CHIEFTAIN Exclusive Footage (War Thunder 1.57 Chieftain New Tank)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. first

  2. Bryann Van Der Voort

    yoooo barooooon!!!!!!

  3. 2th comment and 2th like

  4. fuck yeah baron

  5. Im so hyped!!!!!

  6. Well ladies and gents….either the door just opened up to 1960s tech, or
    the Chieftain would just naturally fit well at its BR of 8.0 despite the
    year in which it was produced and introduced.

    But for fun, I think we should discuss the possibility, and what tanks and
    planes we’d like to see from the late 50’s and early 60’s. I mean…Mig-19s
    and Super sabres are from the mid 1950’s and the T-62 came out earlier than
    the Chieftain, in 1961.

  7. Well Russian Bias has turned into British Bias. RIP T-10 2014-2016

  8. British needed this tank. Centurian MK10 and Conqueror are ok at best

  9. Slickbee is a dirty jew in disguise don’t trust him, remember with jews you

  10. I would love for them to just add modern warfare tank combat

  11. they all said i was mad for completing the British tech tree. NOW WHOS

  12. “I want to get naked and start the party….send me to the action right
    away” Here’s the link to where the footage of Chieftain starts:

  13. Dick butt Nick butt


  14. Can buy a chieftain for £15,000 here in the uk

  15. John Matthew Joseph

    what a sexy tank (o_o)

  16. i love the chiefton so much i think ive jizzed my pnats ahhhh

  17. Liam the dark angel.

    a great British tank… After ww2 Britain just went off with tank designs
    and building jets. And now at present day the UK boasts the best tank (
    challenger 2 ), the deadliest submarine in the world ( HMS ambush ) and the
    largest aircraft carrier the UK has ever constructed since we invented them
    ( HMS queen Elizabeth ). I think we’ve done quite well… Baron, are you
    going to tankfest this year?

  18. There are night tank battles too! I played one before, and the weather was
    ultrathick thunderstorms on Advanced to the Rhine.

  19. I don’t think we will ever get smoke in War Thunder because of the amount
    of potato PC players. They won’t even remove ULQ.

  20. Kek overload.
    Tea cannon/

  21. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  22. If it gets that much penetration they need to give the L7 its actual
    penetration values.

    PLEASE!!!!!!!! We wanna use all the new stuff SOOOOO MUCH. Also Baron, Can
    you do a T26E4 video when the dev server comes back up please? Thanks.

  24. Song in 1:45 ?

  25. I can’t wait to be clubbed by this in my WW2 tanks! Yay!

  26. F*ck the T-62, we want the T-64 and honestly the T-64 would be a great
    addition since the machine was design to be on par with the Chieftain

  27. yo da bst

  28. Wasnt the leopard and the m60 1960s designs too?

  29. roland moellenberndt

    I want napalm to drop on tanks from a fighter lol

  30. That tank should have an armour of 300 – 350mm on the front. I didn’t think
    that Gajiin let this tank exist in this game but finally it is …

  31. Surely the cheiftan should be above the conqueror rather than the
    Either way…. It’s a fucking cheiftan!!
    Although….. It’s not a challenger 2 :(

  32. I’m sure Gaijin will find a way for it to be thoroughly underwhelming 🙂
    It’ll probably be getting penned all day long from the front

  33. The leopard 1 came into service in 1965

  34. Vladimír Andreas (Chlupac)

    I would like to see a smoke grenades.

  35. armored cars soon hopefully, want my puma. Also, if war thunder ever gets
    navy action, i wonder how crazy the x-ray shots on ships will look

  36. I’m early better make a joke.

    German tanks armor.

    Well, year and a half wasted grinding those tanks. Better start anew.

  37. I Don't Understand Math

    Don’t tell me that i am only one who thinks this is modern warfare (2000+)
    rather that 1960 tank.

  38. Night tank games when? just imagine a pitch black map only illuminated by
    the light on your tank/ muzzle flash, maybe even get some early IR scopes.

  39. *HESH isn’t supposed to penetrate.. Just sayin’ Baron and Thunder..
    AAaaaand btw thunder, “The new Centurion Mark III also featured a fully
    automatic stabilisation system for the gun, allowing it to fire accurately
    while on the move, dramatically improving battlefield performance.”

