^^| Circon Sinatra Erlenberg-Mix

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Source: SirCircon

Made by SergeantShultz, is not monetized in anyway.


  1. Don’t, please don’t do this again…

  2. “I wanna wake up in a city where every one is dead” LMAO.. hate it when
    I’m holding off some heavies and all the sudden I’m taking shots in the
    ass. like, wtf how am I being shot ? look at mini map and… “oh, whole
    team is dead I’m the only one left.. nice”..

  3. When is greatest hits album coming? Looking forward to duet with foch
    “Also eat shit and die you fucking retard” 10/10 best lyrics EU. Would
    listen again

  4. Lol… stick to gaming bro

  5. Hahahahahahaha

  6. I love how arty hit Circon there on the move at the end of the video.

  7. Thomas Connelly-moss



  9. Kagami Yokarinsky Hasegawa

    I wondering did I clicked a wrong video at first lol

  10. LOL !! Good one . Thx for the vid

  11. More spoken word Shatner than Sinatra, but that’s one of the reasons I sub.
    Along with spicy memes and a sexy playlist :)

  12. whena the record coming out? :D

  13. Bravo! Bravo! :D

  14. Sounds like we need The Sounds Of Circon on vinyl.

  15. best video ever, circ

  16. 10/10 accured cover

  17. I laughed way harder than I should have

  18. I laughed way harder than I should have

  19. fucking glorious

  20. Quality memes circ 10/10

  21. U are such a boss circon!!

  22. Oh Circon….

  23. I’m want this for ring-signal on my phone! So i can cry every times it
    rings. . .

  24. that was booyiteefull

  25. 10/10 would kill myself again

  26. John DeJong (Genghis John)

    Absolutely Halal

  27. The apprentice has surpassed his master. Beeyouteafool

  28. yup, thats my ringtone now

  29. Love it

  30. Singing memes! Sweet!

  31. That was majestic.

  32. New ringtone

  33. I thought i clicked wrong, looked like a Casey Neistat movie ?

  34. mother of copyright

  35. still better love story than twilight

  36. This made my day mate 10/9

  37. The Sanity Assassin

    “I wanna wake up, in a city, where everybody’s dead” Circon 2016

  38. new map “new york” confirmed!1 ww2 was fought there trust me

  39. Hilarious. Circon is a man of many talents. XD

  40. Lol

  41. not quite the best thing i’ve heard, i’d say it is a solid 9/11

  42. Why do you waste your time in front of your PC when there is so much talent
    in you, Circon?! lol
    Better than this Country-stuff from the Netherlands at the ESC!

  43. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    sooo epic

  44. I was not expecting to create the new World of Tanks anthem… but it
    really fits.

  45. Listening to Circon sing Frank Sinatra while listening to Franzl Lang at
    the same time

  46. Gross Domestic Plums

    im on the floor XD

  47. Top kek mate

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