Chinese Box Tank

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  1. It’s gonna be nerf soon

  2. Attempt #5 for the IS1

  3. Damn, looks like the game is fixed. They even gave the Ju 87 D5 the proper bomb load. Haven’t played since May but think I’ll get back in it.

  4. Phlydaddy and dad phly in one video damn!

  5. wHAT IS THAT OStwind maDE of!?

  6. What a battle

  7. This thing is awesome, but it’s probably too awesome and will catch a nerf. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  8. love the spectator part 😀

  9. Day whatever of Rajkpz2 pls the keyboard one 😊😊😊

  10. Love to see PhatherDaily make an appearance!

  11. Is it just me or is he cursing way more

  12. 16:27 “huh good landing”

  13. I love watching your videos while I poop

  14. That last game was super intense to watch even after you died

  15. EBR is way too high of a BR now… should be 4.7, this tank has a better gun than the EBR. 😛

  16. i farmed the tank you made it look Broken the scope throws me off .

  17. @0:24 & @11:22…… That’s what she said.

  18. 51k is way too low or that game

  19. This games economy is still so broken

  20. How does this guy get so many views when he literally sucks at the game and has the most annoying commentating known to man kind

  21. Hey Phlydaddy, a little M22 told me that the T32 heavy really wanted you to make another video about him.

  22. 10:41 that recoil 😂

  23. Hey phly can you use the retarded bombs

  24. the mod grind for this made me wanna self die but i finished the pt-76 while doing it so whatever

  25. using the back door a lot I see…

  26. Hey Phly, how are you today? I was wondering if you could check out the newly added Obj. 435 Soviet medium.

  27. Any way you could show who you play with for hair a sec. Would love to see if I’ve played with your, and i bet people would find it cool. If we get killed by you. Maybe let out out frustration😂


    Damn thing looks like the lego tank a made as a kid

  29. Who knew that Chinese takeout boxes were waterproof!?

  30. PHLY : Nope game is still broke. they did not raise the lions on kills but by maybe 10% of the orginal 40 % drop. but they did lower the cost of repairing the vehicles. Sum by over 5000 lions. say a 8.0 tank that cost almost 12000 lions to repair. is now just above 6100 lions to repair. Which i love. there are sum tanks i love that just cost to dam much to play. I will buy a few prem tanks. but i will never xpay for lions when i can earn it in game.

  31. The shot on the 8.8 :/

  32. This thing is so annoying, my team was getting spawn camped from the back of the map on fields of normandy. he was on top a hill way in the back and had us all dialed in and no one was able to make it out. 🙁

  33. You know its a good game when you stayed and spectated

  34. In vietnam we call this is a k63-85

  35. Ah. A Chinese takeout container with a gun… seems nOrMaL

  36. Watching Phly watching other people play WT.

  37. For a match like the last one, that’s some poor earnings especially for premiums

  38. Michael MacGregor

    Thanks for sharing the ending of that last game.

  39. Thanks for loving the unloved Phly!

  40. Anyone else agree that this a bootleg of the Ru 251?

  41. Chinese Phun Box

  42. « Good landing good take off »

  43. Type 87 RCV – R2Y2 Kai V3
    Attempt nr: 6

  44. That Alaska match is the kind of match I play for. Everyone fighting to the very end. No steam rolling up to the spawn and done. No 1 death quitters. Just solid hard fought all the way to the end. If only it didn’t seem like a blue moon was more common than that kind of game.

  45. its a nerfed ver of the type 63 I

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