CHINESE Server & Tech Tree Showcase – Type 63 & Type 69-IIA (War Thunder)

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  1. So for next video Type 69 or Type 63?


    Yes I love Chinese tank

  3. rolled homogeneous plastic

  4. Type 63 is a combination of Type 62’s turret and PT-76’s chassis, and that’s the reason why the T-54 looking turret has no armor at all.

  5. Shix Lo The Crusading Slav

    It’s 71kph , I’m Chinese

  6. chinese server its shittttttttttttttttttt

  7. well i speak Chinese and English so if you need translate i can help…

  8. I can speak Chinese and English

  9. My life is ruined 😀 Phly is younger than me 😀

  10. Jonatan Qvarnström

    La-11 and IS-1 combo plsss

  11. make PLA proud making a imaginary tech trees with imaginary tanks the most famous CHINESE TANK is the Mammoth tank (長毛象) LMAO

  12. I'mNotCrazyButYouMightBe

    I’ll never by excited for new Chinese stuff, Because it’s either ripped off from, USA or USSR with there own “Modifications”. We all know the Chinese are unoriginal as fk.

  13. Forgive me,my english is worst,I always D of my English class,I can’t remember english words and grammar. I think is type 59,first a Classic tanke in china.even now some unit are also use type the way,because the fuXking government!In china,video game must no any falg of the real country and on any real country name!so in china ,country name is the first letter of the english name or Chinese phonetic alphabet first R is from Chinese phonetic——riben(japan).And also chinese government always don’t want to face history,they never want to face the The Japanese army hit China army Petals drop and waters flow.SO,video game must no any Japanese army Badge.And no real name of IJN’s ship name.

  14. I want that Hawk III Man…

  15. type 95 is first tank of Communist Party of China,it Seized by empire japan army.

    It should never enter global server 😛

  17. Hey I’m a Chinese and I do speak ok English… and if you need help for talking to him, I can help you with it. Also I have been watching your videos and I really like your game skill. Have a good day.

  18. clement_tikking / 庆哥

    I thought there will be more Mandarin comment


  19. noobinator Simelane

    Please man, you’ve never played the Su100 please play that. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried

  20. do a coustom battle on where enemy teams has all milk trucks and one tiger

  21. Russian Bias doesnt exists on this game

    it’s Chinese Bias

  22. Stieglitz Things With Wings Channel

    The Chinese character “系” you mentioned in the beginning means “line” in the sense of “German -Line, British-Line etc”. Chinese does not have a phonetic alphabet in the sense that a character represents a letter and a sound and many letters together form a word and a meaning. A Chinese character first and foremost has a (MANY!) meaning(S) and the pronounciation is a matter of general standard. Thus actually you cannot “read” Chinese like English or most other languages that use a phonetic alphabet. You have to memorize meaning and pronounciation. The only way to learn Chinese – but I digress. ,written in the Latin transcribtion called Pinyin the character “系” is written like “Xi” (4th tone!), and it comes somewhat close to the English “she”, like the pronoun but it is really not the same. “系” also means: system, series, faction, family, department, section, faculty, as a noun; as a Verb it has way more meanings but lets just end it here. XD
    Please feel free to consult me in any questions with reference to Chinese, written, spoken and in any context, but especially in WT. I´d be glad to help.

  23. Type 59 is premium vehicle at WoT. i wanna see if its same bias in War Thunder 😛

  24. The type 63 has a 71km per hour top speed

  25. wtf join chinse server?

  26. 起床,起床

  27. R = Rìbĕn(日本) Chinese word for ‘Japan’

  28. It looks like a very anemic tree overall. Pretty much the same problem many of the nations would have, I fear.
    Still, pretty interesting.

  29. hheheheh i don,t belive Try Polish language

  30. Why is the Chinese server different

  31. Type 59!!!! And btw, does anybody know if we are getting these tanks?

  32. Its made in China!

  33. If you want to use Chinese Server, a game accelerator is recommended.

  34. Эдуард Мартыненко

    Why such strange flags?

  35. I’d like to have the chinese tree in our servers.

  36. It’s pleasant to view Chinese server here, though I don’t play in it.

  37. The Chinese keep this to them selves

  38. 你不知道其实你在中国的WT圈子里还是有一定知名度的。:)

  39. It means type 63 land and sea tank

  40. It’s so strange when u actually speak Chinese and looking at this

  41. Type 59! Type 59! Type 59 is comming down hill!!!

  42. China china china china

  43. Idc what people say, they are practically exactly the same as Russian tanks…

  44. Aaaaaaaand why do the other servers not have this?

  45. LV68 アトゥルー


  46. Dam son you are so young 🙂

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