^^| Circonflexes Modpack patch 9.14

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Source: SirCircon

Enjoy, as i explained in the vid, this like version 3 already because we had some big issues with this patch vs the mods. BUT its done now and i had no issues playing with it for hours on end + I didnt want to give you guys a half assed modpack!

Enjoy and dont forget to thank the people that actually make the mods, i just slap them together and then share it with the people that want to play WoT the way i do!



  1. I can still see the crosshair in the hangar :(

  2. Thanks Circ, I’ve been living with the red ring of circ but happy to report
    all appears great with V4.

  3. I still have the problems with the crosshair

  4. cheers circon!

  5. i have red circle anyways

  6. Why isn’t there that auto switching equipment thingy ? It’s really annoying
    when you must search for binos or camo net on other tanks to demount it and
    mount on another…

  7. So basically the dream of ‘More youtube videos in 2016’ is all down to how
    much you managed to adapt?^^

  8. Lol the Onigiri in the training room

  9. Mic sounds crystal clear.

  10. Thanks Circon, just one question:

    How exactly do I change the layer number in the carousel? 2 would be fine
    for me

  11. I have a problem! abone the number of ammo that i have the re is a red
    circle how can i fix it it is even in the garage.

  12. Does your mod pack include that different arty top down view which is in
    qbs mod pack? Love your streams!

  13. Thanks Circon. You’re the man! ^^ WORTH ARMY FTW!

  14. I thought if you activate the Server reticle you don’t even have to install
    a mod, simply the vanilla crossair will get a Server reticle?

  15. Having still the red circle issue with the last version, even after playing
    with arty I have more items stuck in the screen in the garage. I’m still
    running windows xp, is there any problem with that? (Please, refrain to
    mock/comment about arty or windows xp if it’s not in a helpful way).

  16. i dont care about the modpack i just want to hear your sexy voice :D

  17. Which of the used mods was responsible for the error with the crosshairs?
    Did you fix it yourself?

  18. Hey circon, i have a little problem: abone the number of ammo that i have,
    the re is a red circle, how can i fix it?, it is even in the garage.

  19. Kappa 123

  20. What is the theme you are using for your browser?

  21. Lmao, i dont know how that happend, but here is the actual modpack and not
    just a empty folder:

  22. So troll post with empty file :D

  23. LOL The folder is empty.

  24. Rofl you uploaded an empty folder.

  25. I want a red dot!

  26. the folder is empty :C

  27. the folder is empty.

  28. download link seems to be faulty, the downloaded file is only 192 Bytes?

  29. The folder is empty ;)

  30. So is the new mic noticable for youtube aswell? A lot less static and
    background noise as far as i can tell :D

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