Chinese WIRBELWIND Shilka | ZSD63 Anti-Air (War Thunder)

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Chinese WIRBELWIND Shilka | ZSD63 Anti-Air (War Thunder)



  1. “you can hear it from a mile away, no other plane does that in the entire game”
    *A2D enters chat*

  2. 13:05 are we getting a new f4ej skin? I’ve never seen this camo in game before.

  3. Biko - Bruh Moments Inc.

    11:38 Chadian Toyota truck get attacked by 20 Libyan strike aircraft at once, April 1987.

  4. yea yea yea yea I know

  5. PHLY! The sweeds need you to phly the pyoremmyrsky! Attempy 36 watch out jakethetankmaster im coming for you

  6. Yes I’d read you poems Phly

  7. Looking for lewd fanfiction? Archive of Our Own got you covered.

  8. Worse than the wirbelwind by a longshot. Granted both should be 4.3+

  9. “Chinese fax machine nation”!!! LMAO! I lost it when you said that!

  10. War Thunder WorldWide

    Does that thing jad a virus?

  11. the Chinese tech tree is literally heaven for cross-nation-premium lovers

  12. Well.. the High Survivability Test Vehicle M E L T E D by 25mm hmmm……

  13. Fuck yeah i’d read your poetry. You’ve been interacting with the War Thunder community for years, im sure you’ve got some wisdom to bestow. We wanna hear your heart 😀

  14. Aaron Dela Vega

    I can imagine a horde of people in these tanks and just bullying low tier newbies

  15. Julius Schwichtenberg

    No… I wish the BR in the game could based on the productionyear of the vehicle…. i mean everytime when i play the Tiger II H at 6.7 i get killed by something that where built in the 1960`s and gets a oneshot through the front… I played the M103 which where built in 1953 and get killed by an Abram from the 1980`s and has thermal sights with stab. The ZSD where build in the 1980`s and is at 3.7 where still Pzkpfw IV are. MY OPINION

  16. Wessel Reynierse

    Phly kills a HSTVL with 25mm guns —-> this means its gonna be able to be killed by the 20mm secondaries of the 2K and KPZ70

  17. this should be AT LEAST 5.0

  18. This is like the second original tank of China (below rank 4)

  19. Please play the AMX-13-M24 from the new update

  20. Another 3.7 SPAA that is way too good for 3.7. Epic

  21. delete it right now or move it to 5.0

  22. lol never knew the target vehicles when testing Chinese vehicles were Japnese

  23. I would happily read your erotica fan-fic poems

  24. Look at you almost 1 mill subs I remember when you was at 10k

  25. Still Waiting For Armored Recovery Vehicles and An ISIS Faction

  26. Rolling Thunder

    I need an AC-130 or an AC-47 in this game, and I don’t care what anyone else says. And yes Phly, I would read your poetry.

  27. This is not Shilka gun. These are 25mm not 23.

  28. Wyvern you can hear from a mile away

  29. Łukasz Tokarski

    Nope, it is 3.7 in normal game

  30. Loving he unloved ARL-44(ACL-1) attempt 6

  31. The bomb menu has changed in war thunder

  32. a late 1960s vehicle at 3.7, oh gaijin…

  33. Still waiting on you to drop your single “Long Range Yeets”

  34. Want to know what the Americans have at 3.3? A halftrack with slow turret rotation and a slow firing, high recoil 37mm with two .50 cals attached..

  35. WuzzleFuzz The Wise

    I glanced over “F-104A” in the killfeed and thought it said F-14D for a second.

  36. Can you play the I 16 Type 27

  37. what sound pack do you use?

  38. Jarod Haralambous


  39. Jarod Haralambous


  40. fiatG55centauro

    Hi Phly! Why don’t you try the M14/41 vs Shermans like italians at El Alamein. Probably painful
    Attempt #21

  41. Chicken Dinner Gamer

    This SPAA is literally a baby ZSU-57-2.

  42. God damn why do I even play the British?

  43. You are correct Phly the website is called *drumroll please* : Fanfiction

  44. Hey Phly what happened to the PO-2-OP shirts that you showed us
    I loved those?
    Times asked #14

  45. If you wrote poetry. Hell id read it. But you’d have to either go super tryhard or super meme-y. No middle ground here 😂


    Pls play zut 37

  47. Hey Phly, don’t be cheap and use AP shells ffs.

  48. hey phly the update just came out an hour or two ago, and now u can actually use it

  49. yoo EE Lightning got buff 😀 😀 its much better now 😀

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