CHIEFTAIN GOES 1 vs 9 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. T95/FV4201 Chieftain is arguably the best tank in World of Tanks and Karvapallero is going to show you why!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Best example for pay to win.

  2. Such tanks made me quit WOT.. ?

  3. 279e is the best for average or good players, and Chieftain is the best for very good players

  4. Everything wrong with this game in a single video – skilled player, top tier, in an OP tank, spamming gold …and WG are working on changing HE ammo!

  5. Chieftain Mk6 is same thing … ummm

  6. Karvapallero is Finnish and it means “dustball”

  7. Well, as all tanks, it’s highly susceptible to artillery fire, but even more so because you’re in a Chieftain and you become the main target until you’re dead.

    If there’s no arty, it’s the old E5 to be honest. The upper plate can bounce, but the lower can’t. If you see this tank on a ridge and you have the number advantage, push it. If not, you’re gonna lose every time. If you’re alone, don’t sit there, run away, find a better angle. The Chieftain will move eventually, so wait him out in the open. Once there, if you can manage to play smart, it’s dead.

    I feel the 279e is way more OP than this. Apart from the gun depression, the armor layout and dpm are over the top. Although i know the weakspots, it’s still hard to pen, even with high-pen HEAT. APCR goes in, but i can only do that in the Strv-103B, and only if the tank is slighty angled and the nose becomes a bit more flat. Catch a Chieftain in the hull, it’s dead without the need for premium. Against lower tiers, yeah, unless you let it in the open, you’re gonna lose.

    I think people are just scared of it. It doesn’t have the best dpm, a medium tank can easily keep it tracked and surround it, like we saw with the T-55a, but you should be smart about it. Wound it before you go in, don’t just sit in front of it trading shots, like most players do. It’s not the tank, it’s the quality of players.

  8. You lost me at 2nd Karvapalerro :/

  9. Karvapallero? Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan.

  10. Premium rounds again, lol. Show some real battles.

    • J.T. Jaeger yep ignore this perfectly
      Played game where he carried with an insane display of skill. Ur actually just one of those shitter who make themselves feel good by shitting on unicums

  11. press 2 for skill

  12. Yes, it’s fun to do crazy things. As an example, to play just with stock tanks or just with HE. I hate players that are better than others but the use mainly premium rounds. Where is the fun? They play for stats. They are not real players. That’s why I like Taugrim, at least he tries to play without premium rounds. That’s why I don’t like too much Skill/Baboon.

  13. I dream of games like that.

  14. The way he says Karvapallero

  15. OP tank + only gold ammo = skill

  16. can someone tell me how I can get this tank pls?

  17. Of course the light tank was AFK. This seems to always be the case in these high damage battles. If only that LT would have been in the game, it would be a heartbreak. If only that happened to me…

  18. Is that a 92% gold ammo load out?

  19. Christmas Allen Rob

    The tank is OP… 350 turret armor for a fast heavy… with 10 degrees of gun depression that is not fine

  20. I can’t enjoy a full gold ammo battle. This is exactly why they need to change gold ammo. Limit the number of rounds, or nerf it.
    I don’t care if this is a good player and he had a good battle, if they have a OP tank and only fires gold they will get a dislike

  21. Wargaming remove the WTF AUF E100 on fucking console

  22. Game is great. But i got a feeling, that it was a performance of professional wrestler smacking everybody down in kindergarten.

  23. Yeah, give us more boring op tank gameplay with shit 95% of the community never get their hands on. Downvote, sorry.

  24. The most modern tank in blitz is the kpz-70

  25. Goldspam in +2 top tier game 😀

  26. You almost got right the pronounciation of karvapallero. Nice try!

  27. No point uploading sorry Quickybaby. I’m not a good enough player to have a noteworthy match. =)

  28. This would have been great if it was tier 10 only battle… but broken, overpowered tanks, steamrolling incredible bad/low wn8 players, 2 tiers below… sry but this far away from anything heroic. It shows, how broken world of tanks became, tier 8 tanks are no match for most of the t10 tanks today, sadly…
    Games like this are only possible, if you have super stupid and bad enemies, you are top tier vs 2 tier lower tanks and if you drive an overpowered tank. And honestly, he did a lot of bad moves in this replay, still was able to win against this muppets xD

    This replay doesnt make you feel the player was playing godlike, it showed how stupid the matchmaking is, how t10 tanks can shred t8 tanks into oblivion and how incredible stupid the whole, enemy team was, right?

