Circon, Mailand & DezGamez – Birthday Highlights #3

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Fear the Foch




  1. these birthday platoons was amazing to watch and helpful and fun 🙂

  2. OHHHHH 3 mins

  3. Why doesn’t he do a backflip?

  4. “You know, slowly dying”
    I felt that.

  5. Please guys make @eeelliottttt the top comment

  6. Ay Le Mayooo

  7. Great content-like if you agree

  8. Wheelies are poggers

  9. Dude you are SPOILING us with these highlights. Thank you!

  10. Keep em coming mate

  11. I love this shit, awesome you put it on the tube for us non twitch viewers. Gz on Bday 🙂

  12. Snooze just joined….what a Cliffhanger!

  13. Oh my god the memes just keep on coming. Thanks to everyone involved!

  14. Those three are my favourite videos so far

  15. I think improved aiming is always on bcz the dispersion calculations include the base dispersion

  16. New circ every day :))) feels good man

  17. oh lord its fucking Christmas again today lets goo

  18. Wish Mailand would do some of his own videos in English.

  19. That KV2 shot was so filthy it used all the RNG left in the game this week.

  20. guys what tiers do you recommend playing? I am trying really hard to enjoy this game but I just cant at tier 10. been playing wot for years on/off but fml it seems to be in a depressing state atm

    • I like 9 and 10 best, but play whatever you feel comfortable with and don’t sweat it, it’s a game , no point in playing if you don’t enjoy 🙂

    • @nioutest will try 9 too then thank you man.and well once I get enough of it I just stop playing it for a year or so so it should be fine xd

  21. robert petrisor Borovina

    Circon being the best once again

  22. Even with old foch clips edited! Kreygasm

  23. amazing platoon

  24. Elliot is on a roll man.


  26. If I was on the enemy team and saw three together I would just park up and wait to die.

  27. The DEZignated team rides again

    This needs to be done way more often

  28. I really appreciate and enjoy the videos you’ve been putting out this month!

  29. On the 3rd day of Birthmas 3 true friends come for Ye, put no end to this orgy- maybe.

  30. PLEASE do more of these platoon streams!

  31. Oh no, dont woof

  32. that kv-2 shot was so epic yet was repeated like twice now form different videos lol

  33. Dude pls stop calling Mongols. It’s offensive. Your fan from Mongolia.

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