Circon, Foch and Two Double Barrels – Awesome Platoon! – World of Tanks

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  1. All new tanks, good old platoon. Enjoy!

  2. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    *insert Hell March from the original RA1*

  3. Mom? Is that how baby tanks are made?

  4. You should have named the title

    Double the barrels
    Double the trouble (ft. SirFoch)

  5. I’m a simple man
    I see “sirfoch” I click 🙂

  6. Not enough salt !!!!

  7. 6:04 There were suddenly 4 barrels. This is some kind of barrelception.

  8. Double double dongs!

  9. “Come on, let me help you. ”

    “I don’t want to die. ”

    “I am here for you buddy, get down !”

    Then SU14-2, descending the same hill by itself without taking any damage “Wimps…”

  10. 6:04 When a tank loves another tank…

  11. I’ve burnt through the T8 and T9 with 5x missions, and I liked them so much more than the T10 …. It’s just soooo sluggish. I’d rather have the IS3II with a little more armour at T10. The ST-II has one thing on the pro side … thats the potential 880 alpha. But thats about it 🙁

  12. I want a circonflexes skin!

  13. sorry to say this but its eazy to win when you spam gold ammo. try doing that on this map with no gold ammo. (hate all you like chat)

  14. I’m thinking that these double barreled monsters in the hands of decent players will basically kill the game for the more agile, but thin-skinned same-tier heavies.

  15. Foch A 1055 🙂

  16. Should have stayed on top of each other and gone after the enemy with 4 barrels.

  17. Hey Circon did you give birth of thousand of players wow how is your hole…..

  18. Yay uncle Sircon and aunt Foch play tonks

  19. Good to see you and Foch hanging out, man. I need to be around for these streams god dammit

  20. I remember the russian mics, when i think of foch and you hah

  21. The reload delay really fucks with people I see. Everyone waits for the second shell to reload and fires when it says it’s reloaded, but it ain’t so it always fucks your reload.. Why?

  22. Click on video, instant like. Preparing salt. 😀

  23. 6:06 new russian heavy line confirmed.

  24. That is not a platoon I want to be up against!

  25. no insult but holy sh*t Circon, are you alright? you look exhausted af

  26. good thing there is no more team damage

  27. Next level hill dismount.

  28. I just discovered that IS-2-II front turret armor is easily penetrable so it isnt so strong as it seems.

  29. The cult of Circon. 🙂

  30. And this is why I have given up the game. I have 50K plus games, a 55% winrate and am tired of the BS tanks wargaming comes out with.

  31. 1.8 exp, no wonder, why it’s so hard to get a Acewanker

  32. 6:04 bromance of the century

  33. Missed opportunity to use “Circon, Foch, and Four Smoking Barrels”

  34. Oh boy I could be just as good what foch is. Sit behind circon, pinching my nose talking wot rant and then tell people how I am unicorn. ;D (Seriously you both are legends, but I have self esteem issues).

  35. ahh…foch…the true F2P representant….THATS WHAT WE NEED BACK !!

    fuck gold fuck p2w !

  36. The enemy-team has been Circonfoch’d hard.

  37. This replay should have a subtitle: “Circonflexes acting as a landing pad for Foch”. I was confused why no damage was caused when Circon was carrying Foch on his shoulders for a while, until I realised, of course not, because no friendly dmg anymore in this game :-))

  38. When SirFoch slid down the hill, I think you guys accidentally discovered the next tier 8 premium, a double barreled tank on a double barreled tank.

  39. Very nice hat and two smoking barrels !!!

  40. Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait

  41. .. fun to watch a well-oiled platoon in action .. thanks for sharing ..

  42. Long live our brave Bromanian Leaders fed with the everflowing juice of tomatoes !

  43. This was cool, hope to see you guys in more action 🙂

  44. GodMode: Engaged!

  45. But forreal……those double barrel tanks are fucking stupid right?

  46. Funny you should mention putting decals on so you recognize us as yours. I remember you shit-canned a decal for looking ridiculous, I spent months after fitting every new tank with that decal hehe.
    Thank you for your continued content. It is very much appreciated to see content with you and SirFoch this time.

  47. Where you get this Help with the Penetration and the enemy armor
    Where is Show you do you can pen or not?

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