  29. People still play this game? I thought it died 2 years ago.

  30. I really hate these kind of broken tanks. Especially when WG gives them to the best players….. It just feels so unfair… you can’t even pen them with gold ammo… And you have to play agains these in a Type5 or an E100…. You just can’t do anything…. And what about a Tiger II or an O-Ho? Hopeless

  31. I hate how he gets loud and quick at close situations!

  32. He lived? Well that’s a heartbreak to me

  33. Tier X vs Tier VIII – no comment.

  34. Broken tank with broken ammo. Yay… fun game…

  35. He played a very good game. I can sort of understand the gold ammo spam if going for a 2nd mark, still dirty though

  36. A superb demonstration as to why this tank will never be available for sale in Randoms, it’s just to good and beats the shit out of 90% of Russian tanks, and the Russian player base wont like that at all.

  37. sorry, no respect for players in OP tanks spamming only premium ammo. To be honest: I don’t like those kind of videos from you quicky. You should not support this unbalance.

  38. And that is what makes “unicums” a truly “unicunts” – excessive usage of gold ammo. Without those they will be just mediocre at most. If they are so good as you QB claiming they are why they use gold ammo in 99% of their games, huh? Disliking again because of a promotion of gold spam.

  39. There is one Thing that Destoyed WoT for me. The change that would allow you to buy “Gold ammo” with Credits back in the day if i started playing WoT you was forced to know where to shot a Tank to pen them know you load the “Gold”. i played thousands of games untill i knew where to shot something like an IS-4, Maus you name it and now you it´s kinda sad if i drive my E-100 there is only gold apcr or heat hitting my Tank so i decided to stop playing it, this change all this years ago where a bittersweet kinda thing for me it´s bitter i love the challenge to aim at the right spots for others it was a sweet. Anyways great vid have a nice week folks.

  40. no credits 4 enemy arty? that was fighting in the frontline, how dare u hate These piggies?…gj 261 ur my hero in this game

  41. WOW.. this guy did almost as good as SirFoch in his WZ-111 A5 with standart AP.

  42. Unicum using nothing but gold ammo? Totally not my cup of tea. I left the game half a year ago fed up with the gold spam I experienced. Recently I got back but I stand only 10 games: gold spam at my ELC AMX and Cromwell (both known for their superior armor) helped me to decide finally: FY Wargayming!!!! And we should fap to this replay, huh? Nothing spectacular and another promotion of gold spam.

  43. Oh a Finnish player. Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan (btw karvapallero means fuzzycutie in Finnish)

  44. QB: Can you blame him for using only gold rounds?

    When you keep praising and advertising that kind of spamming in a game in and out of a critical situation, people will start to think that its cool and skillful to spam gold. Just like how Hitler kept telling bullshit and everyone bought it.

  45. Is he fully loaded with Gold Ammo o_O

  46. Edvardas Malašauskas

    X tier overpowered tank vs tier 8 and loaded only gold. Whis is why most of the people lose any interest to this game.

  47. For any competitive game mode (clan wars, ranked or even stronghold) gold ammo should be not allowed (or its ammo load-out limited to 10%). In randoms there also should be a limitation, like 20 or 25% of the total load-out. Did you forgot QB your videos about the server population being declined for years in WoT? What do you think is causing this, huh? Gold ammo spam, OP tanks (this one, 907, 279e, T22, etc.) given to (supposedly) good players and +/-2 MM. And a endless grind (just like in case of BC-12t you did a video about recently – I can’t remember now but to unlock THREE tier IX tanks it leads to you need to gather I think like 400k XP… in a tier VIII light… with +2 MM in 80% of the battles).

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