Clan Wars against pubbi I mean CLAWS

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Source: LemmingRush

Youd think with all that time they waste theyd be able to use it come up with a strat every now and again.

For those wondering, I brought my because it needs training. Please never bring a 430 against a quality clan.


  1. For someone who has never played clan wars… what does ‘locking tanks’
    mean? Like if you die you cant play it in the next game?

  2. When you make almost 30k creds in cw Kappa

  3. So, how do you get to g6 in the end?

  4. I know a guy in claws. He’s pretty good. But the itself is

  5. I don’t understand. Why is a draw a win?

  6. When was this game recorded? Wondering if it has anything to do with DH not
    streaming yet tonight ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  7. lemming what it your equipment for the 430, I run Vents Vertstabs and

  8. whats the zoom in mod that you use can i have a link

  9. With all due respect, claws is fucking terrible

  10. Two 50Bs on full health doing nothing… YAY! That looked a lot like a pub
    match actually…

  11. As a member of QSF with friends in both ClAWS and OTTER I must watch this
    video with complete unbias ;)

  12. This was the longest match ever.

  13. First?

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