Chinese MBTs / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

There are two main approaches to designing main battle tanks. The western way… the Soviet way. A typical NATO tank is a relatively big vehicle operated by a four man crew and armed with a 120mm gun with good elevation. Soviet engineers usually go for a low profile, a densely packed interior and a 125mm gun with an autoloader. All in all, tanks belonging to different schools of tank design are so different both visually and on a technical level, that, in most cases, you can easily tell whether a vehicle was made in the USSR or in the West just by looking at .
Sometimes, though, engineers decide to walk the middle path, making good use of ideas and design choices of both schools of tank design. That's basically what happened in the People's Republic of China, where Soviet tanks were eventually used as a base for original local designs.



  1. 6:04 Accuracy China got a T72M from Romania, codename “Type64”.

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  4. China > Taiwan

  5. So the rumors are true. War Thunder is based.

  6. Welp, look like Viet Nam must have some big update for thier armored troops now ._.

  7. Virgin western countries: Designs a tank based on their doctrine to fill gaps and flaws on it
    Chad China: Ctrl + C Ctrl + V

  8. Unrealistic the Tank doesn’t break down 2 minutes into the battle

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  11. they remove the reference to the TSM at 1:50

  12. Man, Taiwan got some nice tanks.

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    You guys really did, and we are proud.

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  16. Why do so many people think the Chinese don’t know about Tiananmen Square? Although the government didn’t want to mention it, most people knew it.
    And what is social credit? This is just the credit rating given to the account by a private loan app, which has nothing to do with the government.
    About Xinjiang. The overwhelming majority of people support the work of the government, because people hate Ultra-religious terrorism and most people in Xinjiang live a very common life.
    Some of the government’s actions really annoy us, but you shouldn’t spread rumors.
    Our government is not so good, but it’s not so bad. As a Chinese, I’m not happy to see many people think they know China and say something inexplicable.

  17. Well, there are going to be way less Chinese players soon.

  18. 1:50 hmmm 1989…

  19. Empire of Italy (Psst I'm From Another Timeline)

    3:02 Best Chinese Tank Ever Made

  20. Ah yes “Chinese tanks” and not Russian and American bootlegs

  21. Empire of Italy (Psst I'm From Another Timeline)

    There Were Multiple Schools Of Tank Design But Only 2 Remained.
    The American One And Soviet One.
    German One Died In 1945 But Still Slightly Influences Their Current Designs, British Design Got Pretty Much Absorbed And French Design Ended With The Surrender Of France.
    There Was A Total Of 5 Schools Of Tank Design.

  22. Yea a video about Chinese MBTs and nobody’s really talking about tanks… what a community

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  25. 3:08 this gives me more courage of using Chinese tanks

  26. I like how so many people point out the incident but don’t know that the tanks never went over the guy ._.

    • They still did a very bad thing in “that place”

    • yeah,that tanks didnt go over that guy s body,while usa m48 did go over korean war old soldier s body,they just want to hate china and ignore the real truth

    • @Red_mallorca Americans killed 1 million people in Iraq for no reason same amount in Afghanistan with more than 5 million people displaced not to mention Syria and Libia

  27. REAL QUIZ, why is masus armor actually shittier than game shows because the metal multiplier is 97% , shouldnt chinease tanks armor multiplier be 50-70% then ?

    • The armor quality of Chinese early type 59 tanks was relatively poor, but this problem had been solved after 1970s. China’s industrial technology only lags behind the United States, Germany and Japan. China can make cheap consumables or precision instruments.

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  34. You missed an important variant – the Type-80, which is a T-54 chassis with M-48 suspension and British L7 gun. It marks the turning point of Chinese tank design.

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