Christmas teams suck, Here’s how I deal with them

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. So, the key to doing well is to have an OP top tier tank and snipe from the back while my team takes the hits and spots for me… Got it.

  2. Just go low tier and seal clubbing noobs, ez.

  3. Rush, good luck against these retarded teams,i have them everyday nowadays

  4. This game was shitty just not for your team

  5. I have a question, what if I’m shit, and my best isn’t good enough?

  6. the spam of the free german light tho…

  7. Every Chirstmas i drop 1 to 2 % WR, i raged quit WoT twice now but sadly i keep coming back cuz theres no other game alternative.

  8. same here. only played 15 games and only 2 wins and alot of credits lost. shot not hitting even at close range

  9. I’ve been having okay games without affecting my average stats and winrate lol! But I’m also playing my tier 8 prems a lot because the Xmas event gives me 50% extra for credits. And then I have prem account. And if I run a 50% reserve that’s like 472% extra credits!


  11. When life gives you lemons… You sell it and buy premium tanks.

  12. I never go that way when there’s two or more arty – you get clobbered.

  13. Good to know even much better players are frustrated.

  14. Had someone pushed me in front of a kv2 in my p43, you know what happens next …

  15. Hey does anyone know the name of the mod thats visible post-game, telling you WN8 and battle finance, etc?

  16. Lul enemy maus 197 dmg, 0 kills. He was shooting HE xD

  17. Hate those lop sided stomps, doesnt seem random mm

  18. Glad to know that I’m not the only one that is butting my head against poor teams. Also hello from Didsbury, Alberta!

  19. so many Su 130pm,is3a and defender ruined the matchmaking, last week we lose badly on Airfield map where enemies got x3 su130 and 2 Skorpion G? we can’t push, even our most skilled ppl in our team which have over 2700 wn8 just camp on ridge? and when I play my is 3, I always match up with a bunch of is3a and defender which is frustrating now since tech tree is3 is so underpowered (its a good tank but there’s a better counterpart which can clip you?).

    I’m using Xvm and I saw many red players (no offense, new player and noob one) on tier 8,9,10 games!! many of them have below 300 wn8 some 1,some below 100. Christmas lootbox ruined matchmaking , less medium and lights wtf!! team line up is like 6 Heavies, 6 Tank Destroyer, 2 medium and 1 SPG


  21. Do you think 140 is better than 907?

  22. If I had a string of shitty games, I get in my arty and pick one enemy top tier heavy and crap on that heavy for the whole 15 mins.

  23. It’s hard to keep a win rate up on a tank at the moment lol, averaging a good amount of damage but my god winning a game is Near impossible it’s like a flip of the coin for the other team too.

  24. I’m gonna be honest Lemming I’ve given up this week and have been almost exclusively been playing the Death Star…

  25. 390 times 2 hp gone to lame to make math i just guess 9000 hp are gone

  26. hello good content! do u play on EU server? i can see ping is 150! same to me as i play on NA server in Overwatch..

  27. Holy fuuuuuck, you are so right!

  28. I lost 7 in a row then won 1 then lost another 3 and I wanted to kill someone

  29. new mic?

  30. Lol try being on the NA server with the Christmas teams. It like 15-2 every game almost. I was trying to 3 mark my skorp but started getting the shit teams and stopped playing it right away.

  31. Yup, seems like every 46% WR superstupid is in the battle being AFK, waiting to get tier 10 tanks so they can AFK some more. I wonder why WG won’t ban those animals, I mean if someone joins 25 000 battles and does 0 damage in all of them, isn’t that pretty unsportsmanlike conduct? If you go play football or ice hockey or whatever with your friends IRL, and you suck, they will probably invite you the next time, but if you sit on the bench or behind your goal and claim you are playing just for fun, they will kick you out. But in WoT, when someone camps behind the base in a top tier heavy every battle, helping the enemy win 56% of battles, no-one bats an eye.

    Thanks for the video and merry christmas!

  32. I’ve learned from you, LR: when all else fails, fall back and farm damage at base.

  33. When i go on that side i usually take down the tree and than use the closer position cause is easyer to hide bihind the ridge and taking cover if they push nire the bridge

  34. I love your toxicity, you’re blunt and say what you want and I appreciate that 🙂

  35. I know you’re Christmas pain. Part of it is the kids on school holidays

  36. Idk why, but i got one large box for free. That cooled me down a bit so i didnt rage quit

  37. Ok and what if you are in this other team? 😛

  38. When are you going to stream again? I miss your streams 🙁

  39. Aeradil 'Devout of the Lidless Eye'

    Hey Lemming. Any tips for playing the 140? I’ve got a 59% WR and would like to think I know how to play tanks but my god the 140 I play like an idiot. Im lucky to get over 2k dmg in my first 30 games, 10 or so of them are under 1k dmg. I am getting ammo-racked at 100% Hp or simply just ammo rack damaged or fires non-stop.
    I feel like its a huge down-grade from my t54 goldspamming.
    Any tips would be much much appreciated. Thanks. Keep up the good work m8.

  40. Should I go for obj 430 or t54? What are the pros and cons? I’m playing the t44 and both tanks seem good on paper

  41. What is the mod you use for post battle stats called ? the one where it shows you the WN8

  42. A better approach is to uninstall.

  43. What if I play slow heavy tanks?

  44. Love your honesty otherwise it’s true, skilled or not skilled players also do bullshits what is getting awful day by day.

  45. Can I say my opinion?

  46. you are such a whiney lil girl, everytime i watch one of your videos its you blowing up your own arsehole how good you are and how shit everyone else is, its starting to piss me off and im unsubbing

  47. Battles without artillery are always so fun

  48. Copious amounts of gold and retarded teams

  49. When in doubt or when i desperate need of win, just take any generic russian med and hope the enemy team wont have more russian meds.

  50. Could you maybe do a video about where to position different types of tanks.

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