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  1. Let’s go

  2. trains are cool


  4. That tank looks like a leopard chrichill cv in 1

  5. I always love when Russian tank design enthusiasts try to argue why bad reverse speed has no negative impact on the effectiveness of the tank and it’s survivability in a modern environment.

  6. “trains bring families together”
    1 second later
    “but CHINA!”


  8. Devlin Plantenga

    Video 192 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire!

  9. Day 22: Hey phly can you please make a video or post of your keybinds and settings? it would be helpful.

  10. 15:44 – “And these guy just exposing themselves. I like it.” – Phly Daily, 06/22/2022

  11. Phly, listening to you talk about trains at the beginning was wholesome AF. You’re gonna be one heckuva dad.

  12. Dramatically improved from past

  13. hey phly, if you like trains, you should visit switzerland and either do the glacier-express from st.moritz to zermatt or the bernina express from chur to tirano. your family might like it.

  14. As a Russian main, I am deeply offended by this tank

  15. Jules Lemuel Katada

    Tried other nations top tier mbts. Kinda regret that i started at russia. Fking garbage of a tank

  16. Tamás Kerecsényi

    I feel like now that China,Russia,UK,France and Japan has their most advanced MBTs it’s time for the US to get the M1A2Sepv3 or at the very least the Sepv2

  17. this us a product of the chinese community standing for what is right, and removing that power-tripping data officer who hindered almost all of China’s modern vehicles from coming to the main tree! I thank them all for this, and of course, the snail, from whom we know, was not really the one who hindered the addition of new Chinese vehicles. It was that asshole data officer.

  18. 14:53 @Phly I hope gaijin never would make a frontal engagement map, because it would turn into the hull-down meta shitshow you see in world of tanks. There would be two tanks with inpeneturable turrets sitting at both ends of a corridor unable to kill each other for the next 10 min until one of them gets bombed and the other is allowed to advance a few meters. That is called trench warfare.

  19. The reverse speed is for the students who get behind the tank

  20. Hey man I hope you try the israeli merkava top tiers.

  21. I dunno, the reverse doesn’t look much different to the Leclerc.

  22. hey just to say i found that you can do a cobra maneuver in the lightning with full real controls at low speed

  23. YOu rkid is that big already? holy fuck man, seems like yesterday the wifey was preggers

  24. are you using a mouse wheel to pan your turret? wrecks my eye balls

  25. Give it a decade and you can take a high speed train from Hong Kong to Lhasa in the Himalayas ranges via SiChuan.

  26. Edvin Samuelsson

    phlyys social credit is out of this world rn

  27. In more serious note, Soviet have research on where tank got hit most of the time. They conclude that it really rare that a tank got hit that low so they think that carousel is safe.
    Now the new problem came, the top attack. Their solution (outside APS) is to put ERA on the roof, but we need to wait few years to know the how many that solution work or not based on what happened in Ukraine.

  28. I fucking hate this thing. I can’t seem to reliably kill it 🙁

  29. idk if you did this yet but plz try the ju 87 d-5 and the italian plane with the 102mm i need to see this

  30. You can always change your themals color

  31. as a germany main i can say reverse is overrated (this post was made by panther gang)

  32. Gaijin was bought by 10cent xD
    Make Blueprint PLA tank better than others xD

  33. That lazer warning system in the ZTZ99A is really supposed to actually find the enemy that is locking onto you and then some how IRL blind the enemy that is trying to shoot you may it b e tank, helicopter or what have you. But Gaijin just doesn’t have that ability i guess

  34. Wow, perfect reverse speed just fit for our great chairman lol

  35. I think the Leopard 2K has better reverse tbh, 8 reverse gears

  36. Isnt German trolleybus (Tiger P) reverse faster?

  37. bro you in NC??? i recognize all those places you mentioned talking about the train rides or whatever

  38. The AMD 35 (french stock vehicle) can reverse at -47km/h

  39. richard rothkugel

    In 2016 I travelled from Tokyo to Kyushu purely using standard trains. I’d travel from sunrise to sunset, getting off at every town and having a walk around before moving on. In the evening I stayed at business hotels near the station. Saw a lot of the country side and small towns most tourists would never encounter. Highly recommended and very safe. You can also buy a rail travel card for 300 USD which allows you to travel on any trains for two weeks without buying tickets.

  40. I like goin by train too but i had several trips by train during my stay in China and being in a compartment with folding beds and 7 chinese for 22 hours is quite a challenging experience.

  41. Leopard 2 is the same haha

  42. True evolution of British archer

  43. You can take a train trip around Europe. There are connections between any EU country, and some of those go through multiple countries. Most trains between big cities run literally like every 30min – 1h, so there is no real need to plan the whole trip, you only need hotels booked week or two ahead but thats it.

  44. phly gettin them Chinese views today

  45. Australia. East – West Coast all the way.

  46. what is they key bind to automatically zero the gun to whatever distance the range finder finds?

  47. Phlydaily: said china build your own. hahah. china cant build their own never have. They arent smart enough. all they do is spy and copy cat every other country’s designs.

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