  40. Why does this thing have a stabilizer and the leopard doesn’t ???

  41. Oy barron, many many patches ago I took part in a ground battle at night.




  44. So bootiful! (ノಠ‿ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

  45. it’s so cool. I would like them to put the B52 Stratofortres (appear in
    vietnam war) that would be cool

  46. repaircost? thats probably the bane of exictense of the uk tanks. centurion
    mk3 and 10 has 10k and the t54 mod 1951 has 5k both tanks are tier5 anks
    (not the mk3)

  47. RIP br 7.0

  48. viktor Selaković

    war thunder nede rain in battle

  49. goodbye t-10, you were OP for two years.
    IRL that is.
    I bet this is gonna be nerfed to sh!t unless 9.0 is a thing

  50. Why do i have a feeling this is bad news for every Tiger 2 Tanker like

  51. yes, the chieftain mark 3 was great until T-76’s, and T-80’s came along
    with the Abrams and leopard tanks, so they made the challenger 1 and 2

  52. Spotlight on the side of this tank makes it look a bit silly, otherwise
    it’s sexy AF

  53. KV-2 is better

  54. Honestly, extending the number of vehicles at the top tier will only
    exacerbate WT’s player base problem. Too few people are playing the game as
    it is.

  55. Russian players don’t worry! The OP T-64 can’t be far behind knowing
    Gaijin’s history of maintaining the Russian “club you” dominating roll in

  56. what is the music in the backround?

  57. HESH dont have to pen to kill crew


  59. Brilliant tank, would definitely vote leave.

  60. Grinding brits now…

  61. We are getting closer and closer to F-4 Phantoms and MiG 21s. The Vietnam
    era is still long ways off but, I hope they do add Vietnam era jets and
    early aa missiles.

  62. Baron if i open wt dev it says : game not acticivated under account please
    notice me!

  63. Tristan Thibodeaux

    great now Britain will be op

  64. ah well.. time to man up and GRIND!

  65. Super Pershing and Chieftain OMG i love this Patch soo much

  66. Keep plugging that French Char. One day we’ll get it and we’ll call it the
    Char Baron.

  67. Tristan Thibodeaux

    Russia only one without Vietnam tanks

  68. I need to get a computer so I can play war thunder

  69. Keep plugging that French Char. One day we’ll get it and we’ll call it the
    Char Baron.

  70. It’s a heavy tank, but it was placed after centurion

  71. Slowly moving towards modern time

  72. Think about it, if they’re bringing in 1960’s tanks, then they might do the
    same for planes. Which means we might just see a B-52 in war thunder yet
    since that bomber was produced in 1952. If we can’t get a B-52, maybe we
    could get a B-36. Now that would be interesting. I know it is like a
    0.00000000000000000000001% chance that either will be added. But with this
    tank, maybe that day dream is bumped up to 0.00000000000000000000004%.

  73. does anybody know the day of the release of ”battle march”?

  74. So how am i supposed to fight this in my king tiger 105 or my soon to be
    jagdtiger ? Fuck you gaijin make cold war tanks 9.0

  75. Baron not only we might see the T-62 tank, but also the T-64. It was
    designed early 1960s.

  76. That tank makes me want to grind the british tree.

  77. Is the test server Realistic settings or Arcade? Trying to get an idea of
    its acceleration and maneuverability

  78. Leopard 2 maybeeeee??? :3

  79. What is the big deal – Leo 1 was introduced into service in the 1960s.

    Chieftain isn’t a ground breaker.

  80. almost all german tanks have smoke launchers…

  81. I disagree with this tank added to the game as well as the smoke lunchers

  82. What tier do u think

  83. Pizdec krasiviy, sori za moy inglish bratya, prost ya hohol iz ukraini

  84. I heard a bird at the start! :O

  85. You said that the Chieftain could open the door for vehicles from the 60s.
    But there were was already the M60 and Leopard I. I get the part that where
    Vietnam era vehicles seem to be slowly added in. But you made it sound like
    the Chieftain is the first.

  86. The Leopard I is from 1965 so this is just 1 year later

  87. Why do French deserve a place in the game? They just rolled over like a
    scared puppy at the sight of a rolled newspaper.

