Chinese “ROCKET” Tech Tree Review – World of Tanks

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World of Tanks update 1.19.1 brings “Rocket” tanks to WoT including BZ-58, BZ-166, BZ-68 and BZ-75 here's all you need to know!



  1. i want a KV-5 with rocket boost

  2. I thought of the spoonerism for rocket boosters out of habit and I can’t unthink it. From now on somewhere in the back of my mind I’m going to hear the sound of a cock-a-doodle-doo every time someone activates their bucket roosters.

  3. dang. these Goofball tanks. Making This game less fun.

  4. QB, those flaps are called sponsons (Which is a term shared with ships)

  5. stupid also they need to just start making higher tiers because between bond gear field mods now experimental gear stock or lower tier tanks don’t stand a chance either make higher tiers or have MM take into acct the mods bond equip, experimental mods field mods now rocket boost its getting ridiculous.. or maybe make MM games 2 tier 7-8 8-9 9-10 3 tier games are getting stupid if your low tier 7-9 8-10.

  6. WG eventually removed all derp guns planned for BZ68 and BZ75, due to how crazy BZ176 was in Tier 8. Imagine a 60-ton heavy tank, that goes 65km/h with a jet booster and a solid turret, and a 180mm nuke cannon with 240 pen and 1400 dmg premium HE round…The entire Tier 10 meta will be shaken to its bones.

  7. Quickybaby, you should have a look at how wargaming have changed arty on console

  8. I think these were suposed to have a choise of 2 guns a big ap and he derp gun. Or did wg realise the he des not really work with less than 225mm of pen at higher tiers. Little bit like the Bz-176 that had originaly the 1100 damage 70mm pen shell that got switched to 200mm pen ap because the 70mm he pen on a heavy tank is useless. Almost as if wg knows they fuck up with the he “rework” .

  9. More and more into science-fictionnal arcade-game… Not even plausible. What on earth did they have in mind at Wargaming ?

  10. Whoa wait everybody forgot about the teaser WG showed when they first pre released its stats what happened to them having that giant 180 MM and 160 MM gun? Was that only for the premium? Cause they are just gone now when did they decide to just switch back and give the tier 10 the 152mm I thought that is what was supposed to be special about the tier 10 is that massive 180 MM calliber gun along with the rocket boosters? Strangeee

  11. I can’t wait for them to roll out laser-armed tanks that can turn into trees and BOLOs with rapid-firing Hellbore fusion cannons.

  12. Before wathing this video, I thought WG is going to lunch “Rocket system” into gameplay.

  13. they removed the derp gun, it’s trash now

  14. I dont understand why they only add -10deg. It used to be special now it is just nessesary to play the game

  15. I am not looking forward to these tanks. Just like the wheeled vehicles(not tanks) dynamically changed the game for the worst, tanks with rockets will only improve the clown show wot is becoming.

  16. Premium tank 8 tier is better than X

  17. I can block my copula with my gun…Oh wait I cant there is 3 of them.

  18. Weren’t those tanks supposed to have like 180mm gun? Where did that go?

  19. The whole line seems to be “meh” and I decided not to grind it through. I love playing the premium T8 with the derp gun, but as none of these seem to have that…

  20. With the stock gun on the tier 7 being good, and the 8 and 9 both having their best gun as the stock/only gun, it seems like a very good like for free-to-play players. All that said, not a very interesting line. The T8 prem BZ is wild and while I’m glad these aren’t as good, I was hoping they would be more exciting.

  21. They must’ve made them out of lego when designing them.

  22. Just wondering can I just use free xp to get the tech tree up?

  23. Won’t be bothering with this line it looks trash

  24. I was hoping the guns would be the same HESH style gameplay as the bz 176 you can either pen for high dmg or switch rounds for lower ap dmg. WG never fails to disappoint.

  25. Such a generic heavy tank like. Very thick armor, average mobility, high alpha guns with average penetration. And of course, good gun depression because that’s how World of Tanks works in 2022.

  26. where is the 1600 alpha dmg gun?

  27. Id like to really really appreciate that wargaming put weakpoints on these tanks. This is good.

  28. Do u think trap shots are possible?

  29. WG should have given the top tiers higher alpha dmg, ex. 1050 for the BZ-75, with good penetration, at the expense of DPM.

  30. Question, on the Tier 10, it looks like you can Ricochet a round from the Lower part of the turret into the Hull Roof which is only 30 mm of armour. Would that be fesible?

  31. So, they removed the derp guns from all tech tree tanks and “forgot” to develop new ones to make this branch different. Maybe they end up forgotten and irrelevant like the track feature Yoh tanks.

  32. With all those laser gun builds on tier 10 by the power of purple equip I fear the Tier 10 is going to suffer a lot. Just look at those HUGE weakpoints.

  33. It’s fun because tier 8 BZ 176 has a better turret than the standard tier 10. Fucking WG.

  34. Hmm. A bit disappointed. Was sorta hoping they’d be a fun, derpy tree like the BZ-176. I hope WG do a wee bit of adjustment. The armour modelling looks fine but I want some more interesting guns.

  35. I think that this is an all around balanced tank.

  36. What happened to the alternative gun to the tier ten with 1050 damage with ap and 1600 with He.

  37. i thought this would get those specialist HEs with 1k damage per shot lol

  38. That bar on the back in practise will still be like trying to shoot a pixel because dispersion in this game is horrendous.
    Thats what this game has effectively become: “try hit the pixel arcade”

  39. they look awsome, look like modern Tanks, but the Rocketboost is useless. Do we want more heavies to Ram each other?

  40. Huh. These tanks actually look somewhat balanced, especially the tier 10. It’s a shame the tier 8 premium is one of the most blatantly overpowered tanks in the game.

  41. Rocket boosters, what ajoke the game has become and this bufoon still shills fort it

  42. Total abormination… seriousy armored chinese 4005? This is insane.

  43. wow no derp guns seriously? so lame

  44. I thought there were gona be derp guns a little dissapointed

  45. the guns look so boring, im not even interested anymore. was hoping for a derp gun option onthe higher tiers, but meh…

  46. Go look at all the tech tree heavy tanks at tier 7. Notice the increase in powercreep when every new branch is added.

  47. You have all that currency on your Playsforfree account?

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