Churchill GAME Carrier..

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Source: Circonflexes


  1. First? The hell? Well good morning

  2. Good ass morning

  3. So for those that dont watch my twitch channel, we recently did this:
    Now we moved from tier 5 to tier 6, finishing all the tech tree 3 marks there. : )

  4. Rush B cyka

  5. This thing is fuckin hilarious in a downtier on war thunder

  6. It’s 4 in the morning for me Circon please don’t do this to me.

    • Pentti Kantanen

      Funny how it’s popular in 2019 to act like it’s the 70s with only direct broadcast and no way to record or rewatch…

  7. Churchill GC… GC being good choice

  8. I knew Circon had been playing some really shit tanks but I had no idea it had gotten this bad. PepeHands

  9. That tank is such a pile of crap but I love it just the same once managed to bounce near 1500 damage because got caught behind a building and just started sidescraping because it still has a churchill hull

  10. Circ are you really three marking this shitvagon? You absolute madman. Tally ho brother.

  11. Circ is too op, please nerf!

  12. I breathe Napalm

    I find this tank really useful and reliable.

    After I’m dead.

  13. 4 skill crew and a Circ makes the CGC a tolerable play

  14. If you die rammed by a CGC, then you should quit wot… heck, quit life!

  15. Some may wonder “Is he a god?”

  16. Nice memes.

  17. A ramkill in a Churchill GC, now I’ve seen it all.

  18. Impressive! Glad to see you still tearin it up in Tanks!

  19. churchill op? not russian? it will get nerfed

  20. next one do the tog

  21. 3 marking the CGC… ???

  22. How the FUCK did you know the hole in the bushes was camo ? Did you stand there on purpose and wait to see if you are spotted or not ?

  23. This video was epic XD

  24. of all the tanks Churchill gets such a bad rap in this game.. in real life the Churchill crocodile was *the most insanely effective weapon of WW2* (Lindy Beige did a vid all about why).. it almost required you to surrender.. (they would “wet spray” you first) and 90% of the battles it was in the allies won.. across the entire war.. they were INSANELY effective the Germans were terrified.. also the normal Churchill won countless engagements because the Germans though no armour could make it up “so and so hill” so didn’t defend it.. and the Churchill’s could climb up almost anything…..but in WoT.. Churchill – lolz

  25. stealthy cgc

  26. Yayayayayaya, Ramming is the Game Carriers forte yayayaya

  27. Michael Schindlbeck

    M44 at the end: oh shit oh fuck oh shit oh fuck I missed

    Circon: Driver, get me in closer. I want to hit them with my sword.

    *Chruchill GC ramkill*
    Everyone: nice

  28. proof Circon can polish a turd

  29. Pentti Kantanen

    Crap I missed the tier 6 marking session stream :/
    And I’m sure the sale of gamecarriers just went up 655% when people see this video 😀

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