Circon, DezGamez & Harkonnen – Birthday Highlights #2

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  1. 40 mins of pure joy

  2. oooh my, there is a part 2!

  3. Happy New Year

  4. hey circ, that new frenchie, m4a1 FL 10, is actually a lot of fun to play

  5. Happy BirthDay C

  6. I’ll be back, I need to get home, ever see escape from NY

  7. The city is kinda like like

  8. Advent Calendar vid modCheck

  9. Holy clips batman! Imagine being this early, and imagine watching with ads, commenting, liking and adding to watch later and a Playlist to bump the algorithm! Looking forward to enjoy this!

  10. What mod is Circon using that is showing the armor value?

  11. Circon roasting Dez was the best

  12. ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ

    Man the EBR looks horrible and just not fun to play against

  13. how do you comment

  14. Honest, these two videos have been epic at a time when tanks has been feeling dull as hell. Great stuff!

  15. I’ll be here for part three.
    The Dez roasts were funny.

  16. OOOO

    KV2 and EBRs….and Circ roasting Dez


  17. Wait what accent does dez have?

  18. I’m doing my part

  19. Even not caring, I hope you gonna have some kind of a nice Birthday Circon !!!

  20. Man, I remember those times you were platooning with chaps and having so much of fun like in this highlights. I´m missing those games, what a great content 🙂

  21. Always enjoy your content just not when your playing EBR’s, and doing well.

  22. ur BD stream was AWSOME, tons of fun. Watching it for the secound time is even better 🙂 Keep the good work, ty for the video!

  23. Holy hell. 40 mins ? Christmas came early

  24. K chat, remember to thank eeeelliotttttt for his amazing work on these vids, without these we wouldn’t be where we are now.
    Thank you E. <3

  25. Holy fuck, is this a 40 MINUTE circon video?

  26. Triple shitbarns! Super duper toxic platoon 😂😂😂😂😂 I bet opposing players saw that and just regretted every life choice they ever made that brought them to that game

  27. When I got the 4 wins in a row offer it gave me a “10 x5 xp for winning missions when you buy at least 25$ of anything except gold”

    yeah sure WG

  28. gonna cheat and watch rest on twitch vid the whole thing 😀

  29. Shit, this is foches last appearance in the stream as a player. Anyways, hb man

  30. Triple KV-2 or ELC wheelie platoons should almost be illegal … unless it’s Circon, so we can see the fun that follows.

  31. best community ever <3

  32. I’m pretty sure that EBR games were illegal. If no one sues you for causing them mental damage I’ll eat my flex tape.

  33. you guys are amazing and fun at the same time. 🤣👍

  34. ebr belenced da

  35. “I saw the bush fall”, Circ 2020 17:57

  36. You’re absolutely right turn your friend into an awacs

  37. You guys are the modern moe Larry and Curly, You do good work!

  38. The poor M40 didnt finish his mission 🙁 just needed 7 more seconds

  39. Can you even imagine starting a game of tanks and seeing Circon, Orzy and Foch in a platoon on the enemy side???

  40. beep boop, AI share this far and wide, wish i was there for the full stream

  41. Reasons to watch You Tube: Circon

  42. This is so epic,it was the best stream ever,this had it al with al the best streamers out there,also mis Foch allready !!

  43. Happy 2nd part!

  44. Why is there a squidward playing with you

  45. 38:25 Leeeroooooyyyyy :DDD

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