  88. BaronVonGamez, I am not sure if you are fully aware of this…. but HESH
    rounds aren’t designed to penetrate targets. Here’s some information I
    pulled off Wikipedia that is fairly accurate about what HESH rounds really
    do, “The plastic explosive is “squashed” against the surface of the target
    on impact and spreads out to form a disc or “pat” of explosive. The base
    fuze detonates the explosive milliseconds later, creating a shock wave
    that, owing to its large surface area and direct contact with the target,
    is transmitted through the material. In the case of the metal armour of a
    tank, the compression shock wave is conducted through the armour to the
    point where it reaches the metal/air interface (the hollow crew
    compartment), where some of the energy is reflected as a tension wave. At
    the point where the compression and tension waves intersect, a high-stress
    zone is created in the metal, causing pieces of steel to be projected off
    the interior wall at high velocity.”

  89. hey baron you are my inspiration an you are the reason I play war thunder

  90. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    wtf were did this come from.

  91. The sherman has vertical stabilizers but it’s not perfect, but still gives
    you the chance to hit your targets on the move

  92. Tyrannosaurus Rex

    HESH is nothing like HEAT…

    They should really fix their HEAT before adding this many tanks.

  93. Modern chaos maker

    They should add Vickers Valliant

  94. Com’on Gaijin ! Go mad !! =P
    B1 ! Spotlights ! Cold War ! Infantry.. etc.. pleae :’) go mad.. xD

  95. Holy fuck yess my 2nd fav tank

  96. Only thing is I wish it had it’s iconic engine noise

  97. the mig-21 is from 1959

  98. Warning, bad playes are switching the Russia BIAS to British BIAS, LETS
    FIGHT THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont dare to call these BIAS

  99. The M60 and Leopard 1 are also 1960s tanks.

  100. R.I.P German tanks..

  101. yeah yeah, it the chieftain, but when this comes up, i will quit war
    thunder, just because the maus (wich gaijin said to be a support tank wich
    is bullshit) will be at the same BR as the chieftain, and for fuck sake,
    that is ridiculous, maus is supposed to be THE front-line tank and gaijin
    has screwed it in the worst possible way with the mixing of WW2 and post
    war tanks at the same BR
    i wonder if someday, with the thing they are doing to the poor maus, he
    will face T90, M1, challys….you know i what mean…
    and also, why is the german tank tech tree always -1 tank? like, the
    russians have 3 rank 5 heavys, USA has 3 rank 5 mediums, the germans? well,
    they have 3 of none, it would make more sense to balance that up in a way
    that king tiger faces is3, maus faces is4 ans something else faces the
    T10M….i feel that in this game the germans are always looked down, but at
    least the have the leo, they badly needed a good tank like that since they
    fucked up with the maus

  102. This addition means we NEED 9.0 Post WW2 BR….

  103. T-64!The best tank in the world when he began service in 1967

  104. how do you hide heu wile playing

  105. So next the f4 phantom please ^^

  106. and now I regret giving up on the british tank tree

  107. Hopefully they’ll give it L23 APFSDS, at least then people will have
    something else to complain about :P

  108. First Order Stormtrooper

    and here comes T-64’s and more stuff Gaijin can’t actually balance.

    Fanfuckin’ tastic.

  109. The Kanonenjagdpanzer and the Leopard I are from 1965, almost the same as
    the Chieftain

  110. I swear Gaijin has a hard on for Russian and British tanks…

  111. It is a thing of beauty.

  112. Игорь Первый

    T10M have stabilazer

  113. NO BARON, JUST NO! NO BLOODY ANTI-TANK MISSILES, this is a WW2 tank game at
    its core, and that’s it. No night vision, no NBC protection, no tactical
    nukes, no laser designators, no supersonic aircraft, no M1 Abrams. I’m
    sorry but that’s just how it has to be.

  114. The Leopard is a 1960’s tank as well. Although I do know the Chieftain is
    as far as they will go because any tank they will now add will be worse
    than the Chieftain

  115. Every German tank player just cried.

  116. HESH doesn’t need to pen, that’s the whole point -_-

  117. The Centurion has a stabilised gun too. All models.

  118. I hope Germany gets more tanks, it deserves them.

  119. Maybe we will see the V-Force and a TSR2 afterall! (well V-Force as least)

  120. Possibilities for new teirs HYPE!!!!!!

  121. The British Chieftain tankers used to call using the machine gun for
    ranging “knocking on the door”. I find it cool that they’ve integrated


  123. Also, japanese tanks>french/italian tanks. The japanese tree is already in
    game, they need their tanks

  124. You know what fits in the time line? the T64 and its stronk composite armor
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  125. its a reaction against modern warfare? We’ll have “modern” tanks in War
    thunder? What do u think guys


