CHINESE FAX MACHINE | ZTZ96 MBT (War Thunder Ground Forces)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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CHINESE FAX MACHINE | ZTZ96 MBT (War Thunder Ground Forces)


  1. Play the OF 40 MTAC please you have never played it before

  2. I’ve been told the ZTZ-99 actually has decent armor so let’s just wait for the next model of fax machine to come out

    • I think ZTZ-96 still has couple of variants. I think there is a version that added some reactive armor to help with the survivability.

  3. Chinese armor is made of dried rice and plastic. This is fact.

  4. Imagine actually wanting MORE big maps at top tier, as if it isn’t already cancer enough.

  5. Bernardo Benedicto

    Check Chinese Top Tier Tanks are mostly T-54’s

  6. Please phly play kikka again, it’s so good now at bnz

  7. Had a really weird Game of War Thunder today i was playing the r3 with the 20 mil an i got shoved into water and i thought i was gonna drown but the r3 floated has anyone else experienced this???

  8. we added night vision so *you’re gonna USE IT* , like it or not.

  9. M4 heat only. 15 kills over 1ish games. Attempt 1

  10. Please make yourself suffer by playing the B 24 and ranting about how bombers need to be fixed in war thunder

  11. I have been playing 9.3 or above a lot recently and discovered that the F-89B as a ground striker is amazing at top tier. Even at max BR, I can pen most tanks with the armor target belt. Am I the only one who uses this plane for ground striking?

  12. 5:55 where my Sugar Pine 7 fam at

  13. 7:05 damn that looks beautiful

  14. Bro just in your game

  15. War Thunder is better than World of Tanks because it got a fuck*ng Mars Map -_- Supernova + Red Planet? Honey, bring my space gun!

  16. Love how the Germans can still beat the 2 nations with the most op vehicles

  17. WW3, phly stresses about how to turn night vision off during battle.

  18. Chinese t72

  19. Cina Bias

  20. I made 3.8k likes on the dot

  21. I so wish “America! Fuck Yeah!” was our real national anthem! The Olympics would be hilarious! Haha

  22. You gave me a heart attack with your thumbnail phly because its a picture from AW…

  23. phly take out a t-10m using an ostwind! attempt #6

  24. did you rage quit after i killed you 3 times in the heli? -Puddle of cum

  25. Felix James Ainsley

    Play the FlarakPanzer phly.

  26. 6:42 It wouldn’t be Warthunder without Phly screaming at bombs dropping 3ft from his tank atleast once.

  27. Tankdaily ?

  28. YEET
    *ATTEMPT 66*

  29. just call it Type-96 dude

  30. Long range you say? MAUSdock

  31. Memeing in WT will come back when the game becomes less rage enduing. It’s just such an anger inducing game.

  32. Try using actually English.

    Zed Tee Zed nine six.

  33. After you take off the MaYonNAisE what do ya got, a fax machine

  34. Where’s our ZTZ 99A?

  35. Fly you should try the AMX 13 hot I feel like they’ve changed it it’s really fun to play now

  36. M1A2 Abrams Tank The Beast

    Well new enemy tank for mine though

  37. Can’t you just say Type instead of ZTZ?

  38. Chines and not fall on parts what??:)
    Crap tenk…

  39. Please do not record nightmaps anymore, terrible on a smartphone, all i see is myself.

  40. I just want thermals off !!! It’s not fair!!! Iraqi tankers in 1991

  41. Final attempt. T95E1 and F2H-2 Banshee for the combo series

  42. Sarge I drop my anti-tank grenade somewhere!!

  43. simple maybe stupid question here, can you put a drone on a mbt to be used by the commander for scouting?

  44. i try to meme and team but i always get killed apart from once we parked and were shaking turrets and my team mate killed him :C

  45. We got ZTZ,abram and 1 tank missing
    It is T-90

    Battlefield 4 (hover tank is not include or maybe strv can be include it look almost same )

  46. This game is so horrible. Fake real time battles. Horrible maps. Dumb players. Stupid shot trajectories. You’ll get shot from weird angles below or above rises…thru cover. Shit devs.

  47. Next update 5km distance map for tier 1

  48. type 96 is actually a license built of t-72 in history type 99 is a license built of t-80

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