^^| Circonflexes Modpack Patch 9.6

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Source: SirCircon

Modpack download:

To open modpack:

Mods used:


Shadowscope removal:

Futher Zoomout:



To edit your xvm config:



  1. thx waited for it :)

  2. FINALLY! :)

  3. Well my weekend is saved :D

  4. Also just in time for stream 🙂 whatttsssss uppppppp

  5. anyone know if that arty battle assistant mod will work in 9.6

  6. sircon can you get the arty mod that other view of arty i like that one but
    it doesn’t work because i use your modpack to

  7. thx master i was wating for this 😛 (Arceus_) 

  8. Lasse Wacker-Larsen

    It does not work to change the rows?

  9. Cannot see the aiming reticle when in arty view

  10. Hi, I tried to set autologin in xvm.xc with notepad, but it doesn´t work,
    any one knows what to do?

  11. media fire link is broke?!

  12. it doesnt want me to download it

  13. Is 9.6 up yet? I’m in NA.

  14. Which file do i need to remove to get back 1 tank row in my garage instead
    of 4? thx in advance

  15. +SirCircon What about that arty mod? 

  16. +SirCircon from what I picked up from the live stream chat, the server
    reticle you use, seems to mess up the arty aiming circle. It completely
    disappears. I can’t seem to find a solution.. can you? Thanks in advance!

  17. What could be the cause of not having the arty circle thing displayed? I
    aim in arty mod but do not have the actual circle

  18. thx!
    zupah handy and can’t play without it

  19. sergenticus_wafflicus

    Cheers Circon! Playing without J1mB0’s crosshair if you have used it for a
    while is really weird :P

  20. How do i fix the arty aim sircle? Its isnt displaying…

  21. Thank you Circ. Love your config. of the modpack

  22. Wtf 240 tanks o.0 …i have maybe 15 to 20 🙁 i cant keep most since im
    always low on credits 

  23. so no little star to show if enemy tanks are spotted/unspotted/never been

  24. Very very thanks circon this is the first mod witch is working on my world
    of tanks

  25. Hi can you help me please ? I rewrite this config , i need only 2 lines
    with tank , 4 is a lot , but i still have 4 lines ….

  26. boy i sure wish i could play in the 9.6 patch, to bad WG is stupid and
    delays it for WGLNA, in witch 95% of players don’t give 2 shits about T_T

  27. Circon there’s no artillery reticle in your mod pack? I downloaded it and
    installed it but when you’re in sniper mode in artillery it doesnt work:(

  28. I see from the comments that there is no fix for the arty sights issue. I f
    any one gets a fix can you message me with it, thanks. Please no stupid
    anti arty comments, I dont like arty either but these stupid mission make
    you play it.

  29. Very nice of circon to include the pre ebola carrier in one of his

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