  127. Echo squad gaming

    Baron the leopard is in the game and so is the m60 so there are tanks
    already here in the 60’s and on

  128. Игорь Первый

    waiting anounce t62

  129. When I Watch your vids they make me happy keep it up your my favorite
    Youtuber.P.S my name is not Bob Its Matthew Lol

  130. InB4 F4 Phantom BR 7.7

  131. Funny thing about the T62 is that it was built in a panic before the 100mm
    APDS and HEATFS rounds were made, and the T62 with period correct rounds
    actually had slightly inferior penetration characteristics to the 100mm
    Heatfs and apds, The T62 would be a worse T54 1951 basically as it would
    have a longer reload, less ammo, and weaker armor in some areas. Only thing
    that could compete with the Chieftain if it does have a stabilizer and
    such, is a T64 with the composite armor effect not modelled.

  132. I don’t want any modern tanks in War Thunder

  133. There will be no guided missiles in Warthunder and tbh I never want to see
    more 1960’s stuff becasue this is supposed to be a ww2 game so more ww2
    stuff is what we need.

  134. furkan gajin where is leopard series

  135. 1960=germany will get fucked(the german tanks are mainly 1945 and will
    faceoff with the 1960 tank)

  136. dont know the actual specifics of this tank but if it’s going to be modeled
    anywhere near what aw displays this tank will be easy to penn with heat and
    even ap, the only problem with it can be the sick rate of fire with an 120
    mm cannon

  137. I think this is the start of the modern tanking for War Thunder…

  138. Inb4 Russians cry British bias and the Chieftan is heavily nerfed to that
    of nearly being unplayable.

  139. they better add in missles. it would be stupid to only have guns and
    missles and a2g missles. since early missle tech was poop

  140. They’re probably going to take tanks into the 1970s and planes into the

    “For tanks the combat situation changed as well, but much later. Even
    vehicles from the 1970ies were not equipped with potent missiles that could
    be used without actually seeing or manually guiding for the enemy. So, with
    tanks, we’ll probably go up to the 1970ies, while with aircraft we’ll stop
    in the 1960ies” – Anton Yudintsev

    Q&A from six months ago:

  141. WE NEED THE B-52!!!

  142. Divinitus Artifex

    WE NEED MORE GERMAN TANKS ! 🙁 its a bit unfair ._.

  143. Johannes Jedemark

    Im almost crying its so beautiful

  144. Chris “Dudi4PoLFr” D

    Rip Maus and every german high tier tank…

  145. Green Lighterning

    Baron could u try and get war thuder to find a jet for the mosquito line???
    P.S get them to add the sea dart and sea master for the USA!!

  146. Im getting kinda sad. That they are making modern tanks

  147. Modern warthunder is coming!!!

  148. Chieftain engine sound is identical to the Maybach ones atm.

  149. APDS is getting further nerf in 1.57 so this tank will be crap

  150. Shoots machine gun at tank “huehue yep I’m high” *takes a hit of dat joint*

  151. I hate wargaming….. WT has the chieftain earlier! I WANT MY CHIEFTAIN IN
    WoT :(((( i cri evry tim

  152. R.i.P germany at range 5.

  153. now we can finally get a seperate cold war tier

  154. modern tanks hype?

  155. Mohammed Alhosani

    Don’t forget the T-64 as well

  156. I like ww2 more though.

  157. It looks so badass with that turret slope on the front.

  158. Warhound “Fire Storm” Redemer

    do not like the idear of having cold war vs world war 2 but if they cloud
    spilt it i would love it

  159. The Germans need more tier 5s. The leopard isn’t the best tank, and it has
    no backup, except a maus which is slower than a Jewish Christmas.

  160. This thing will either be sickly OP or super underpowered. That thing will
    not be decently balanced.

  161. British tanks from the late 60s up till the challengers were arguably the
    best tanks in the world, British bring th pioneers of armouring, aside from
    the creation of explosive reactive armour that is….and the 120mm Rifled
    gun is still very accurate and even has the longest tank to tank kill,
    killing a T-62 at 5.5k km

  162. Will t 64 come next????

  163. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    the Leopard I entered service in 1965, and the M60 entered service in 1961,
    and they don’t look like prototypes, 1960s era tanks aren’t new

  164. Why do you have such a boner for the charbis 1

  165. That is cool as

  166. It looks the same as in AW!!!! *Fanboying increases by 9000%*

  167. yeah next patch im guessing a t62 or a t72 with a nice mig21 just to top it
    all off
    something op and broken like that

  168. Yasss!! modern shit in WT!

  169. Id like to see French Tanks. Early WW2 French tanks were on par or better
    than German tanks. The Germans just had better tactics.

