Chinese Amphibious Tank LVT ZiS-2 – War Thunder Gameplay

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Gameplay LVT ZiS-2, First Tank in WT?

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  1. Dafuq am I watching

  2. Chinese civil war.. fought for 4 years before and after world war two,
    allied up to fight Japanese during WWII.

  3. That civil war still on.

  4. Do a Fury (Film) tank video! I think its the M4A3E8

  5. so its a zis 30 inside of an lvt? XD

  6. Do u have to play realistic to get a prize?

  7. I would love to have the tank, but I didn’t have a lot of time to grind for
    the achievements…

  8. Fly out the F6F-5N with slick next!!!

  9. Baron in a custom battle do LVT ZIS-2 and the ZIS-30 VS Tigers and any
    other high tiered heavy tank you can think of.

  10. is it bad that I don’t understand these requirements at all :P

  11. that needs to be an American tank

  12. Πετρος Νενος

    baron plz make a video with the plhy daily you have almost the seme intrest
    in games .

  13. I’ve seen bots before… Usually the most obvious when there’s a new map
    and they spend the entire game driving into a wall at the spawn…

  14. i got this but i messed up i got all low tiers and than i found my persing
    and i got rekt!!!

  15. The thing i didnt liked about this even and the only reason for me to not
    try to get these vehicles was that you needed to make the tasks on
    especific maps, if you wanted to always go on those maps you needed to go
    in events(in my opnion full of terrible modes like air battle cap)

  16. why tf dont i have this tank in premium vehicles >:(

  17. Gajin just don’t want to piss off Chinese players after adding the Japanese

  18. Panzerfaust Hollow -Charge Challenge
    Take out the Tiger H1 (or any other German WWII era tank with a decent
    HEAT) and use the HEAT rounds only. I tried with the StuGs, and it is loads
    of fun!

  19. please play the mini T-59, type-62 !!

  20. Katakoyzenos,MXII Christophoros,D

    sorry my friend this tank I have and it sinks

  21. Czezekaze Donzedaze

    Chinese tank? You kidding me

  22. the vehicle is housed in the american tree? interesting choice. i would
    have guessed that with russian guns mounted on an american hull, this would
    have been built by the soviet-backed communist party after defeating the
    american-backed nationalists and inheriting their stocks of american lvts,
    and thus may have been more at home in the ussr tree. but perhaps i am


  24. there are no bots in wot

  25. Antonio Pridemore

    hey baron whats the best amphibious tank in war thumder?

  26. Talking about bots did anyone else notice Hatsune Miku fighting for the

  27. Allen “B42K” Baker

    Damn Baron phly did way better in this tank i think its because he used a
    shell with more explosive filler!

  28. Awwww….He didnt show the Ash River game, I was with him

  29. i am not playing this damn thing

  30. when is the men of war mod out?

  31. take it 4.7

  32. Is it just me, but both Baron and Phly seem to mimic each other’s content.
    I know it’s probably coincidental. There are no mistakes, just happy

  33. When are we going to get more of the modern tanks, like the challenger and

  34. 6:20 actually, the communist just said they would not interfere and let the
    nationals fight the japanese. After ww2, the national army was so weak from
    being beaten badly by the japanese that the communist military took over
    china relatively quick.
    AFTER Mao took china, he wrote a thank you letter to japan’s leaders for
    weakening the nationalist party so badly .

  35. How about a China Vs. Japan custom battle.

  36. I’m still waiting for a LVT a4

  37. China been killing their own people since 3000 bc

  38. That NATAN players a Ahole.

  39. If both LVTS can float, do the regular LVT vs the ZIS 2 LVT naval battle
    #war thunder boats

  40. Christopher Green

    he’s real. if you say his name, or even think it. he’ll come for you.
    the bye bye man.
    don’t say it. don’t think it.

  41. May I know when your next World of warships video is Baron?

  42. Sir Stefan Channel!

    It is *not* a premium vehicle, it does not give you bonuses. It is just a
    special vehicle.

  43. I have a suggestion invite me to the battle bomber dog fight no jet bombers
    just prop bombers going at it any rank

  44. Senior Airman Snakekiller

    @BaronVonGamez Is it true that the LVT ZiS-2 is a non premium vehicle?
    Because it indeed seems like a gift vehicle

  45. Sekrit Dokuments for Stalin

    M2 medium tank+ turret LVT hull+ Russian gun = Chinese tank hmmmmm

    Read More

  46. xzekiel Rico Manikis

    Can it one hit in Kv-2

  47. 5:30 Blocks teammate, teammate shoots at him to let him know to move, Baron
    thinks it’s a bot. Kek

  48. I guess the type62 will be a op tank

  49. LVT VS LVT on water.

  50. It was the second sino war 1937-1945. Around 14million – 20million Chinese
    soldiers and civilians lost. For example, the Najing masacre had a death
    toll of 100,000 civilians.

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