Circon 100,000 Subscribers Special!

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Music: Silencyde – Shroud


  1. Been streaming/youtubing for so long, but we finally reached 100.000 subs!
    Thank you so much, for all the support over the years. Love ya. : )

  2. your laugh is the best 😉

  3. Amazing. I remember seeing a lot of these live, especially the calculated bulldog stalingrad memes. Seeing the Russian mic video on YT made me sub to you, like 3 years ago. It’s amazing to see how the channel has evolved. Here’s to the next 100,000 Circon!

  4. 25 and a half minutes of dank memes. what more could I ask for!?!? I OD’d on dank memes today. #WORTH!

  5. Michael Garofalo

    Congratulations Circon on your 100K Subs

  6. Natsiwach Lakanasirorat


  7. Chandler Kristoff

    Ooh boy wowee, can’t wait to see that shiny Silver Play Button when you get it 🙂

  8. Keep them coming!!!!!

  9. Legendary Bogdan

    Glad I was part of your journey

  10. Steve….my man!!!!

  11. Damn,I’m only now realizing how long ago some of these videos/streams were. You have come a long way and honestly you deserve way more subs. Thanks for all the wonderful content and quality memes

  12. Vladimir put it in the game ????

  13. Gratz on the 100k subs Circon. Some of those clips brought back some great memories. That vacuum cleaner dicker max just killed me when you were doing that. Keep it up, I will keep watching when I can catch you.

  14. Best video ever!!!! I needed to hear all your laughs. Thank you!!

  15. What no highlight from the Foch full HE game?!

  16. George Proctor SR

    Well deserved, Congrats!!!

  17. Does anybody know the music in the first clip? At 0:20 that is

  18. You are the best Circon!! Love from South Africa!

  19. -ßЯҢ- Commando

    OMG look at the baby face Circon in the first clip!!! He’s all grown up now!! We have come so far.

  20. im glad the montage ended with possible the best circon play ever

  21. And the giveaway? Comon!

  22. Make Arty Great Again

  23. *Quick, everyone unsub and resub in a week so he has to make another one…*

  24. Play the video at 2x speed and just listen to circon’s laughs

  25. its been a great journey

  26. this vid was a fun watch congratz on 100k

  27. XZP IS-3 vs. IS-6

    You have so many team kills that you could make a montage out of it lol

  28. Mera Ioan Vasile

    congrats and all the best good man…..

  29. This is literally the best fucking shit I’ve seen for a while! 😀 Great job Circon! Too bad there aren’t this much vids platooned up with other guys like Foch or Jingles. Cheers!

  30. Man thanks for all the great times Zircon, grats on the 100k! Well deserved!

  31. You’re a legend

  32. Maurice Pfeiffer

    man, you deserve those abos. everytime i see your stream or videos, they make my day cause of your kind of playstyle and i can even learn some things 😀

  33. mateusz gnatowicz

    your the best

  34. That DMax vacuum cleaner really got me 😀

  35. 25 minutes of mighty lulz, keks and dank memes. Thank you!!!

  36. 24:09 “Never doubted” 😛

  37. Congrats, dude!

  38. Congratz Circon! Fantastische mijlpaal!

  39. Best memes compilation ever made. Best wishes Circon.

  40. Congratz Circ you deserve it. I don’t have much time anymore to tune in on livestreams, so this youtube channel is a godsend to me! Thanks for hours upon untold hours of awesome entertainment. Cheers.

  41. How to get views: a compilation of circon killing arta players

  42. Gratz Circon! Oh the memories this compilation brought back! All the memez, when you weren’t a twitch partner, when we genuinely enjoyed playing wot, aw man! Wish we will have so much fun with wot in the future, and hope you get a million more subs!

  43. The EVEN 90 ram gets me every time.
    Congratulations on the big milestone Circon! You totally deserve it.

  44. Man i miss those days when they platoon…

  45. But … Where is Bert! Congrats though on your 100k subs!

  46. Congrats on the 100k!

  47. Andreas sjøstrøm

    What a laugh i got out of this, and to all the people play WOT “Arty is fair and balanced!”

  48. the young circon is scary
    looks like anime

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