  170. Gameplay begins at 15:02

    Thank me later

  171. now…. i need new diapers as well as new pants….. couldnt hold it in at
    btw, anyone got a keyboard for me? mine is filled with drool…….

  172. Modern thunder. RIP german tier 4

  173. Baron baron!!! are you in trouble because that flag is upside down?????

  174. I’d fucking kill myself if they developed the t62

  175. finally

  176. … Why is the Queen driving it …

  177. Naked party with chieftain sounds like fun

  178. lol baron you have no clue how to play this

    !!!!!! OMG FACEPALM

  180. Элиза Хоэнхаим

    Oh, Baron please!!! Say few words about early hehicopters!!!! We do have
    british SPAA of 1970. What bothers them add helicopters of early 1970s?
    Please, talk about french tanks and about helicopters too!!!!!

  181. Challenger I guys? anyone?

  182. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    cheiftain will be the best and most powerful tank in the game when it comes
    out, like it was in real life which it held tha title for almost 20 years!
    so adding tanks like t62 is pretty lame since the cheiftains were just
    kicking their asses back in the days

  183. I Think sherman have stabilizer. Vertical stabilizer maybe, cuz I’m easily
    destroy enemy while moving using sherman

  184. Chief vs Maus? lol fair enough xD

  185. Baron the Tog 2 is the best tank at shoring on the move.

  186. m60a1 when.

  187. The almighty Maus slowly but steadily becoming meat shield, R.I.P Maus

  188. banba mahiru/shinya yuri is the best genre

    poor Germans :D

  189. AngryOcelotGaming

    seems like only a matter of time before we get 1980s tanks..and that means
    we’ll get the Abrams…i wanna see the Abrams vs King Tiger

  190. for the love of barron could you change that little musical toon your
    using? cause it does not fit with you or the channel

    (also helicopters in war thunder let that set in…)

    also if we get to the point of t-90s then i am calling it now it will
    dominate the battle field (not cause russian bias cause the tank is

  191. The British flash for the thumb nail is upside down

  192. Even if the t62 is added the chieftain was said to be far superior but it
    would be pretty cool anyway

  193. I creamed myself

  194. Love the Chieftain :)

  195. char b1 bis

  196. nice tank man good job

  197. Heatfs

  198. maybe some new american tanks please?

  199. whos the lady popping her head out of the tank she looks hot

  200. hey whats the LAN to your servers to MOWAS 1 because i really want to play

  201. Azhari Azhar (Zack)

    Might as well add those Mobile Suit Gundams

  202. Leo 1 with gun stabilizer???????

  203. if brits get chieftain, soviets should get t-64. Will be interesting to see
    how gaijin translates composite armor into gameplay

  204. something to add to the smoke grenades, having smoke shells for some tanks
    would be fabulous!

  205. Corsair EmeraldProjects

    Ok guys I see now finally a point to continue researching brits c:

  206. [LuckyPatchGaming]

    was that arcade mode?

  207. t-62 a BR 7.7

  208. When will 1.57 be released ?

  209. This is getting sort of ridiculous. It somewhat made sense to introduce the
    Leopard 1 (1965) because West Germany had essentially no military R&D
    immediately following WWII. But Great Britain had plenty – the Centurion
    variants filled the MBT role until the release of the Chieftain in 1966,
    far beyond War Thunder’s well-publicized 1954 cutoff date. If War Thunder’s
    new norm is to go decades beyond their own cutoff date in numerous nations,
    they have to extend it for planes as well, and there’s no way they can do
    that without breaking their “no guided missiles, no supersonic jets”
    promise. Every major nation’s fighter wing post 1956 or so employed
    supersonic jets with guided missiles. By 1958 every nation had MACH 2 jets
    (BAC Lightning, F-104, F-105, Sukhoi Su-9, Mig-21, all mach 2+). Now
    imagine, with the current system, having to grind up to tier 6 or 7 and on
    into the Vietnam era. It already takes 300+ hours just to get to tier 5 in
    one nation. The game either needs to make a drastic change to its
    organizational structure, or ditch all of this post-Korea idiocy.

