Clan Wars With All The Camping Edited Out

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. Alexander Mulder


  2. gg bot

  3. second like

  4. A rare moment lemming comes to CW

  5. My Arms race video was better

  6. What are u doing posting at 2 in the morning? Wait… what am I doing watching at 2 in the morning?

  7. Clan wars are so boring

  8. They should have clan wars for consoles

  9. Your clan mates are hot sounding damn

    Also 268 V4s are fucking everywhere

  10. so many general Rummels

  11. Interesting

  12. please post more of these, and i dont mind watching the camping either

  13. damn that 268 meta tho

  14. There’s been so much camping this campaign. We’ve had some good brawls with Mahou though ;P -OTTER

  15. Thanks for the video Lemming, Helps me listen to your caller to learn a thing or two.

  16. Hey Lemming, I play the campaign too (on EU for me). But which campaign reward tank is the best in your opinion ? M60 or T95E6 ? 121B is too bad I think.

    • ralfy22 Dont get any of them keep the bonds for the improved equipment or for the next CW

    • SONGS N STUFF! I’ve already 4k bonds. With the campaign, I will earn more than 4k probably.

    • Get the m60. That is what most people in my clan are getting.

    • Minimadmahager Yes me too in my clan but M60 has amazing gun handling (better than M48) and troll turret. T95E6 has a better dpm and a little bit better alpha. I like dpm and I’ve already the M48.

  17. nice video and nice commander .. would love to see more of your clanbattles

  18. lemming ure such a noob 😛
    u let ure teammate die to the light

  19. The day he shows up I’m gone. I’ll never be in a lemming video. FeelsBadMan

  20. Please, i wanna more videos about it CW.. It so cool and i learn more about tatics

  21. 10 min mark baby

  22. Also: do you think Ob 277 will take over 5A?

  23. Im surprised there is even any gameplay!

  24. Wtf is that ammo loadout lemming? Why not use 25 heat in the bc?

    • Minimadmahager never go full heat, when ur facing IS7/IS4’s from the side and other tanks with spaced armour, its handy to hav a clip or 2 of apcr

  25. more CW please….

  26. I honestly found the cutouts of the camping parts only to make things more confusing… I’d prefer u keep them in, it helps build up tension xP
    And top clan gameplay sounds way too chill in ur clan, in EU we generally hav way more talking going on xP

  27. User joined your channel

  28. This was such a blast to watch!

  29. Commander sounds a lot like Snowman that was in HAVOC-X clan

  30. Nice commander and clan 😀

  31. wow 10:00 gotta get that ad revenue

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