmark or chieftain m60mi I’m enjoying all the videos I
    need it so much I don’t know English, translate from translation, although
    I don’t a lot of videos in yandex Super 30-day pre so I dont get in I’ve
    got you safe sabot bullet is not America or British chieftai and I am
    asking because I am a Turk :)

  201. Sacha Baillarguet-Gajic

    Take the poor avenger and the slow stirling ! English Bias lol

  202. Can – ber – ruh…. ???

  203. I kinda dont like the plane interface, it doesnt show my ammo can anyone
    help meh

  204. T25+F8F-1

  205. cruiser and whatever British plane you want

  206. this tank is just sexy

  207. The Duke of Norton

    That was a cool shot, man.

  208. Well to be honest I do not like crossout at all so…..make me a favor kepp
    it up with WT while simultaneously keep playing crossout…..there are some
    who like it……

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