  210. it was strange about the middle of February on my War Thunder launcher
    there was a drop-down checklist of what server I was on, this wasn’t the
    typical select your country server as it had I think 3 or five names the
    one I was on was titled “production” since then I had to reinstall my game
    to clear a corrupt file and the list went away.

  211. why the fuck do you get to play the cheiftain someone who’s terrible and
    plays arcade in most videos and magztv and the orangedoom people that have
    a genuine knowledge of the game and can give actual feedback, don’t get to
    play them early this is fucking hypocrisy.

  212. planes are still 1953. tanks limited to 1953 has not been the case for a
    year. planes arnt going past 1953 and the chieftain was added to counter
    the leopard and coming russian mbt’s

  213. Thing is if they introduce aircraft after the 50s they’ll have to introduce
    guided missiles, both air-launched and ground-launched. Otherwise you’ll
    have the very silly view of watching giant super-fast jet fighters trying
    to dogfight with 20mm rotary autocannons. That is, of course, if they even
    have them; the original models of the famous F-4 Phantom, for instance, had
    no gun armament.

    So either they’re going to introduce later tech, including missiles, or
    they’ll just randomly include things like the Chieftain because the vehicle
    itself fits in.

  214. When we getting internal views for tanks and bomber pilot and gunners

  215. jesus christ I thought this tank was like a tank from the 80’s

  216. how do u use the machine gun I still dont know

  217. I hope they add the t 62

  218. Tiger 1H versus chieftain SEEMS LEGIT says gaijin

  219. next time you play wold of war ships you should play the bismark

  220. this tank looks beast

  221. Seriously WTF is the Cut off with how far after WW2 they are going to go? I
    think We’re going to see a flood of Vietnam Era vehicles after this patch.

    Gotta admit though the cannon sounds beasty as hell!

  222. OverPoweredPotato

    Now War Thunder has the Chieftain? Wargaming and WoT needs to get their
    shit together.

  223. I think if they want to start adding tamks like this, they need to change
    the way battles are fought. If you want to fight WWII the only tanks in the
    battle should be WWII tanks. If you want to add 60’s era tanks then make
    battles that only have that era’s tanks. Same with planes.

  224. Getting a new coat of paint has never been this easy…

  225. Ohhh I can’t wait to see the hate for this lol

  226. the 120 sounds like an 88 + 152 sound effect

  227. So when is WT going to introduce ATGM’s? and air to air missiles? I mean
    that is where we are at.
    TD’s will all become missile armed, WT aircraft are going to need both VR
    and BVR missiles to make things balanced no one is going to play an F-4
    with AIM-9’s only.

  228. The M60 is a 1960s tank to if you forgot……

  229. Also I wish that “ranging” machine gun actually worked. That would be
    really bad ass for the RB’s, first time hit almost every time.

  230. Why should the Char 1B be a german premium?
    Think it would be better off in the UK tech tree.

  231. it looks like a70s tank

  232. smoke grenades would be so great because I would get I situations where I
    get tracked and there was a tank sniping me from far away and I couldn’t

  233. 5:36 thats a pre islamic republic iranian tank :D

  234. Patrick Adams (Orion)

    HESH isn’t supposed to pen. In fact the way they work pretty much depends
    on them not penning.

  235. The HESH round or HEP as we American tankers called it was not made to
    penetrate,it was supposed to hit,flatten out on the armor and as the fuse
    was in the tail it would detonate in a pancake shape. This in turn would
    send a huge shock wave thru and release a large chunk of armor to bounce
    around inside. The gun stabilization was useless in firing the main gun on
    the move,the M60A1 had the same setup and it only kept the main gun pointed
    in the general direction. Good to use with the coax but only good to cut
    the time down when you stopped and fired the main gun.

    Great armor,crap engine and transmission. Looks like fun.

