Churchill III Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

An picked up while gathering footage for review.

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  1. I’m not agree with your T67 : he could (should ?) have relocated far
    Maybe the only thing you could have done better was engaging the Nashorn
    form the south, instead of going from the road, to kept the building
    between you and the stug/excelsior.
    But even then, the excelsior was a really tough tank to kill, and neither
    you or the KV1 was mobile enough to flank him.

    Don’t have regrets, you have done well, and you deserve this mastery badge
    ! ;)

  2. That Excelsior deserved a few APCR rounds.

    T67 should have run away as soon as he spotted 4 tanks coming his way. So
    he’s responsible for the defeat as well.

  3. I love this tank, i even have a couple of Radleys on it along with a Pools
    and highest exp of over 3k 😀
    Anyways sad loss for you :c

  4. I did have the churchill III but it was soo bad that I’ve sold it..
    but that was an awesome game anyway

  5. i’m having a terrible time in this tank. i lost my first 4 games in it.
    next day i lost 7 in a row. i dare not look at my win % in this tank, it
    must be around 12%. i have been plagued by terrible teams who lose 15-2
    with alarming regularity. compare to the excelsior where i am 100% after 4
    games. it kind of makes a none sense of the whole WR thing. If you get bad
    teams there is nothing you can do. i should not have 100% in one tank and
    12% in another, i am the same player and the tanks are not that much
    different. this game is so frustrating.

    regarding someone sending you a message to say you lost a game. man that is
    so lame. why would he even be so bothered about a game to do that. sorry
    but i do not get the attitude of these “pro” gamers who look for someone to
    blame. how about the other 13 on your team, did he message them too? i got
    some idiot calling me a noob and f****** useless in chat at the end of a
    game, and that was when we won!!!! when i looked at the result page i was
    2nd on XP(and above him). how can anyone at the top or near the top of the
    team result be useless to the team?. people just don’t have brains these
    days. they want to give abuse and they think they don’t need an excuse to
    do it. I turned off chat now since then, and i don’t miss it. i don’t care
    if it affects my performance or team efficiency, i’m tired of bad mannered
    people in chat

    you are right about the gun, it can let you down quite a lot. thanks for
    posting. hope to catch you streaming sometime

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