^^| Circonflexes Modpack 9.5

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Source: SirCircon

If you wanna play WoT the way i do, my is here! 🙂
Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/?p26671b97oz8ijv




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Reminder, if you like any of the mods, i didnt make them, so go to there respective sites and thank them!

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  1. Mod hype! :)

  2. nice right on time :)

  3. circon modpack ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. Where is jingles?

  5. sweet. it has almost everything i need 🙂 battle assistance mod also in the
    mod pack? because it is to bad i dont have the money to just free xp the
    bastards so i have to play arty :(

  6. Yay! Been waiting for hours for this. Thanks man!

  7. finnaly :D

  8. whats versi where is jingles circKappa 

  9. No tactical scumbag view in the modpack :O

  10. I’m big fan of this mod pack! Very good! But I’d like to ask, how I can
    change the number of lines/size of tank icons in my garage? I know there
    was a file where you could change these 

  11. I like the mod that Jedi uses: the one which tells you who shot you and
    with what ammo type.

  12. +SirCircon The server reticle shows like a duplicate ‘normal’ reticle. How
    to fix that?

  13. How can i turn on the tank carousel?can someone help??

  14. Thanks for helping me being lazy <3

  15. How do you remove the triple carousel?

  16. Q…what do i do if i want enemy in red colour? thanx and Merry Xmas

  17. loolo all of the sudden from quickybabys modpack (yellow player) to circons
    modpack (green player) :)

  18. Where can I change the color of the overtarget marker?

  19. Thankyou very much circon! Its always appreciated

  20. Thank you so much Circon :)

  21. what is a versi?

  22. Thanks Circon been playing all day and just waited for this to come out :D

  23. ilarionas avgoustou

    i can open this only with winzip??

  24. Can someone help? How does the new artillery view work?

  25. Hi,
    just wanted to say ty once again for you Mod pack! Really nice to use.
    Enjoy the hollidays!

  26. Can I somehow use all these mods but with normal crosshair? (without
    jimbos) Can someone pls explain me what to delete in modpack or some way to
    make that works. 

  27. Wooo!

  28. Awesome once again Circon – thanks, and Merry Christmas!

  29. I cant get xvm to show 4 digit wn8.

  30. and the arty mod?

  31. Anybody knows how to I delete the multi tank line ? I don’t have that many

  32. Does it include the funky arty cam that he was playing with on the test

  33. Excellent, thanks yet again.

  34. Cheers Circon, saves sooo much time going this route, rather than having to
    do it myself.
    Happy Christmas Tanking.

  35. Thanks very much Circon, superb job as always! Hope you have a great

  36. so it looks like Wargaming was paying attention to XVM.

  37. Looks great, thanks Circon!!!

  38. Thanks Circon.

  39. I suggest changeing the xvm a bit. Instead of the total ammount of battles
    that the players has i would add the total ammount of battles that the
    players has on the veichle he’s fighting in. This might give you an idea on
    the players skills in the veichle and possibly the skill/perks he has on
    the veichle.

  40. In before someone asks for a 9.6 Modpack…..Are you making a 9.6 Modpack?
    Troll level=EXPERT

  41. Anyone know if the arty view change mod has be updated?

  42. Where can i find that arty mod where he looks at targets at a 45 degree

  43. Thanks Circon!!! 

  44. finally:)

  45. Thank you Circon. I have a question though, how do I reduce the number of
    rows of the tank carousel?

  46. Is there a way to remove the tank carousel? Cause my screen is a little
    small and it takes up almost half of the space. Do I just remove that thing
    labeled carousel frm inside the xvm>mods?

  47. Thanks mate

  48. Thank you Circon
    much appreciated as usual.
    Merry Christmas to you.

  49. Does it absolutely require the colour blind mode? I have problems seeing
    the shade of purple that they use, so if I could turn it would be awesome
    if I could turn that off.

  50. wut?? those dogs in the intro!! that was awesome!

  51. thanks for the modpack but how can i remove the tank carousel?

  52. circon, when will you make the next modpa…… **screams in terror as
    circon is about to shoot me in the face** jk lol

  53. how can i close 3 tank slots in garage? i dont have to many tanks,so it is
    not necessary to me

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