  236. The leopard 1 is from the 60s

  237. good thing this isn’t a WW2 sim game

  238. baronvongames you suck

  239. Goodbye russian bias, sleep well princess :'(

  240. other brithish shit en shit thunder

  241. I want to see the CF 105 Avro Arrow, my countries greatest aircraft we have
    had!!! it came out in 1955… gk Canada

  242. Looks like Armored Warfare syndrome is affecting even War Thunder.

  243. if they are extending the time range, i hope they add the f4u phantom, even
    if they dont have missiles, later versions of the phantom had guns

  244. America will become potato, the only tank after the m60 is the Abrams and
    that will definitely not be added. RIP murica

  245. I regret all of the time I’ve put into german tanks….

  246. It’s gonna fight Tiger IIs. Calling it right now.

  247. Cyscosystar - TD352

    I thought the m60 was the first 60s era tank they put in?

  248. LordShivaMahadeva Kailashdweller

    They need to change to a historical service life match making system. Also
    hesh doesnt care about slope

  249. Sure you can go to BR 9 or you could just to the 20 tier system like it
    should be.

  250. All I heard during this video was OP OP OP OP OP OP

  251. now add the M60A1 please war thunder ._.

  252. M1A1 ABRAM NEXT

  253. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    If they keep adding Newer and newer tanks/planes, the NEED for a 20 Tier
    system to be reinstated is increasing with each Patch.

  254. F4 Phantom????

  255. Schau ned so blöd

    I Think Tier 6-10 are coming ;)

  256. leopard 1 1965. chieftain 1966. not much difference really!

  257. Actually, there’s several tier 4 & 5 ground vehicles already in the game
    that entered production in the 1960’s; M60 Patton, Leopard 1, and PT-76.
    That said, the Chieftain Mk.3 isn’t too out of place.

  258. M60 A1 – A3 …… geeeezus. this opens the door for the A4 jet… the
    A10’s daddy

  259. Damm… when I started watching your video I thought I was watching an
    Armored Warfare! Lol

  260. first thing I thought when I saw this “awww m1 Abrams is here!!!!”

  261. do you think gaijin will eventually add modern tanks and planes? basically
    becoming similar to armored warfare in tanks?

  262. How does the Chieftain open the door? The Leo is 1965……..the Gaijin CEO
    has said they want to go to early 70’s for tanks (but air in the 50’s
    because of Air to Air missiles)…..AKA ATGM country. Dude you are so
    behind on the info that BVV_d has given out for Tanks that will be in the

    T-62…….Confirmed in Q&A with 115mm Smooth bore APFSDS ammo
    Leo 1A1…..Confirmed in Q&A (maybe even higher, 1A1A1, 1A1A2 as they do
    not have computing FCS)
    M60A1……” ”
    ZSU 23 4……….” ” AKA “Shilka”
    Flakpanzer Gepard…..” ” 2x 35mm guns that do have APFSDS ammo type

  263. So this vs. A Maus. Wtf? How are they going to balance thier already broken
    system. Are we going to see f-4phantoms against mig 9? Come on. The company
    listens to guys like you, can’t anything be done?

  264. WOH that has similar looks from the abrams

  265. OO7999999999999999

    Now Baron please explain to me why you are excited about the fact that we
    might get T-62s in the game?

  266. also how can they justify adding the chieftain but not the m60 or t62
    considering they both entered service in 1961 while the chieftain didn’t
    start service until 1966

  267. You know what else was in service in ’66?
    T-64 & MiG-21 :P

  268. yah, we need more vehicles so people are more spread out so they can fuck
    up everything more

  269. honestly i would be happy if they just made it so smoke grenade launchers
    just made a wall, i play light tanks so anything to keep me alive when i am
    in danger is fine with me

  270. still waiting for my t62 :-)

  271. Warthunder Should have the f2y seadart

  272. Us Brits pronounce it Chef-tan, God dammit BARON.

  273. We need the leopard 2 for German

  274. this is the coolest tank i’ve ever seen… i GOTTA start plaiyng the
    british tanks so i can drive this baby!!

  275. RIP russians and americans in tier 5 if they put a CHIEFTAIN in this game i
    want a t-64 for russians and m60 super pattons for usa. putting a tank in
    this game that was produced in the 60ts is not okay for the other nations
    pls give me than more leopards pattons and t55 t64.

  276. isn’t the leopard 1 a 60’s tank

  277. I know the armor of it its not the best but the gun is the only fine thing
    on it

  278. not so new, Leopard 1 is a late 60’s tank

  279. Demon Lord Of the Round Table

    I just hope they don’t model reliability in this tank, because that Leyland
    L-60 engine was not very good at all

  280. when is 1.57 coming out ?

  281. they should add the Convair B-58 Hustler :D

  282. Now we wait for Abrams for america

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