CHONKIEST Centauro (War Thunder)

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CHONKIEST Centauro (War Thunder)



  1. Sorry about the late upload but you better still phucking enjoy it

    • I shoot the machine gun to show team mates where the enemy is.
      Also it may scare the the enemy to hide and waste time or move to a new location, either way I’m sure to have the opportunity to shoot at everyone the same.

      *also may “blind and confuse”.

    • np, everytime u upload u always make my day 😀

    • Italian ground top tier is just MAMMA MIA honestly you just go bruh by how good their tanks become at top tier

    • PhlyDaily I love ur content man I would really want to talk with u sometime i wanna send a dm on insta if it’s ok is it?

    • Hey Phly the Centauro MGS has Thermal in Binocolar ;D

  2. Use the Yag-10 to actually shoot down planes. Attempt #3

  3. Play the G.55 serie 1, its basically a 4.7 Ta-152

  4. smegma cheese

  5. Scottish White Cheddar, followed by Gouda

  6. Haven’t seen a video on the OF-40 (MTCA) yet phly!! Show some more love for the pizza delivery systems!

  7. Antisocial Engineering

    17:43 I think Gaijin love to stir the pot, create animosity.

    They say they have to remove OP – hard to balance vehicles then the very next patch and/or event add in more. Spawn camping is divisive. some players love it, some abhor it.

    No-one gets pissed off at people NOT spawn camping, but at least 1/2 the community gets the shits when people do.

    So why not negate it, stop the animosity straight away.
    Or at least make the spawn area so big that people have a chance to spawn away from the camper.

    I think balance, co-operative play and phun mean totally different things in Russian.

  8. You murder

    -phly 2020

  9. Favorite cheese is “åland special”.

  10. WOTs were smart enough to recognise that modern tanks would not fit within the meta of low to mid tier less advanced tank warfare and so they held back from that move. WT however, they dont want to spend development money in any large amounts and so are just pumping vehicles into maps that dont work with top tier meta so they can sell OP premium packs for a quick buck. WT is now approaching the beginning of the end sadly.

  11. So is it the successor of the Quick Boi

  12. alessandro zambetti

    Am I the only one who is annoyed at the fact that us tanks fight other nato tanks?

  13. Can you do a video on your current in-game settings such as controls, graphics, and whatever else there is in the options menu

  14. Pepper Jack is the best imo

  15. well done gajin
    the level of cancer increases

  16. phly, please play the strv 122

  17. I like the fact that the Centauro 120mm has a faster reload (No autoloader) than the 105mm Type 16 which has a larger turret than the Centauro that both share the same 105mm reload. In fact, the Centauro 120mm has almost as fast of a reload as the Challenger 2 which has two stage 120mm ammunition and yet manages to reload as fast as a Type 90 despite having infinitely more armor. I almost feel bad for Japan, but it’s okay because Japan still doesn’t have a SAM yet. Can we get another Abrams for America?

  18. I ❤ italian tanks

  19. Goat cheese is some serious gourmet shit

  20. Imagine that first night battle without the NVG modification unlocked. Great content, would return to hangar again 8/10

  21. Stolen from Armored Warfare… and not done as well

  22. Phly: I will never help a Leopard again, it gets me Killed

    Also Phly:

  23. ez skip on that night battle lol, not ur fault though phly

  24. In my now 2 years of warthunder I’ve played in one night battle at 1.3 in Air AB and it was incadesant rain, I never get night battles and I think there should be way more in low tier, maybe like 1/10 of all battles just to keep it tricky

  25. 2:00 Hacks ?

  26. favorite cheese? Grana Padano.. or old Amsterdam – i have to go to the store and buy some sänk you!

  27. Stompetoren cheese from the Netherlands is the absolute best

  28. “Cheese is good”
    *LegendOfTotalWar approves*

  29. Everybody gangsta until the Italian get the railgun

  30. :O im on the video :3

  31. Hélicoptère tigre

    Goat cheese is amazing specially from south of France.

  32. Phly :”Oooohh, we got a flanker, we got a flanker”

    Su-27 confirmed!!!!

  33. That round ca penetrate maus. Maus why did you leave us😭😭😭

  34. Phly! The sweeds need you to phly the pyoremmyrsky! Attempt 15

  35. Hey phly. Ik you’re most likely not gonna see this. But one of my best friends passed away in his sleep because he drank too much. He was 17. Your videos have brought me closure and security. I thank you a lot

  36. Alexander Korngiebel

    Alter Mommark best Cheese

  37. 12:20 I’m honestly more of a mature cheddar kind of guy

  38. Stereotypes vids are the best

  39. *phly bring back the meme sound pack*

    Becouse cmon whe need those phly gun sounds

  40. are you telling me that the strongest round in the game ricocheted off a panther side skirt

  41. My favorite cheese is Goats Cheese cause Goats Cheese with Wallnuts and Honey is a godly combo and man does it taste even better on toasted bread.

  42. Murkeva 1 and 2?

  43. Red leichester cheese

  44. But hey, that IPM1 got a steam achievement for that.

  45. It’s kinda funny how gaijin gives top italian tanks 200mm more penetration than they should have…

  46. I have no favorite cheese.

    Selection is dependant on application.
    Ie: cheese must be the correct cheese for accompaniments, both food and beverage.

    Example, one would should ever use a ementaler or gruyere where a queso Oaxaca is clearly called for.

    A good rule of thumb is, use cheeses that are of the same origin of the cuisine that you are preparing, and as a rule “bold cheeses” go with big flavors, “subtle cheeses” pair best with light flavors.
    Unless you are using the cheese to kick up a bland dish with a little funk – then by all means put a bold cheese into it.

    Oh, and that shit that comes in a green or red can with label that starts with “K” that pretends to be parmesan or Romano cheese? Isnt…
    Please Grate a wedge of the real thing you lazy bastards.

  47. 8:27 Obi-Wan has tought you well.

  48. nobody ropes me to safety ):

  49. “It’s pretty cheesy, but… cheese is good.”
    – PhlyDaily 2020

  50. I’m still singing Long range Yeets.

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