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Source: Circonflexes

your replays here: !


  1. first

  2. NissaoC League of Legends Plays & More

    what’s up my dudes

  3. So how does everyone like the Q&A with WG where they said that Matchmaking is going as planned(fuck tier 8s i guess), japanese super heavies are not overpowered, and HD maps aren’t coming until like June of next year.

    Oh but you can paint your Maus pink! They’re super thrilled for that.

  4. Watching the fight against the M103: WoT is TOTALLY balanced. And the VK is definitively NOT OP!

    • It’s not OP when people like me play it. 😀 I’m not good enough. But Circ is skilled enough to make the bloody AMX 40 look OP. 😉

    • Vk B is not OP by any means. It’s just the M103 that is weak right now. But even if it was strong, if you are just going to sit there in front of it, ofc you won’t do a single hitpoint of damage..

    • Nope, the M103 driver was out classed plain and simple.

    • The m103 is a frikin piece of trash. It has too many weak spots and too little armour for its speed, and even though it has good dpm it only has 400 alpha. Then there’s the VK B and it’s almost as fast, has a fuckton more armour (like bouncing tier 10 level armour) and it’s gun does 90 more damage per shot. It also has a rear mounted turret and can sidescrape like a total boss. VK is a much better experience for a heavy tank.

    • CreativeName It *was* op but the armor got nerfed

  5. Not a bad accent you got there, pretty close to the normal thing

  6. U facking wot m8

  7. I would LOVE to play this thing on city maps, I’m only getting open field maps whenever I take mine for a spin it’s uncanny.

  8. Hey little cockroacherino ?????

  9. You make a profit in a tier IX game like are you mad mate ??????

    • Herbert Odilio Balsamo you know m8 that wot in these days are just throwing gold as much as you can especially tier IX & X and it’s rare to make a profit tho but if players play the game like it needs to be then you’ll make a profit but those players are rare now these days and it’s sad

    • Herbert Odilio Balsamo

      Chris godi i agree, here on wot asia, you do 3k damage, you lose game, you lose 20k to 30k credits.

    • Herbert Odilio Balsamo and the worse part is that if you want gold credits and prem tanks you need to pay them with real money and I think in my mind well why are am I buying pixel tanks for a shit ton of money like this game is expensive to be honest you need to be rich if you want to enjoy the game that’s what I quited this game back in 2015 tho because I knew that this game will go downhill and it’s getting there , and what it shits me out that this weak wot introduced new prem light tank the American on has 210 mm of pen with standard ammo like WTF and in that case you need to load a ton of prem rounds and there goes all your money in the toilet but seriously why WG

    • Herbert Odilio Balsamo

      Chris godi game is pay to win now, not gonna invest shtton of money to this game, this game is just my past time.

    • Herbert Odilio Balsamo and sadly its like you said m8 it’s a fuckng pass time game now

  10. That Cockney accent. A bit too much of Guy Ritchie movies? 😀

  11. 4:20 I love it when you out on a British chav accent

  12. sounds really familiar but I don’t remember where i heard that

  13. Must. Farm. M103.

  14. What is that armor effective showing mod? I’ve deleted all my bookmarks on Chrome by accident

  15. Thank you oh mighty Meme King for blessing us with this replay

  16. It helps me that circon hates these dumbass, swedish redline TDs seemingly as much as I do.

    • blame WG for making those amazing tanks to what they are. if they would have been russian they would have had working armor, no siege mode tha fucked you over and no red line camping strat for them

  17. 3:37 Circon can see into the future.

  18. U fucking what! Is not touretttes, its common sense. 🙂

  19. “Dab” the two key….


  20. I have Tourettes and that’s pretty accurate _(o_0)_/

  21. Anatoly Productions

    Are you going to do the advent Calendar 2017 videos like you did to the one last year? I really enjoyed them 🙂

  22. Are you hyped for the Panzer VII On-Track?

  23. the statement, “you want me!” was used in a damn good movie RocknRolla!

  24. “why so much gold spamming?”
    Hm, the M103 and Tortoise with 256 and 259 pen failed to damage (incompetence most likely) an equal tier heavy. The Strv only penned cuz his futon never left their cap and that gun is OP af

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