Circon VS the World..

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World of Tanks, 1v29 pancakes!


  1. You did very well… considering it was a 1 v 29… 👍

  2. Nice, a team with Zombies…

  3. Blitz With Spartan617

    The gold old 1v29

  4. I don’t understand how can people with 50,000 games play this bad. You think they might learn eventually

  5. Dream team..

  6. DugThatOutMyself

    I swear, only place where +2 could be not cancer are those grand battles of 30v30, because that is where a single toptier wouldn`t decide the game so much.
    That is also the where they don`t do +/- matchmaking as far as I know.

  7. Damn Circon, I hate you so much for making me want to play the game again.


  9. One of the most epic almost-carries I’ve seen.

  10. Elijah Montgomery

    The problem with WOT of tanks muppets is systemic. A bunch of stupid people, with no intentions of getting better, all swarm to it because of it being a free download. Then when criticized, they get salty and defend themselves, even though they are absolute garbage.

  11. Knight of YouTube

    this is what is happening we are advertising this game to potatoes who wouldn’t know a flagpole from a dildo. But alas we let wargaming advertise this game when they know it can reach all the donkey’s of the world and it has peaked at an all time record. Congrats Wargaming your officially the worst Gaming Company to have existed since Bohemia Interactive with DayZ.

  12. I’m not even sure what to say about those end results.

  13. That’s a heart break

  14. Yesterday i did 5k on caernarvon but still lost the game, I’ve got completely wrecked by enemy team, my team had average of 600wn8 and winrate like <47% when the enemy were unicorns and shit you know

  15. Enemy AMX HT also didn’t mess any of his shots, correctly baited the rest of Circon’s team to death, and basically soften Circon enough for him to be killed in the end. Credits to him

  16. Some people say that premium rounds are for noobs…

    Well, in this video we can see that HE rounds are for real noobs.

    GG dude, RNG helped you… and betrayed you as well. 🙁

  17. Love how one of them started pinging Circ as he’s literally farming half the enemy team from mid. *”How dare you play hull down in a British tank!”*

  18. Someone call a chiropractor…

  19. No caravanabanov!

  20. Christiaan Carstens

    Tite shoud have been The Mongoloidville massacre.

  21. Christiaan Carstens

    This is why they will never be able to balance this game. Way to many mongoloids playing it.


    Circom./.. do you agree on how this tank is said to be a TD.. even with a 90mm that cant pen anything.

  23. What a shit player, HE LOST, according to all the stats whores, it doesn’t matter if you have shit teams, it is your fault you lost, so you must be shit, not the team.

  24. noooooooooooooo, great game though!

  25. Caernarvon is op as shit i once did over 6k in two consecutive battles with it

  26. That’s an oof

  27. Good lord man. Time for a cold shower.

  28. The lack of team damage is disturbing.

  29. Robbed! great carry up to that point

  30. Such teams are great for stat padders and arty players. Too stupid to do damage, and too smart to die in first 2 minutes.

  31. You carried hard but that Super Hellcat and the TS-5 carried just enough for the other team to negate your carry. So look at the rest of your team and they weighed more than the 13 players on the enemy team.

  32. 7:04 This moment showcases not only Circon’s years of experience, but also his talent and creativity – not the last time he gets robbed in this game 🙁

  33. One of the best rounds of WoT I’ve ever seen, coming from someone who’s been into WoT for 6 years. Won or not, this showed almost perfect reactions and insight. Hats off to you Circon.

  34. Winter Shire, Mad Max: Fury Redshire

  35. How does Ramp 150 not win this himself? It’s a baller move.

  36. if he would have would won he could have won carry the stupids

  37. I remember when i was going for the FV 215b heavy, Carearnerewoeoehn was sucking huge balls, managed to unlock Conqueror and they buffed Caern shortly after i sold it (like few days later literally) my perfect timing list is quite impressive in my wot carreer, not to mention Hellcat nerf just when i was about to unlock it, back in the day it was op af.

  38. Load the Skill rounds

    Sad if you had one other teammate with half a wit you would have won that one

  39. My heart legitimately sank when I saw those end plates..
    I don’t know enough German to have an accurate word for that level of disappointment.

  40. Your 1999 camcorder coveted to digital in real time to be used as a webcam looks awesome!

  41. Shinyone Incarnate

    When I have teams like this, am the last one standing, with the most damage, someone will send me a nasty post game message blaming me for the loss. OR if we win, no message.

  42. Outplayed by you’re own team.

  43. eat gluten free..great job

  44. I love how everyone is saying “holy shit so insanely bad team” when in reality you see teams like this all the time…

  45. The game in the times of quarantine… it’s like neverending weekend.

  46. You didn’t lose because you didn’t carry hard enough. You lost because your team was a bunch of fucking retards.

  47. 122 hp from a 90mm he round wtf RNG

  48. I dont understand why NA/EU havents switched to +1/-1mm it is so much better

  49. Circon, why did you not carry harder?

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