Churchill gun carrier overview!

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Source: TheFochYou

For shits and giggles!
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. alphabetsoupsandwich


  2. Foche, nailed it. I think your potentials as a producer are yet to be
    So I will ask.
    Would you like to come to Hungary and shoot themed porn for great moneyz?

  3. IGN 8/10 to much toilet paper.

  4. didn’t know the Churchill Gay Carrier was mixed with the deathstar, but

  5. Fabian Buschkowski

    10/10 would buy

  6. LOL! Is all I gotta say :)

  7. Karl King Of Ducks

    Compared to the flatpanzer it is actually better…

  8. Sub 300 hpye
    Lol video btw

  9. Hahhaha very nice

  10. That shit me up xD 

  11. ‘Impossible to miss!’ – Every KV-2 Ever

  12. Awesome Foch

  13. 10/10 Would Bang

  14. wortst tank i have ever played :'(

  15. This video makes me almost to buy it

  16. Don’t you mean… Tanks, Obama? :D

  17. What a great video that was. Epic! Congrats. :)

  18. eurotanker lol

  19. Epic hahaha! Nice one Foch!

  20. Tanks Obama!

  21. gys i knuw ydverdising int cooolll soh i want al to subbed meh!

  22. Next request: ARL V39 

  23. Lol GG wp man

  24. loool

  25. 10/10 will never sell it

  26. Nicely done Foch!

  27. hahah aimtime 2.9 centuries man i love you foch :_D

  28. hahahahahaahah

  29. Aimtime : 2,9 centuries lol

  30. Foch with an April fools? Ha ha ha

  31. And it’s still a better grind than the AT8

  32. Now go ham in it :P

  33. Master Of None None

    straight to the point video. thumbs up. 

  34. ok…you win

  35. Lol

  36. Perf.

  37. That was just great! :D

  38. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    230 avg dmg noob

  39. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    This is what happens when a drunk Foch has a ton of free time.

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