Circon | Watching “Developer Diaries: New Polish Medium Tanks”

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Source: Circonflexes

4 lemons & admn Wowee /


  1. if there are ebrs then that eng shit doesn’t matter on 90 percent of maps

  2. exactinmidget92

    I can see these guys having soviet armor with Western guns.

  3. the bugi looks like the love child of a matilda and the AMX 40

  4. Stand by for CS52/53 (whichever performs better in game) new OP Premium Tank for pay to win customers… Overall they will have to be careful to not make the Polish Medium better than the Russian ones, it wouldn’t sit well with their Russian customer base.

  5. Sabaton winged hussars memes at the ready

  6. ‘increases speed but decreases accuracy’ EBR’s keeping quiet in the back.

    • Having an EBR snapshoting me from 200 meter, going 100 kph, over and over again really takes me out of the game.

  7. Omg, those engine mode nerfs are what EBR needs and WG has to make new tanks to not have to nerf clowncars -.-

  8. Nope, still not coming back

    Armoured Warfare just confirm Asian tenks

    Seriously im sick of seeing SoViet look a like tank

    At least im getting to use the Wilk and PL01 from Poland

  9. I already see these things chase EBRs all over the place.

  10. Rapid mode gives nerfs like less camo? Hmmm can we say EBR? Hate the wheeled shit tanks!


    The tier 6 is basically the duck tank hope it has that troll af armor aswell

  12. I prefer having a bad mechanic that gets buffed instead of a broken mechanic that never gets fixed

  13. Dabombinable Mi

    And the premium looks like it’s almost ready for release…

  14. If you like that gas turbine feature imagine it on a Russian HT.
    OBJ780 will get this if it goes ahead.

  15. “We don’t know which of the tier 8s will be premium. Therefore we made a fully designed and skinned model and totally ignored the other tier 8 design…”

  16. They need to do more testing to make sure the premium really is OP. Then the other one can be nerfed to fuck and put in the tech tree.

  17. Canadian Tanker 777

    they should implement that feature in the tier 10 in the strv 103b. it too has a turbine engine?

  18. hahaha now they wanna milk the polaks .

  19. Medium tank going fast -> somehow needs to have skills work less and equipment not work
    Wheeled tanks going fast -> somehow get better gun handling and mobility than tracked vehicles
    Wargaming Logic

  20. I’d rather have an Israeli techtree. Would love to get my hands on the Sherman armed with that 60mm Hyper Velocity cannon and the M51 Super Sherman!

  21. 8:15 the better one will be a premium ofc

  22. 14:22 i also like skirts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. More napkin tanks. Still no Canadian tech tree

  24. CCs please push WG to add the drive mode to lower tiers, make it less effective, but please don’t make the lower tiers irrelevant. The polish line below tier 7 was just a free xp sink, let’s hope they don’t do that again. Also, why isn’t it called “combat boost,” that’s an actual thing on some tanks and most military planes.

  25. toaster microphone

    Great more meds that are as fast as scout tanks hit like tank destroyers and bounce shots like heavys should making every other tank class obsolete great

  26. The T-72 at tankfest was actually a Polish army T-72M I believe 😂

  27. Looks mean nothing. Its all about performance.

  28. DarkMitsaras004

    Hey bois do you like all those russian tanks but wish they had gun depression? Here ya go ! GIMME MONIS

  29. Another completely bullshit tech tree…

  30. Load the Skill rounds

    Looks cool! I think the tier 7 looks like some power creep maybe, the 10 doesn’t look that powerful though kind of just average with a gimmick thrown in.

  31. welp there goes my hopes for the chieftain heavy tank branch this year

  32. With the tier 8 tanks, they may have finished the one that looks more like a T-44 thinking they would make it a premium, then later are questioning whether they want to do that or not. The other tier 8, the one that looks more similar to the T-54, looks like it might have better armour, similar to the actual T-54. So I think that they could be waiting to see which tank preforms better, so that they produce a premium that will be “good” so people buy it

  33. Continuously adding new trees basically means giving up on balancing the existing stuff. Simplifying the tech trees helps a little, but WG will only gradually buff the worst performers and ignore the rest. That’s mho on their priorities…

  34. BAHHHHhhhhhh they added wheeies There too fast and hard to hit ..wg hey wait lets do that to tanks too! ..bah they should just add the consumables 2.0 in add the n02 consumable to go NeedForSpeed mode in any unit you use it on .

  35. the new polish med line will be like many other lines… all on paper, but never any actually produced

  36. with those downsides, switch modes needs to be instant when stopped.

  37. @circonflexes, the side skirts are in that one spot only on the tier 9 to protect the crew compartment inside the turret basket.

  38. (07:14) & (14:00) hey men do you noticed that the gun from CS-53 is diferent in those two times on the video? Defenetly CS52 is premium!!!

  39. SleepingKnightsRS421

    Technically there are real tanks to fill up at least half of a Japanese tank destroyer line. No clue what they could use for tier 7-10, those would be fabricated from “blueprints”.

  40. Light fast aeroplane engine like turbine in power to weight ratio. why this feature of going fast not available to Hell cat?

  41. Oh, a new Tank line!
    First 3 Word of Commentator: “After WW 2 …”
    … ok, i´m done …

  42. the_real_Jugger


  43. It’s clear that the better of the 2 tier 8’s will be the premium. Without question. It’s funny because this system it has where it loses accuracy and aim time while in the “speed” mode is exactly what should have been applied to the ebrs. So glad I don’t spend money on this game anymore.

  44. The better one is gonna be a premuim. Its a battle to the death on the supertest server and the better tank will become a premium

  45. unless they dont manage MM to CS63 only met other CS63, some maps will be roughly won by this tank

  46. B.U.G.I looks like the French tier 4 duck on steroids

  47. I certainly like short skirts…

  48. Sherman Duck hybrid on steriods.

  49. Everybody: So you can race into a good position straight away?
    Me shortly after: Oh no… The hull armour…

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