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Getting up there in combined stats..


  1. This could be good, could be.

  2. circon really lucky that ISU didnt hit him, would have spelled the end of his tank, but the he got the gunmark anyways

  3. Circ, you should merchandise a t shirt with “YOTMO – You Only Three Mark Once”, for your 3mark campaign XD. Anyway, awesome play as usual

  4. Grats kerel! Wish someone could ever shoot at enemies that i spot lol.. Have a good one this weekend <3

  5. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Nice title tho

  6. even hard for a tier10light woow..magician circon

  7. “if my teammates could actually pen a t-10.” this is why spotting missions are currently bullshit, along with ones like cause a fire ect. You can be the best lt in the game, but If your MM RNG gives you teammates that can’t shoot, its not going to happen

    • I’m trying SO HARD doing 4 miserable K spotting for the chimera missions in the Americans light and I’m getting so unlucky it’s disgusting
      Litterally the last mission before the 15 and I get the chimera, and it’s getting so frustrating
      So I get ‘ya

    • I find blocking missions the worst atm because blocked dmg and tracking doesnt count (only bounce counts) and people either shoot gold at you and pen or shoot HE that also doesnt count towards the mission. So bad

    • @Laiebi _ I can totally agree with that, those are second for me. The fact that armor reduces he damage but he damage doesn’t count is way off logically. I would be ok with higher needed totals but HE and tracking included. Some of these missions make total sense, can you play this class well, and control your tank to earn a reward. But some are just, can you get lucky.

    • I think the blocking missions are the worst. They require you to be passive in order to reach the required amount and they rely on the enemy NOT spamming gold and HE which seems to be very common these days.

  8. It’s nice when you’re on a team that can shoot.

  9. another stelar gameplay

  10. Lol that AX is a former Clan member of mine

  11. Ahh the chinese tech tree… The walmart Russian tanks

  12. Best and Worst Tanks to Three Mark (Overall and Tier-to-Tier) video(s) would be an awesome video topic 😀 😀

  13. This match was balls

  14. Perfection.

  15. thougts on Amx13 90?

  16. I’d say
    Circon Sized 🤔

    Be safe and enjoy the time of peace cobber..
    I Enjoy your work 👍

    Cheers 🍻

    Lest we forget 🇦🇺

  17. I don’t like you anymore. I go out in my light and die with 0 spotting damage. No matter how many of the enemy I light. (just kidding about not liking you)

  18. I couldn’t understand this video. I just saw the enemy taking hits. It’s almost like he was driving an invisible tank.

  19. And the best pun award goes to

  20. I don’t know how to feel about this replay. You seem to intrude on the special niche of the British lights.

  21. 20 ms OMG!!!!

  22. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Yo Guys what is that Camo on the Tank?
    Is this Twitch Prime Stuff again?

  23. I support the idea of making a “worst tanks in the game” series. You could do the 5 worst tanks by each type (TD’s, Lights, etc) or do the 5 worst tanks at each tier and talk about how they could be better. I’d definitely watch it

  24. Bravo dude, that was a sick game

  25. I see this battle playout so many times. opposite ends of the 1 2 lines have the same herd locations where all the shitters go and park. that is3 red line sniper. fucking lol. Hiding scouts who dont do anything but are in an op scout tank. Why do you load in if you are shit? As for arty, its a viable tank type and if you are good then you can use all them. Hell you make a t34-2 look good. There is a medal for killing all the types of tanks in the game and if you are going to 3 mark everything then that includes arty.

  26. WG please nerf

  27. “You have to be half dead NPC to enjoy artillery” – I missed watching Circon

  28. I didn’t know there’s a new light tank tech tree line for China, that one’s hella strong bruh

  29. Completely NUTS !

  30. I gave up on the nation when I got the t-34-2, NICE work in that Chinese turd Circon!

  31. Well done 3 marking that crap of a tank

  32. Reminded me of the Hunt for the Wilderpeople scene.

  33. This preset cammo gonna be the biggest sluttiest cammo ever, having been on so many tanks

  34. This is why I hate you

  35. patrick ter ellen

    “Circonflaged” is misschien wel een optie voor de volgende editie……

  36. next title will be Circonsised 😂

  37. I didn’t realise the T-34-2 was such a good tank, I never touched the Chinese meds, now’s the time I guess

  38. Christiaan Carstens

    He did not ask if we where taking notes of how to 3 mark T34-2, confused how to 3 mark T34-2.

  39. Well man, good again, see you, so I don’t need to play the game ….ehhhrrr…Hahaha…. I like it Circon !

  40. That kill steal on the AX though

    • Marko Nikolic , he gave everyone else plenty of time to take it. I think his entire team was just leaving stuff for him. Someone else could have pushed that 1,2 line earlier and got the spotting without risking the match.

  41. man, i can’t even get 10k combined in my tier 10 mediums, but circon casually does it in the tier 7.5

  42. Typical Circon gameplay in an OP tank. When are you going to stop shilling for WG? smh

  43. Full gold ammo battle. Nothing to be proud of.

  44. Just the master doing what he’s good at.

  45. Great title

  46. Chinese tech tree looks op i should definetly grind these

  47. OK cool, but do you have a wife and kids? Are you a good provider for them? Will you help the White race in your future?

  48. pls nerf, t-34-2 OP

  49. My last game (the game where I get the 3rd mark) has also been insanely good on the last 3 tanks I 3rd marked. weird

  50. Where can i download the mark of excellence mod ?

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