CITY BRAWLER! – T-34-1 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Having a ol’ in T-34-1 Chinese Medium Tank!



  1. Ez first

  2. circon coming out with these daily videos, what a time to be alive

  3. Circon, I havent really “played” wot for a long while, about a year and a half. Is it a game worth coming back to?

  4. Heyooo, enjoy the replay and i hope to see you in twitch chat tonight! : )

    • Yeah.. Only russian tanks are perfect in this game. Glad I’m not playing this anymore but enjoy videos

    • Op highway ga ik meestal eerst het midden neutraliseren. Dat stopt de rush vaak. Waardoor je niet hoeft te vertrouwen op de heavys (of ze wel terug komen om te decappen)

  5. Highway to the danger zone!

  6. I got so frustrated from getting ammoracked in this tank, I straight up sold it

  7. Ironic the top gun is the stock gun from the IS-2

  8. gg to that su guy 🙂

  9. Really enjoy your videos. I think the T-34-1 also has a well above average camo rating.

  10. I thought the T-34-Jaun was Spanish 😛

  11. T20 gun btw

  12. I still remember the glorious right click – left click video of yours with this tank. Proof this tank is OP and actually Russian!

  13. The Swedish Leo at t7 has a 105 mm top gun FYI. So this isn’t the only thing with a gun bigger then 90

  14. Absolutely loving that the beard has returned. You bless us with so many vids.

  15. 11:00 = such a Jingles moment 🙂

  16. i prefer t34 3 same gameplay bigger alpha and aim time 3+ whitch doest mather if you use teamates health and facehugg , just an iIS onn steroids

  17. I really wish this tank will also receive some Quality of Live love when WG finally decides to address the Chinese tech tree. It was such a enjoyable tier 7 years ago, as in a bit less less potato, when the dispersion sigma had been made better for a couple of patches.

  18. Fighting japanese and german heavies inthis is so fun… they cant even hit the tyrret bc they too tall and fat, and u farm them for days 😛

  19. Really love this tank!

  20. What was the most surprisingly hard tank to 3 mark.

  21. I’ve been stuck between 92 an 94% on this for a few days now. It either goes really well, or really trash. Got the Comet done easy tho, so not complaining.

  22. well played to the SU-122-44 holding of the entire other flank basically by himself

  23. ya know i stopped playing this game a long time ago. but I’ll not stop watching Circon.

    is it worth to reinstall the game

    • Art of Stormdancing

      It is gone better again, so if you used to enjoy it why not? I have played since -11, taken biiiiiig breaks at times but at the moment I am enjoying the game again.

  24. PhilMcCrackin13 phil

    ever trying the console version again?

  25. You are very quickly becoming my favorite tanks streamer/CC

  26. I did checkout the stream clips they were great

  27. still like you to do War thunder

  28. Oberstabsfeldwebel Doge

    aim time and dispersion is such garbage in chinese tanks. especially in this one and the 122mm on IS-2 and 110

    lovin the dailies Circon keep up the great work 😀

  29. A-44 overmatches 30mm at tier 7 and the leo too

  30. Can you please run WZ-120?

  31. i have no idea how i managed to get over this tank without any gold, premium time nor free exp….i had so much time those days…

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