Circon, back at tier 10.. – World of Tanks – Progetto M40 mod. 65

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Source: Circonflexes

Playing the game at one of the easiest tiers in the game. People asked for it, so lets go!


  1. You’re not even safe at the highest tier anymore. ; )

  2. Is WoT still p2w?

  3. This is just abuse, not cool man :l

  4. gonna do a vid on HWK 30?

  5. Damn tier ten sealclubber

  6. Sacreligious Sausage

    Fucking dirty tier 10 seal clubber. I demand tier 1-3 seal clubbing videos for ultimate scumbagery

  7. Morathis titties are disappointed in this tier 10 abuse.

  8. Why you ignore your chat circy circ?

    • +Circonflexes yess. You might think i’m one of those who just wanted a bit more attention and didn’t got it, and maybe it’s the truth, but i’ve noticed that it’s not just me, i saw it (for a while) by the way you looked at the chat and didn’t responed to simple and honest questions. You sure don’t need to replay to everyone but in my opinion and from my side it looks a bit too much. Maybe it’s just your style, idon’t realy know. I respect you and love you mate, be well and take this as a good advice for you and not as a stupid drama or something. Peace✌

    • Dude circon gets thousands of questions or comments every stream. If he answered them all he’d never play the game.

    • When ever I tune in hes always talking to chat. Stop hating for no reason

    • +Bushy556 thanks man i know that. I’m not new at twitch. Maybe i came in a little bit too hard but i juat said my opinion not gust for me, but a bit more for him. He does’nt deserve to loose subscribers

  9. This level of sealclubbing disgusts me, I’m shocked and appalled. circTrauma

  10. Seal clubbing T10 My Dude… I cant stop laughing. Well played.

  11. Like i said on stream this needs to stop,sealclubbing even at tier 10 circTin

  12. Too many players, fail their way to the top.

    • Too many commas, in that sentence. Not to be a grammar Nazi… but die grammatik heil. And if you speak German, you can roast me for that doubtlessly appalling grammar.

  13. I find this Spaghett one of the most enjoyable tier X tank in the game, rly fun to play 🙂

  14. That Centurion…..

  15. I cant remember the last time I saw tier 8s in my tier 10, most games its all tier 10 against basically armour or TDs, like Type 5s, 183s, 430Us, Sup Conqs that is about it. Yet every bloody game at tier 8 is tier 10, its like some sort of lottery no one lets me buy a ticket for, play tier 10, nothing but all tier 10 games, play tier 8, nothing but 3-5-7 bottom tier.

  16. That Mauer needed a big tank to house his giant balls of steel

  17. How can I get that mod of the reticle?

  18. Circon uploaded a new video, guess that means 10 more people are gonna unsub.

  19. did 8K damage yesterday in TVP T50/51

  20. Is progetto 65 worth it over Standard B?

  21. Hacks… Wish my Proghetto could bounce 300mm of pen on a tank with 90mm armor. lol

  22. You could upload half a dozen games from that session, Circon. You should totally upload that game from Tundra where you had ~7k tracking damage, that one was pretty hilarious.

  23. Lets here it for that Standard B. The SIZE OF HIS BALLS ! My god you gotta have stones of stone to be that brave

  24. spamming apcr in a tier 10 medium, disgusting. 😛

  25. *slow clap. t10 seal clubbing at its best

  26. Wot frankenfurter

  27. “World of camping cars with autoloaders”

  28. I’m embarrassed for that centurion.

  29. I mean I’ve said the T10 105mm gun, which is the infamous L/44 on most T10 Meds, is stupidly broken and ruins top tier play for at least 4 years. This tank takes that to a different level. A CircGod level of OP. The 390 alpha with *ANY* 105 (except the M60 cuz Murica) shits on anything, anywhere, anytime

  30. Now watch Foch do the same thing in a full Tier 10 Battle without a consumeable and still do 8k dmg and 3k assist

  31. wew using armor mod ?? wew

  32. how do I get Aslains’s mod pack without them trying to hijack my shit? SUPER FUCKING GREASEY

  33. This was definitely unfair plane.

  34. Hi Circon, Nice to see you back. Hope things are good with you.

  35. “Uh, maybe not”.
    That wheeled retard needs to remember to check his team lists and figure out who he’s fucking with.

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