Chinese Seal Clubbing – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. You only Die when you get killed


  2. Thank you for all of your videos, they are super helpful and I’ve learned a whole lot from watching you. I recently had to sub because you’re putting out a lot of new content, keep up the great work.

  3. If the Chinese operated in the arctic with their industry standards they would probably club literal baby seals.

  4. ILackTheImagination


  5. SuperTotalyGaming

    I love the chinese tanks!!


  7. Dude it’s 1:18 am and u post this vid… Meh I didn’t want sleep anyways :/

  8. dude, how do you handle to stay calm and not rage? gg cool vid

  9. Great video Lemming – you made it look easy. I actually despised that tank…..I confess I did free exp. part way through to get the 59-16.

  10. Oiye Speccy 4 eyes nice one mucker 🙂

  11. Yzne was on your team in the Wz131-g-ft 0:12

  12. 1.51 Yzne, the streamer is team killed. 🙁

  13. LemmingRush: “I’m just going to fully aim this one.”

    Also LemmingRush: Does not aim AT ALL. Still lands ALL his snipeshots.


  14. This type is amazing, I know its just worse than the t-34 but I still love it.

  15. Crazy Russian Bot

    I’m grinding thru this tank too, to get to Chinese lights, so I can buy a crew for my new T-64

  16. Wtf is this shit posted 43 minutes ago on 6 may it says but for me its 7 may 8:44 hows that possible xD

  17. Yousef Sangkula

    You sure do love your Chinese @LemmingRush HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  18. マウンテンデュー

    Is 3:46 pm here in japan.

  19. That game was over so quickly. Part of the reason I quit. Too many roflstomps…. both ways it’s boring

  20. My seal clubber of choice is t-34 or t-34-85M and they automatically are better than that Chinese thing because they have Russian bias

  21. Ivan Stepanovic

    Right now, tiers 5 and 6 are most fun to play. 7 can be, but generally isn’t.
    Up to tier 3, there are way too many seal clubbers in PzIc, Pz2J and stuff like that with maxed crew and equipment shooting full gold that it’s not even funny any more. Tier 4 is when you start hitting +/-2 MM, so you encounter a lot of tier 6 enemies and you are screwed then.
    Lately, pretty much all tier 8+ games are 3-4 minute roflstomps and simply not fun or worth the effort. Yes, roflstomps happen in other tiers as well, but in my experience, much less often than in high tiers. Gaming experience is not better at all in t8+ games and you always end up losing credits, so why bother?
    It doesn’t seem that bad to me if I encounter 2 tiers higher enemies in tier 5 & 6; on the other hand, when facing 2 tier higher in tier 8… Awful. In tier 9 you can’t fight 2 tier higher but those somehow end up in roflstomps, as I said, way too often.

  22. I love live games

  23. Got 600dmg with Cromwell in the bush corner on the Malinovka hill. And drove out unspotted. Great vud 😛

  24. Lemmig lol i did just 1st class the type 34 to but in wot blitz

  25. Dude I really like your videos and advice, but seal clubbing is not cool. Your to good for the low tiers and you absolutely destroying these new players really kills the game in the long term. I understand your giving a tutorial on the maps as well and giving advice for the people who watch your videos and are low tier, but I think you should do your part and stay out of low tiers. You can do whatever you want, but I just don’t like watching a unicum playing against people who don’t even know what tank they are even driving. I think it’s more entertaining watching you dominate at higher tiers. Again I’m a HUGE FAN, but your kinda being a meanie.

  26. 10:00 SU-5 is a clicker…

  27. love you current content output! greetings from austria.

  28. What is the difference between this and the t34?

  29. LemmingRush: it’s OK to sorts catalyse your team… I think i’m using the word wrong

    Deep inside: Man I should have taken chemistry instead of biology

  30. That gun handling …… bloody terrible!

  31. Literally the only guy on youtube I set the sub bell for. Great video as always. Thanks Lemmingrush

  32. So low tier stat padding like Circon and Qb. Bravo you are truly EU

  33. Pea shoot or oeasoup?

  34. Warriors, Weapons and Warfare by Colin Richards

    Great to see lower tier play! By you!

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